Louis Bourgeois

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This French composer and theorist helped to revise the Calvinist Psalter although the complete effect that Loys Bourgeois had will not be known. He was given leave by Calvin to work on the Psalter, whereupon…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
All People That on Earth Do Dwell Vocal Music
Old Hundredth 1555 Choral
O gladsome light, for 4 voices Choral
Psalme 8 "O Jah Our Lord" for 4 voices Choral
Dícsér téged teljes szíven, Psalm 138
Father, we thank thee who has planted (tune Les Commandemens de Dieu) Choral
Psalm 134: Or sus, serviteurs du Seigneur Choral
Psalm 19, Las, en ta fureur aigue
Virgin born, we bow before thee (Tune: Mon Dieu, prêtre moi l'oreille) Choral
Psalm 42 ("Ainsi qu'on oit le cerf bruire"), psalm setting for voice & continuo Vocal Music
Psalm 37: Ne sois fasché si durant ceste vie, for 4 voices Choral
O Thou sweetest Vocal Music
Psalm 18: Je t'aymeray en toute obeissance, for 4 voices Vocal Music
Psalm 23: Mon Dieu me paist sous sa puissance haute, for baryton, 2 violes, flute & organ Choral
Psalm 29: Las en ta fureur aigue, for 4 violes Choral
Le cantique de Siméon Vocal Music
Estans assis aux rives aquatiques (Ps. 137) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Psalm 2: Pourquoy font bruit, for 4 voices Vocal Music
Dark'ning night the land doth cover, for chorus Choral
Örvendj egész föld az lstennek (Psalm 66)
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