Brooklyn-based group Long Distance Poison construct immersive, long-form drones using modular synthesizers and other analog electronics. Utilizing generative systems and improvisation, they build sprawling, hypnotic soundscapes which erupt with unexpected noises and tonal shifts. Heavily inspired by classic horror and sci-fi scores, their music is dark and mysterious without being excessively bleak or frightening. As befitting their cinematic music, Long Distance Poison accompany their performances with experimental visuals. In addition to performing at several experimental music festivals such as New York's End Tymes and Voice of the Valley in West Virginia, the group's members have also been involved in the quarterly series of Modular Synthesizer Solstice/Equinox events, which have featured performances from Drew McDowall (Coil), Jefre ...
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Knock Magh 2018 Knock Magh
Technical Mentality 2020 Technical Mentality
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