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Year Album Artist
2021 Remix Album Don Omar Composer
2019 Style & Fashion: A-Class Top Notch Hi Fi Sounds in Fine Style Guitar
2017 The Treasure Isle Story: The Soul of Jamaica Composer
2017 Gee Baby/No More Running Al Campbell Piano
2015 Rocksteady Taking Over Orange Street Guitar
2015 Dale Pitbull Composer
2014 Sex Playlist Omarion Composer
2014 Penthouse Records: The Journey Continues – 25 Years Keyboards
2012 Strictly the Best, Vol. 47 Composer, Producer
2010 R&B Hits Reggae Style, Vol. 4 Fiona Musician
2010 Meet the Orphans Don Omar Composer
2010 Latin Urban Kingz 2 Composer
2010 Big Dub: Glen Brown & King Tubby 15 Dubs From Lost Tapes Glen Brown / King Tubby Guitar
2009 Trojan Reggae: Sisters Collection Composer
2008 Rocksteady Fever Guitar
2005 Pa'l Mundo Wisin & Yandel Composer
2002 Ultimate Collection Chaka Demus & Pliers Composer
2000 Live and In the Studio Jimmy Cliff Guitar
1996 Six Million Ways to Die Cutty Ranks Composer
1993 Reggae Time Jah Messengers Featured Artist
1974 Get Wise Horace Andy Piano
1969 Tighten Up, Vol. 2 Composer
¡Viva el Reggaeton! Composer
¡Se Armó La Fiesta! Composer
¡Qué Perra, Mi Amiga! Composer
¡Fiesta! Composer
¡A Sudar! Composer
¡A Entrenar! Composer
Yo Amo el Reguetón Composer
Workout Reggaeton Style Composer
Volumen Reguetón Composer
Viva la Soltería Composer
Viernes de Perreo Salvaje Composer
Viernes ATR Composer
Vibras de Veraneo Composer
Vibe Reggaeton y Perreo Composer
Verano Pura Vida Composer
Urbano Tendencia 2010's Composer
Tropicales de Verano Composer
Treasure Isle Presents: Original Reggae Composer
Trasnochon con Reggaeton Composer
Trasnochando Con Regueton Composer
Tra Toma, Tra Toma Composer
Top Reggaeton Viejo Composer
Top Perreo Intenso Composer
Top Clasicos del Perreo, Vol. 2 Composer
Too Hot Jason Derulo Composer
Todo Latino, Vol. 1 Composer
Tendencia 2000's Composer
Temazos Night Composer
Súper Reguetón 20-21 Composer
Sábado de Halloween Composer
Sábado De Hitazos Composer
Super Mix Latino Composer
Summer Urban Vacation Composer
Sube la Temperatura Composer
Soy el amante del Reguetón Composer
Sonido Reguetonero Composer
Somos de la Calle Composer
Solo lo Mejor, Regueton Composer
Solo Reggaeton Composer
Sol, Playa y Arena, Vol.2 Composer
Simplemente Latineo, Vol. 2 Composer
Simplemente Latineo, Vol. 1 Composer
Simplemente Latinas Composer
Siente el Dembow, Vol. 2 Composer
Siempre De Fiesta Composer
Se re pico la Previa Composer
Salvaje Perreo Composer
Sabado de Perreo Composer
Rumba Reguetonera Composer
Rumba Regeton Composer
Rude Boy Scorchers Guitar
Rolitas Para Curar Las Penas Composer
Ritmo para el Entrenamiento Composer
Ritmo Motivador Composer
Reyes del Regueton Composer
Renueva tu energía, Vol. 2 Composer
Remix Latino Composer
Reguetón y Descontrol Composer
Reguetón para la ducha Composer
Reguetón pal orden Composer
Reguetón Tú Sabe Composer
Reguetón Sensacional Composer
Reguetón Retro, Vol. 2 Composer
Reguetón Mix, Vol. 1 Composer
Reguetón Del Viejito Composer
Reguetón Bombastic Composer
Reguetón Antiguo, Vol. 1 Composer
Reguetón 2000 Composer
Reguetoneando Composer
Reguetonasos Composer
Regueton y Fiesta Composer
Regueton on Fire Composer
Regueton de la Decada Composer
Regueton de Colegio Composer
Regueton de Amarre Ecuador Composer
Regueton Viejo, Vol. 1 Composer
Regueton Ultra Bailable Composer
Regueton Top 50 Composer
Regueton Retro, Vol. 4 Composer
Regueton Retro, Vol. 2 Composer
Regueton Power Composer
Regueton O Miedo? Composer
Regueton En Cuarentena Composer
Regueton Del Bueno Composer
Regueton Dale Composer
Regueton Classics, Vol. 1 Composer
Regueton Clasico Unico Composer
Regueton Beats Composer
Regueton Bacin Composer
Regueton Antiguo: Clasico Composer
Regueton Antiguo Éxitos Composer
Regueton + Regueton Composer
Regueton + Reggaeton + Regeton Composer
Reggetón Viejito Composer
Reggeaton Antiguo Clásico Composer
Reggaeton: Power Latino Composer
Reggaeton, Vol. 1 Composer
Reggaeton y video Juegos Composer
Reggaeton y Perreo, Vol. 1 Composer
Reggaeton y Ano Nuevo Composer
Reggaeton por la Noche Composer
Reggaeton pa la Fiesta Composer
Reggaeton en la Sangre Composer
Reggaeton en Diciembre Composer
Reggaeton de los 00's, Vol. 1 Composer
Reggaeton de la Infancia Composer
Reggaeton de Los 00's, Vol. 3 Composer
Reggaeton al Paso Composer
Reggaeton Y Perreo TBT Composer
Reggaeton Viejo, Vol. 1 Composer
Reggaeton Viejito Que Cura Cualquier Mal Composer
Reggaeton Viejito Composer
Reggaeton Vibes Composer
Reggaeton Throwback Party Composer
Reggaeton Throwback Composer
Reggaeton Te Acompaña Composer
Reggaeton TBT Composer
Reggaeton Para Recordar Composer
Reggaeton Para Limpiar Composer
Reggaeton Para Hacer Oficio Composer
Reggaeton Latino Composer
Reggaeton Inolvidable Composer
Reggaeton Infinito, Vol. 2 Composer
Reggaeton Hasta Abajo Composer
Reggaeton Full Vibes Composer
Reggaeton En lo Oscuro Composer
Reggaeton En El Trafico Composer
Reggaeton Duro Pal Piso Composer
Reggaeton Del 00's, Vol.1 Composer
Reggaeton De Los 00's, Vol. 2 Composer
Reggaeton De Ayer, Hoy Y Siempre Composer
Reggaeton Club Bangers Composer
Reggaeton Bien Caliente, Vol.2 Composer
Reggaeton Antiguo, Vol 1 Composer
Reggaeton Antiguo Composer
Reggaeton Al Cielo Composer
Reggaeton 2000's Composer
Regeton Viejo, Vol. 2 Composer
Regeton Lento Composer
Regeton Antiguo Composer
Regeton Composer
Regeaton de la década Composer
Regaeton De Alto Voltaje Composer
Quiero Ritmo Latino Composer
Que Viva El Regueton Composer
Que El Perreo No Pare Composer
Puro Retroton Composer
Puro Fuego: Urbano Composer
Puro Cachengue Composer
Pura Vida Regueton Composer
Pura Rumba Composer
Previa Urbana Composer
Previa Retro Composer
Pre-previa Composer
Post To Be Omarion Composer
Poder Latino: Latino Power [Reggaeton] Composer
Playlist: Pop Hits Composer
Pizza Party Composer
Piden Reggaeton del Mejor Composer
Perreología: Ciencia del Perreo Composer
Perreo y Salsa Composer
Perreo y Reggaeton Composer
Perreo y Licor Composer
Perreo pa Las Nenas Composer
Perreo en lo oscuro Composer
Perreo del Salvaje Composer
Perreo con clase Composer
Perreo con Tapabocas Composer
Perreo Viejito Composer
Perreo Total [2021] Composer
Perreo Time Composer
Perreo TBT Composer
Perreo Sin Tabú, Vol. 2 Composer
Perreo Sin Límites Composer
Perreo Sabroso, Vol. 5 Composer
Perreo Para El Alma Composer
Perreo En Las Venas, Vol. 3 Composer
Perreo Divino Vol. 4 Composer
Perreo Del Amor, Vol. 5 Composer
Perreo Cachondo, Vol. 3 Composer
Perreo Brutal Composer
Perreo Antiguo Intenso Composer
Perreo Agresivo Composer
Perreo & Gym Composer
Perreito De Los Viejos Tiempos Composer
Perreito Como Antes Composer
Perreando en la Tarima Composer
Perreando Y Bailando Composer
Perreando Hasta El Suelo Composer
Perreadores Composer
Pasión Reggaeton, Vol. 2 Composer
Partusa En Casa Composer
Parrillada y Reggaeton Composer
Parchando con lo Urbano Composer
Para el Mambo Composer
Para Chambear Composer
Pal Chupistico Composer
Pa' Sudar Composer
Pa' Romper El Suelo Composer
Pa' Mover El Bote, Vol. 1 Composer
Pa Lante Y Pa Atras Composer
Oye Mami, Tírate un Paso: Reguetón Composer
Old School Reggaeton Composer
Old School Regeton y Perreo Composer
Nuevo Año 2021 Composer
Nostalgia 2010s Composer
Noches de Perreo y Sandungueo Composer
Noches de Perreo Composer
Noches de Hitazos Composer
Noche de Arrebato y Perreo Composer
Noche de Amarre Composer
Navidad Reguetonera Composer
Música para noches salvajes Composer
Música Para el Lunes Composer
Música Alegre Composer
Musicas del reggaeton Composer
Musica Reggaeton Composer
Musica Motivadora Composer
Mueve El Booty Composer
Monkey Business: The Definitive Skinhead Reggae Collection Composer
Modo Retro Composer
Modo Positivo Composer
Modo Latino, Vol. 2 Composer
Modo Carrete, Vol. 1 Composer
Modo Cachengue Composer
Modo Bailoteo Composer
Mixeo Latino, Vol.2 Composer
Mix Regueton Composer
Mix Reggaeton Old School Composer
Mix Regeton Composer
Mix Motivacional, Vol. 2 Composer
Mi Vida es Regueton Composer
Meneo Puro Composer
Mega Party Latino Composer
Me Quedo Con el Latineo Composer
Me Gusta El Party Composer
Me Encanta El Urbano Composer
Maquina De Rumba Latina Composer
Love Is All I Bring Composer
Los Súper Hits Latinos Composer
Los Mejores Perreos Salvajes Composer
Los Mejores Hits Urbanos, Vol. 1 Composer
Lo Más Top del Reggaeton Composer
Lo Más escuchado Argentina Composer
Lo Mejor del Regeton Composer
Listen Up: Rock Steady Guitar
Leyendas de Reggaeton Composer
Levanta El Ánimo Composer
Latino Gang Composer
Latin Party Time! Composer
Latin Oldies But Goodies [Reggaeton] Composer
Latin Hits Para Sudar Composer
Latin Hits 2010 Composer
Latin Party Summer Hits Composer
La Sensación del Bloque (Perreo) Composer
La Noche Está Encendida Composer
La Noche De Los Dos Composer
La Mejor Musica de Regueton Composer
Is He Real? IDK Composer
Infancia y Reggaeton Composer
Iconos Urbanos Hits Composer
Iconos Latinos Composer
Iconos Del Urbano Composer
Iconic Reggaeton Composer
I Fiesta de cumpleaños! Composer
Hora de Party Composer
Hits del Reggaeton Composer
Himnos Del Reguetón Composer
Hasta El Piso Composer
Hasta Abajo, Sin Compromiso Composer
Halloween y Diversion Composer
Halloween y Alegria Composer
Halloween Fresh Composer
Grandes del Perreo Composer
Grandes Exitos del Reggaeton Composer
Grandes Clasicos Del Regueton Composer
Full Música de Fiesta Composer
Freaks French Montana Composer
Flow Latino Composer
Flow De Vacaciones Composer
Fiesta en pantuflas Composer
Fiesta de noche y de día Composer
Fiesta de la Espuma Composer
Fiesta de Perreo Composer
Fiesta de 15 Años Composer
Fiesta Retro Composer
Fiesta Hasta el Amanecer Composer
Fiesta Classics Composer
Fies-Tica Composer
Fiebre de Reggaeton Composer
Farra Reguetonera Composer
Exito Latino Composer
Exitazos del Reguetón Composer
Esas Clásicas del Perreo Composer
Entrenamiento Retro Composer
Ella se Arrebata Composer
El Mejor Reggae Roots Composer
El Perreo Hasta Abajo Composer
El Mejor Reggaeton Papá Composer
El Género Reggaeton Composer
El ABC del Reguetón Composer
Ejercitando el Body Composer
Ejercicio y Reggaeton Composer
Duro Reggaeton Composer
Don Reggaeton Composer
Dioses del Reggaeton Composer
Dembow y Reguetón Composer
Dembow Hits Composer
De Juerga! Composer
De Fiesta, Vol. 1 Composer
Dame Reggaeton Composer
Dale hasta abajo Composer
Dale Regueton Composer
Dale Mas Reggaeton Composer
Cómo Se Siente El Reguetón Composer
Crossover Latino, Vol. 2 Composer
Crossover Hits Latinos, Vol. 1 Composer
Colombia Despierta Composer
Colegio del Amor (Regueton) Composer
Clásicos De La Fiesta Composer
Clasicos del Regueton, Vol. 1 Composer
Clasicos del Regueton Composer
Carrete ¡Ahora! Composer
Carrete en la terraza Composer
Carrete de Año Nuevo Composer
Carrete Intenso Composer
Cantando Reggaeton en la Ducha Composer
Canta en la Ducha Reggaeton Composer
Candelazos Bailables Composer
Canciones del Pasado Composer
Calor & Verano Composer
Cachengue Para Sudar Composer
Boliche en casa Composer
Black History: The Roots of Reggae Composer
Bendito Reguetón Viejito Composer
Bailoteo Reguetonero Composer
Bailotea En El Dpto Composer
Baile Reggaeton Composer
Bailando a lo loco Composer
Baila con Reguetón Composer
Baila Regueton Composer
Baila Reggaeton, Vol. 1 Composer
Baila Hasta Abajo Composer
Baila Ecuador Composer
Bache Latino Composer
Amor de Colegio, Vol. 2 Composer
Alócate Con Reggaeton Composer
Ajumarse Con Reggaeton Composer
Agarrala Pegala Azotala Composer
A menear Sandunguera Composer
2019 POP Hits Composer
2009 Hits Composer
100 Bombes: Summer Composer
+ Reguetón Composer
#TBT Reggaeton Composer Composer