Louis-Antoine Dornel

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Organist and composer who was appointed church organist at Ste Madeleine-en-la-Cite Paris over Rameau. A number of critical acclaims are referenced to Dornel in the "Mercure de France" for his motets…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sonata for violin No. 4 in D major, "La Forcroy" 11:24
Sonata en quatuor 08:13 Chamber Music
Suite en trio No. 01 in G minor 1709 12:50
Suite for organ in B flat major 07:11 Keyboard
Suite No.1 in G major 13:09
Suite No.5 in D minor 03:04
La Marsillac, Suite en Duo in E minor 09:29
Suite No.3 in D minor 17:10
Sonata for violin No. 2 in D minor, "La Couperin" 06:37
Suite No.3 in B minor 08:01
Concert en trio No. 2 06:17 Orchestral
La Fin des Siècles, cantate spirituelle 08:23
Sonata for oboe & continuo 07:12 Chamber Music
Symphony en Quatuour 07:07 Symphony
La Marquise 01:50 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Pièces d'orgue in A major 09:10 Keyboard
Sonate en trio in A minor, Op. 3/6 09:37
Suite for organ in C major 10:08
Suite for organ in D major 07:04
Quartet sonata, for 4 recorders 07:35 Chamber Music
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