La Monte Young's place near the center of the 1960s New York art community -- a circle that included such icons as Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol, starkly contrasts with his rustic beginnings. Young was born on October 14, 1935, in a small log cabin in Bern, ID. His father, destitute and in search of work, moved the family several times between Idaho, Utah, and California. Finally settling in Los Angeles, Young enrolled at John Marshall High, a school well known in the area for its superior music programs. By the time he entered Los Angeles City College in 1953, his saxophone skills were such that in an audition for a coveted spot in the school's acclaimed jazz band he beat out Eric Dolphy, who would later become famous as a sideman for John Coltrane. The next three years would see Young's interests shift however, and by the time he ...
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