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Year Album Artist
2022 Gold DJ Muggs Composer
2021 Winter 2 DJ Muggs Composer
2021 Side Project The Record Company Composer
2021 Rammellzee DJ Muggs Composer
2021 Death & the Magician DJ Muggs Composer
2021 Cartagena DJ Muggs Composer
2021 American Cheese DJ Muggs Composer
2020 Street Kings [Music From the Motion Picture] DJ Muggs / Graeme Revell Composer, Producer
2020 Only for Dolphins Action Bronson Composer
2018 The Pain Collector Vinnie Paz Composer
2018 Rolling Papers 2 Wiz Khalifa Composer
2018 Reggae Gold 2018 Composer
2018 100 Hits: The Best R&B Album Composer
2018 100 Hits: The Best Nineties Album Composer
2017 Stony Hill Damian Marley Sampling
2017 Now That's What I Call Tailgate Anthems Composer
2017 Golden Era Hip Hop Covers Golden Era Collective Composer
2016 Super Hits Xzibit Composer
2016 Suck on This Die Antwoord Composer
2016 Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid Die Antwoord Composer
2016 Jump Around EP KSI Composer
2016 Bridget Jones's Baby [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Composer, Composer/Lyricist
2015 Pitch Perfect 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Composer
2015 GO:OD AM Mac Miller Composer
2015 Charmer Claptone Composer
2015 At.Long.Last.A$AP A$AP Rocky Composer
2014 The Essential Cypress Hill Cypress Hill Composer
2014 Pixie Lott Pixie Lott Composer
2014 Donker Mag Die Antwoord Composer
2013 This Is the End Composer
2013 Def Jam 25, Vol. 25: Classics Composer
2012 90s: The Collection Composer
2011 Pure... Hip-Hop Composer
2011 Hector's Mix Tape Composer
2010 Supersize Prince Fatty Composer
2010 Rise Up Cypress Hill Composer
2010 Push It! Classic Party & Dance Tracks Composer
2010 Kill Devil Hills DJ Muggs / Ill Bill Composer
2010 It's Like That!: 40 Block Rockin' Beats Composer
2010 It's Kind of a Funny Story Composer
2010 Essential R&B: 90's Anthems Composer
2010 England: The Album 2010 Composer
2009 Uncovered [Ministry of Sound] Composer
2009 Essential: The R&B Selection Composer
2009 Dance Years: 1993 Dave Pearce Composer
2008 The Essentials Ice Cube Composer
2008 Masterpiece Jazzie B Composer
2008 Live at Montreux 2007 Wu-Tang Clan Composer
2008 Ibiza Residence '08 Composer
2008 House of Pain vs. Micky Slim Remixes House of Pain Composer
2008 Hip Hop the Collection: The Classics Composer
2008 Collections Cypress Hill Composer
2008 Alle Hits! Die 90er Composer
2007 The Mask and the Assassin DJ Muggs / Sick Jacken Composer
2007 The Legend of the Mask and the Assassin DJ Muggs Composer
2007 Old School Hip Hop Jams, Vol. 3 Composer
2007 Kontor: House Of House, Vol. 4 Composer
2007 Hip Hop, Vol. 5: The Collection Composer
2007 El Barrio DJ Muggs / Sick Jacken Composer
2007 90 Club Hits from the 90's Composer
2007 #1 Hits: Best of Hip Hop Composer
2006 Stoned Raiders/Till Death Do Us Part Cypress Hill Composer
2006 Kids Rap'n the Hits Composer
2006 Jumpers 4 Goalposts: World Cup Edition 2006 Composer
2006 Hip Hop: The Evolution [Two-Disc Set] Composer
2006 Hip Hop Classics [Madacy] Composer
2005 Whatever: The '90s Pop and Culture Box Composer
2005 Ultimate 16: Ultimate Hip Hop 30th Anniversary Composer
2005 One Hit Wonders Composer
2005 Hip Hop: The Collection, Vol. 3 Composer
2005 Hi-Cue Billards The Hit Crew Composer
2005 Greatest Hits From the Bong Cypress Hill Composer
2005 Clubplanet Party Mix Composer
2005 Cardioboost Composer
2005 Capitulo II: Brinca DJ Kane Composer
2004 White Trash Beautiful Everlast Composer
2004 Ultimate Hip*Hop: 30th Anniversary Collection Composer
2004 Till Death Do Us Part Cypress Hill Composer
2004 Shamrocks and Shenanigans: The Best of House of Pain and Everlast House of Pain Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Mixing, Producer
2004 Motorcycle Mania 3 Composer
2004 Kiss Presents: Hip Hop Collection Composer
2004 Ice T Presents Westside Ice-T Composer
2004 History Of HipHop [Universal] Composer
2004 Hip Hop, Vol. 2: The Collection Composer
2004 Hip Hop Forever II DJ Jazzy Jeff Composer
2004 Grandmix: The 90's Edition Composer
2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Box Set] Composer
2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Composer
2004 Faux Music/Shy Music Mango Composer
2004 Fan Jams: A Collection of Stadium Fight Songs Composer
2004 All That Dance Composer
2003 X-Treme Rock Composer
2003 Tommy Boy's Greatest Hits [2003] Composer
2003 Outlandish Presents...Beats, Rhymes & Life Outlandish Composer
2003 Mastercuts: Urban Composer
2003 Jump Around: Hip Hop Classics Composer
2003 It's Still Workin': Tommy Boy's Classic Cuts Composer
2003 Dust DJ Muggs Composer
2003 Best of Old Skool Hip Hop Composer
2002 When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear Composer
2002 Stash: This Is the Remix Cypress Hill Composer
2002 Special Edition Infamous Mobb Composer
2002 Rappers Delight Composer
2002 Lowrider Cypress Hill Composer
2002 Legend of the Liquid Sword The Genius / GZA Composer
2002 Hip Hop Allstars Composer
2002 Drew's Famous Ultimate Halloween Party Music Drew's Famous Composer
2002 Drew's Famous Party Mix Drew's Famous Composer
2002 Drew's Famous Dance Party Favorites Drew's Famous Composer
2002 Chronic Jointz: The Hitz, Vol. 1 Composer
2002 Back to the Old Skool: Hip Hop Composer
2002 A Ruff Guide Tricky Composer
2001 Wrap It Up Composer
2001 When the Pain Inflict Roscoe Composer
2001 Tommy Boy Essentials: Hip-Hop Vol.1 Composer
2001 The Sinister Urge Rob Zombie Composer
2001 Switched On: Cool Sound of TV Advertising Composer
2001 Stoned Raiders Cypress Hill Composer
2001 Jock Jams: The All-Star Jock Jams Composer
2001 How High [Original Soundtrack] Composer
2001 Fuerza, Vol. 2 Composer
2001 Excite, Vol. 1 Composer
2000 Wax Assassin Composer
2000 Vinyl Combat Composer
2000 The Piece Maker Tony Touch Composer
2000 Take a Bite Outta Rhyme Composer
2000 Skull & Bones Cypress Hill Composer
2000 Ritmo 2000 Composer
2000 Renegades Rage Against the Machine Composer
2000 Ready to Rumble [Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture] Composer
2000 Party Time [SPG] Composer
2000 New Millennium Party Composer
2000 Naked 4-Play Composer
2000 Muggs Presents the Soul Assassins, Chapter II Soul Assassins Composer
2000 Major League Baseball Presents: M.L.B. Caliente Composer
2000 Live at the Fillmore Cypress Hill Composer
2000 Little Nicky [Music from the Motion Picture] Composer, Lyricist, Producer
2000 Just Best, Vol. 2: 1999 Composer
2000 Fresh Hits '99 Composer
2000 Body Parts Cypress Hill Composer
2000 Bamboozled Composer
1999 Warp Magazine CD Composer
1999 The Family Values Tour '98 Composer
1999 Ruffhouse Records Greatest Hits Composer
1999 Now: 1993 [1999] Composer
1999 Millennium Party [Rhino Box] Composer
1999 Millennium Hip-Hop Party Composer
1999 MTV the First 1000 Years: Hip Hop Composer
1999 Los Grandes Éxitos en Español Cypress Hill Composer
1999 Juxtapose Tricky Composer
1999 For Real [CD] Tricky Composer
1999 Brokedown Palace Composer
1999 Best Hip Hop Anthems Ever Composer
1998 Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats, Vol. 2 Composer
1998 Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats 1981-1996 [Box Set] Composer
1998 The Mix Tape, Vol. 3: 60 Minutes of Funk, The Final Chapter Funkmaster Flex Composer
1998 Tequila Sunrise [US] Cypress Hill Composer
1998 Street Jams Composer
1998 Still Standing Goodie Mob Composer
1998 MTV Lingo Composer
1998 Jock Jams, Vol. 4 Composer
1998 IV Cypress Hill Composer
1998 Heist of the Century LA the Darkman Composer
1998 Four from IV Cypress Hill Composer
1998 Doc's Da Name 2000 Redman Composer
1998 Dance Tip: A Decade of Dance Composer
1998 Bulworth [Original Soundtrack] Composer
1997 The Mix Tape, Vol. 2: 60 Minutes of Funk Funkmaster Flex Composer
1997 The Best of Rap: Rap Masters The Eurobeats Composer
1997 Lords of the Boards Lords Of The Boards Composer
1997 Living in the 90's [Warlock] Composer
1997 Jungle Jazz, Vol. 2 Composer
1997 I Got Next KRS-One Composer
1997 Hurricane Streets Composer
1997 Gravesend Composer
1997 Featuring...Ice Cube Ice Cube Composer
1997 Best Summer Album in the World...Ever! [1997] Composer
1997 20/10: The Southport Dance Music Weekender Masters at Work Composer
1996 Unreleased & Revamped Cypress Hill Composer
1996 The Cable Guy Composer
1996 Party Time, Vol. 2: Ultimate Party Album Composer
1996 Operation Beatbox Composer
1996 Greatest 90's Dance Hits Composer
1996 At the Speed of Life Xzibit Composer
1995 Wasted [Volume] Composer
1995 Throw Your Set in the Air Cypress Hill Composer
1995 Struggle Continues Super Cat Composer
1995 Old 2 New, New 2 Old Composer
1995 Hempilation: Freedom Is NORML Composer
1995 Friday [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Composer
1995 Doin' His Own Thing Redd Foxx Composer
1995 Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom Cypress Hill Composer
1994 Woodstock 94 [#1] Composer
1994 Volume 11 Composer
1994 Shamrocks & Shenanigans House of Pain Composer
1994 Same as It Ever Was House of Pain Arranger, Composer, Lyricist
1994 Only the Strong [Original Soundtrack] Composer
1994 Lick a Shot Cypress Hill Composer
1994 I Like It Like That, Vol. 1 Composer
1994 Bootlegs & B-Sides Ice Cube Composer
1994 Alternation Composer
1993 Who's the Man House of Pain Composer
1993 Which Doobie U B? Funkdoobiest Composer
1993 When the Shit Goes Down Cypress Hill Composer
1993 MTV Party to Go, Vol. 3 Composer
1993 Last Action Hero [Original Soundtrack] Composer
1993 Judgment Night Composer
1993 Insane the Brain Cypress Hill Composer
1993 Funkiest Funkdoobiest Composer
1993 Dance Mix '93 [Quality] Composer
1993 Black Sunday Cypress Hill Composer
1992 Whut? Thee Album Redman Composer
1992 The Predator Ice Cube Composer
1992 Stanley, Son of Theodore: Yet Another Alternative Music Sampler Composer
1992 Ruff House Presents Cypress Hill & Tim Dog [Video] Cypress Hill Composer
1992 Rap Beat from the Street Composer
1992 Raggamuffin Soldier Daddy Freddy Composer
1992 Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine Composer
1992 Jump Around [US Single] House of Pain Composer
1992 House of Pain House of Pain Arranger, Composer, Lyricist
1991 Juice Composer
1991 Hand on the Pump Cypress Hill Composer
1991 Cypress Hill Cypress Hill Composer
1990 Running Sacred Exene Cervenka Composer
1989 Escape From Havana Mellow Man Ace Composer
Winter DJ Muggs Composer
Whata' Wonderful One Hit Wonders Composer
What a Night DJ Muggs Composer
We Have Candy Die Antwoord Composer
Viaje a 1992 Composer
Turbo [Relativity] Composer
Turbo [Music from the Motion Picture] Composer
Throwback Tunes: Hip Hop Composer
The Last Run Composer
The Last Ring Composer
The Last Dynasty Composer
The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club Composer
The Best of School 10th Anniversary Composer
The Classic 90s Collection [Sony Music] Composer
Spoonful The Record Company Composer
Soundwave 2013 Composer
So NY Fabolous Composer
Running Trax Mash-Up Composer
Running Songs: The Collection Composer
Rise Up [Single] Cypress Hill Composer
Return of the 90s Composer
Respect the Classics Composer
Ready to Rumble Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Rock Male Hits 2 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 12 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Hip Hop & Rap Hits 1 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Time! 50 Classic Party Tracks Composer
Old School Hip Hop Composer
No Sleep Till Memphis Fish Fry Bingo Composer
Nieder mit der GbR: Live [2013] Blumentopf Composer
NOW That's What I Call a Workout Throwback Edition Composer
NME Presents the 90s Composer
Mid 90s Composer
Medication Damian Marley Composer/Lyricist
Living in the '90s [Razor & Tie] Composer
L.A. Originals [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Composer
Jump Around Cheyenne Giles Composer
I Wanna Get High The Record Company Composer
Hip to the Hop: 30th Anniversary of Hip Hop Hip to Da Hop Composer
Hip To The Hop Composer
Hip Hop Golden Hits Composer
Hip Hop 2020 [Sweden] Composer
Happy New Year! Composer
Grow House Composer
Get Ur Freak On: R&B Anthems Composer
Get Up! Go Insane! Stretch 'n' Vern Composer
Friday Composer
Fat Faded Fuck Face Die Antwoord Composer
Energy of Weight Lifting Fall Hits 2021 Workout Collection DJ Kee Composer
Dump Assassins DJ Muggs Composer
Due Date Composer
Drew's Famous Instrumental R&B And Hip-Hop Collection, Vol. 5 The Hit Crew Composer
Drew's Famous House Party The Hit Crew Composer
Double Tops - Die 40 Ultimativen Darts-Songs Composer, Lyricist
Def Jam Classics Composer
Cold Chilling-Compton Cold Chilling Collective Composer
Capital Gains Willie the Kid Composer
Bulworth the Soundtrack Composer
Back to School Classics Composer
90's Songs Composer
90 Hits of the '90s Composer
8-Bit Hip Hop 8-Bit Misfits Composer
3/60: R&B Composer
100 Hits: Irish Party Composer

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