Composer Louis Andriessen was among the most celebrated Dutch masters of his generation. His writing followed trends of the 20th century, from neoclassicism through serialism and American minimalism, before establishing a sound that was his own. Dissatisfaction with the post-war European symphonic scene led Andriessen to mostly abandon the traditional orchestra in favor of mixed ensembles of electric instruments with the more conventional. To that end, he founded the ensembles Orkest de Volharding and Hoketus to perform his music and the music of like-minded composers. His popularity with young listeners and presence on the scene provided an unprecedented boost to the prominence of contemporary Dutch music throughout the world. Andriessen was born on June 6, 1939, in Utrecht, into a musical family headed by his father Hendrik Andriessen, ...
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Louis Andriessen: De Stijl; Trepidus; Dances 1994 Louis Andriessen: De Stijl; Trepidus; Dances
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