Leopold Godowsky

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Leopold Godowsky was one of the most astonishing piano virtuosos of all time and a composer of remarkably difficult polyphonic music. His father was a physician who contracted cholera tending patients…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes from J. Strauss II's "Die Fledermaus, " for piano 1907 09:45 Keyboard
Alt-Wien, for piano (Triakontameron) 1919 02:26 Keyboard
Passacaglia on the Opening of Schubert's "Unfinished" Symphony, variations (44) for piano 1927 18:15 Keyboard
Studies (54) on Chopin Etudes for piano 1900 02:35:45 Keyboard
Symphonic Metamorphoses on Johann Strauss's waltz "Künstlerleben" 13:22 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Impressions (12) for violin & piano: No. 8, Larghetto Lamentoso 04:02 Chamber Music
Paradoxical Moods, for piano 1919 01:34 Keyboard
Waltz for piano in D flat major (after Chopin's Op. 64/1) 1922 03:16 Keyboard
Waltz for piano in A flat major (transcribed from Chopin Op. 64/3) 03:23 Keyboard
Impressions (12) for violin & piano: No. 11, Viennese (Wienerisch) 03:20 Chamber Music
Posthumous Waltz for piano in D flat major (transcribed from Chopin) 03:21 Keyboard
Tango, contrapuntal arrangement for piano (after Albeniz's Op. 165/2) 1921 03:12 Keyboard
Waltz for piano in F minor (transcribed from Chopin Op. 70/2) 03:37 Keyboard
Piano Transcription from unspecified Bach sonata for violin 33:04 Chamber Music
Schubert Songs (12), freely transcribed for piano 1927 08:44 Keyboard
Morgengrüss, transcription for piano (after Schubert) 04:18 Keyboard
Symphonic Metamorphosis of Wine, Women and Song from Johann Strauss Jr. 10:36 Vocal Music
Sonata No 3 in A minor, transcription for piano (after Bach's BWV 1003) 1924 23:26 Keyboard
Erinnerungen, transcription for piano (after Schubert, Op. 94) 03:33 Keyboard
Standchen for piano (after Richard Strauss) 02:46 Keyboard
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