Liao Ying-Ru


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Year Album Artist
2007 My Story 2006 Best Selected Stefanie Sun Lyricist
2007 The Power Of Love 1996-2006 A-Mei Chang Composer, Lyricist
2006 Love Na Na Hao Wei Yu Lyricist
2005 24k Mastersonic Compilation, Vol. 2 Aaron Kwok Lyricist
2005 AK Trilogy: Yours Truly Greatest Hits Aaron Kwok Arranger, Lyricist
2005 Completely Yours...Sammi Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2005 Flame Up Sun Nan Lyricist
2005 Love Story New Songs/Greatest Hits Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2005 Mandarin Compilation 90 Aaron Kwok Arranger, Lyricist
2005 Mi Century Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2005 Thank You New Song + Greatest Hits Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2004 Maybe Tomorrow A-Mei Chang / Chang Hui Mei Composer, Lyricist
2004 Sammi vs Sammi 04 Concert CD Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2004 Stefanie Stefanie Sun Lyricist
2003 To Be Continued... Stefanie Sun Lyricist
2002 Leave Stefanie Sun Arranger, Composer, Lyricist
2002 Sammi E-Party Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2002 Sun Yan-Zi Start Concert Stefanie Sun Lyricist
2001 2000 Live Concert Stefanie Sun Lyricist
2001 Aaron Kwok Aaron Kwok Lyricist
2001 Kite Stefanie Sun Lyricist
2001 Sammi Cheng Collection Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2001 Sammix Dance Collection: New Song & Greatest Hits Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2001 Sonic EP VRF Composer, Lyricist
2000 Sammi Pre-Concert CD Sammi Cheng Lyricist
2000 Sun Yan-Zi Stefanie Sun Reproduction, Lyricist
1999 Love You Very Much Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1998 Sammi Cheng 24K Mastersonic, Vol. II Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1998 Sammi Star Show '97 Sammi Cheng Composer, Lyricist
1998 The Best Remix of Sammi Cheng Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1997 Devoted Aaron Kwok Lyricist
1997 Electronic Lover Matilda Tao Lyricist
1997 Love Sharing Aaron Kwok Lyricist
1997 Reality Tseng Chi Yu Lyricist
1997 Sammi X Concert Live 96' Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1997 Waiting for You Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1996 Can't Let You Go Sammi Cheng Lyricist
1996 Decent Love Li Pi-Hua Lyricist
1996 Happy Master Chen Wei Jiuan Lyricist
1996 Love to Be Disappointed Kwan Ter-Hwei Lyricist
1996 Too Emotional Zan Chieh Lin Lyricist
1995 Have We Ever Been Falling in Love Zan Chieh Lin Lyricist
1995 I Do Care Chiang Yu-Heng Lyricist
1995 I Would Rather Lose Freedom Wang Chieh Lyricist
1991 Better Forget Myself Than Forget You Wang Chieh Lyricist
1990 All for Tomorrow Julie Su Lyricist
1990 It's My Fault to Think You Are So Good Chen Sheng-Ping Lyricist
2 Her Lyricist
24K Mastersonic Compilation Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Absolute Voices Collection Lyricist
Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely Hsiao Huang Chi Composer, Lyricist
Can't Let You Go Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Clear Kwan Ter-Hwei Lyricist
Jailbird Cass Phang Re-Release Producer
Love Get Hurt Lui Fong Lyricist
Love, No Fear Lui Fong Composer, Lyricist
Lui Fong: Greatest Hits Lui Fong Lyricist
More About Love Tiger Huang Composer, Lyricist
My Desired Happiness Stefanie Sun Lyricist
My Favorite Your Memory Julie Sue Lyricist
My Story, Your Song: 2006 Greatest Hits Collection Stefanie Sun Arranger, Lyricist
New World VRF Lyricist
OK Man Jing Huang Composer, Lyricist
Rage Against the Sun Wang Chieh Lyricist
Sammi I Concert '99 Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Sammi Touch Mi 2 Live 2016 Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Sammi Touch Mi World Tour Live Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Sammi Ultimate Collection Sammi Cheng Composer, Lyricist
Superwoman [Gold Typhoon] Lyricist
Superwoman, Vol. 3 Lyricist
TVBS the 7the Grade Student TV Lyricist
Thank You My Love Jess Lee Composer, Lyricist
The Moment Stefanie Sun Composer, Lyricist
The Power of Love, Vol.2 Lyricist
To Dream a Life Just for Love Wang Chieh Lyricist
True Legend 101 Sammi Cheng Lyricist
True Legend 101 Aaron Kwok Lyricist
Unforgettable Sammi Cheng Lyricist
Worth It Sammi Cheng Lyricist