David Leisner

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Although largely self-taught, guitarist and composer Leisner often collaborates with top level musicians and performs around the world.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Dances in the Madhouse for violin & guitar Chamber Music
Extremes, for flute, clarinet & guitar Chamber Music
Pieces (4) for guitar Chamber Music
El Coco (The Bogeyman), for flute & guitar 1999 Chamber Music
Mirage Miscellaneous (Classical)
Three James Tate Songs, for baritone & guitar 2007 Vocal Music
Away, for flute & guitar 2008 Chamber Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Disturbed, for guitar 2006 Chamber Music
Three Moons, suite for guitar & cello 1954 Chamber Music
Twilight Streams, for cello & guitar 2012 Chamber Music
Nostalgia, for flute & guitar 1985 Chamber Music
Love Dreams of the Exile, for flute, guitar & string quartet Chamber Music
Freedom Fantasies, for guitar 1992 Chamber Music
Acrobats, for flute & guitar 2002 Chamber Music
Passacaglia and Toccata, for guitar 1982 Chamber Music
Nel Mezzo: sonata for guitar 1998 Chamber Music
Sonata for violin & guitar 19?? Chamber Music
Trittico, for flute, guitar & cello 1985 Chamber Music
Billy Boy Variations, for guitar 1983 Chamber Music
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