Laurent Aubert


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Year Album Artist
2011 Adoration Of The Christ Child Colombia Editing
2011 Portugal: Musiques de L'île de Porto Santo Series Editor
2009 Grèce: Musiques Pour Flutes Editing
2009 Romania [Gall] Engineer, Editing
2009 Switzerland [Gall] Editing, Liner Notes, Coordination, Collection, Series Editor
2009 The World Collection of Folk Music Editing, Liner Notes, Coordination, Series Editor
2008 Azerbaïjan: The Kamancha of Elshan Mansurov Elshan Mansurov Series Editor
2008 Mali: Le Chant des Chasseurs (Hunter's Songs) Series Editor
2008 Music of the Ancient Royal Court: Laos Tiao Phun Muang Editing, Collection, Compilation Editing, Series Editor
2007 Budowitz Live Budowitz Concert Producer
2007 China: The Fisherman and the Woodcutter Sou Si-Tai Editing
2007 India [Gall] Series Editor
2006 Iarn Hamid Khezri Series Editor
2006 Pulluvan Songs from South India Kerala Engineer, Editing, Liner Notes, Collection
2006 Serbie: Mémoire Tsigane (Serbia: Romany Musical Heritage) Series Editor
2006 Vietnam: Musiques Vocales Des Plaines Du Nord Editing, Collection, Series Editor
2005 A Master of the Maro Tady Vinelo Series Editor
2005 Bulgaria: Music of the Shepherds Tradition Yanko Komitov / Shtilian Tihov Series Editor
2004 Ghana: Traditions En Mutation/Changing Traditions Editing
2004 Mesopotamia Munir Bashir Liner Notes, Interviewer
2003 Morocco: The Art of Sama in Fez Ahl-Fas Orchestra Editing
2003 Niger - Music of the Tuaregs, Vol. 2: In Gall Editing
2002 Tanzania: Gogo Ritual Music Editing
2001 Dhrupad of Darbhanga Sung by the Mallik Family The Mallik Family Editing
2000 Chamber Music of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze Producer, Editing, Assistant Engineer, Assistant, Series Editor
2000 South Africa Xhosa Women's Songs The Ngqoko Women's Ensemble Photography, Collection Consultant, Series Editor
1999 Guitarra Flamenca: Parrilla de Jerez: Nostalgia Parrilla de Jerez Assistant Producer, Liner Notes, Series Editor
1999 India: Percussion Rituals of Kerala, Vol. 2 Editing
1999 Mali: Bambara Music of Baninko Compilation Producer
1999 Uzbekistan: Instrumental Art Music Series Editor
1998 Bosnis: Sufi Chanting of Sarajevo Nesidu-I-Huda Editing, Liner Notes
1998 Kanak Dance & Music from New Caldonia Raymond Ammann Collection, Series Director
1997 Cuba: Chants And Rhythms Afrocubains Afroamerica Translation
1997 Madagascar: Musique Antanosy Editing
1997 Mali:Chants De Griot Bambara (Songs of Bambara Griot) Bassi Kouyate Executive Producer
1997 Senegal: Le Saoruba de Casamance Engineer, Editing
1997 Uganda Village Ensembles Of Busoga Editing
1996 Charangos & Guitarrillas Editing
1996 Music from Almati Kazakhstan/Dietrich Editing, Collection
1996 Music from the Mato Grasso Region Direction
1996 Music of the Quanzhou String Puppets Series Editor
1996 Musical Life in a Calabrian Village Editing, Series Editor
1995 Drums of Earth, Vol. 2 Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1995 Drums of the Earth, Vol. 1 [Ethnic] Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1995 Hispanic Music Liner Notes
1995 Music of the Whirling Dervishes of Damascus Al-Kindî Ensemble / Hamza Shakkur Director
1995 Musical Anthology of Arabian Peninsula, Vol. 1 Editing
1995 New Hebrides Ritual & Custom Music Vanuatu Collection
1995 Polyphonic Russian Wedding Songs Pesen Zemli Vocal Ensemble Editing
1995 Romania: Wedding Music from Wallachia Editing
1995 Rubab of Herat Mohammad Rahim Khushnawaz Collection
1995 Sanza Music in the Land Gbaya Africa Director
1995 South America Indian Music Liner Notes
1995 Village Music from Romania A Director
1995 Village Music from Romania B Director, Translation, Liner Notes, Musical Selections
1994 Ethiopia Jeanette Jenkins Series Editor
1994 Ritual Songs from the Island of Chindo Director
1994 Turquie: Musiques Villageoises d'Anatolie Editing
1993 Music from Central Brazil Editing
1993 Rhythms & Songs for the Vodun Collection Consultant
1992 Tadjikistan: Chants des Bardes (Songs of the Bards) Tadjikistan Editing, Series Editor
1991 Turkey: Ceremony of the Kadiri Dervishes Collection
1990 Musical Traditions of the Gond Direction
1989 Music and Song of the Ashiq Director, Collection
1988 Roumania: Music of the Tziganes The Taraf of Clejani Producer, Liner Notes
Birmanie-Musique du Théâtre Classique Editing
Bulgaria [Gall] Editing
Cachemire: Le Sufyana Kalam De Srinagar Ustad Ghulam Mohammad Saznavaz Liner Notes, Main Personnel, Collection
Confluences No. 1 Isabelle Courroy Liner Notes
Festival Music of the Newar Engineer, Text Presentation
Italie: Polyphonies des Quatre Provinces Italy-Polyphonies of the Four Provinces Series Editor
Kenya Collection
Musiques Sacrées Liner Notes, Composer
Musiques Sacrées [Enbiro] Liner Notes
Pygmy Polyphonies from North Congo Series Editor
Pérou: Musique des Anwajún et des Wampis Series Editor
Rainbow Richard Grey Composer
Songs from the Islands of Indonesia Editing
Swaziland: Chants des Swazi Editing, Series Editor
We Ride On Richard Grey Composer