An alternative country singer/songwriter hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Leeroy Stagger pens songs dealing with life's challenges and questions that are literate but down to earth. As befits an artist who got his start in punk rock, Stagger's early albums, such as Dear Love (2004) and Depression River (2006) had a scrappy sound that emphasized the rock part of roots rock. But his songs became more thoughtful with time, and he developed a smoother but still emphatic approach best heard on 2010's Little Victories and 2017's Love Versus. Born and raised in British Columbia, Leeroy Stagger first cut his teeth as a musician singing with punk rock bands in Victoria, leading groups like the Graveyard Sluts and the Staggers. These bands made enough of a ruckus to earn the attention of Hot Hot Heat, who invited Stagger on a ...
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Depression River [Deluxe Edition] 2006 Depression River [Deluxe Edition]
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