L2M ("listening to music") are a Los Angeles-based pop group formed as a spin-off from LEGO Friends: Girlz 4 Life, an animated movie for which pre-teen members Mariangeli Collado, Lexi Drew, Mckenzie Mack, Tati McQuay, and Jenna Simmons provided the main characters' singing voices. Songs from the movie, released in early 2016, were issued as L2M's first singles through major-label Warner Bros. The group debuted that January with "Girlz," an anthem written and produced by Soulshock, who had previously created hits with Monica, Whitney Houston, Usher, and JoJo, among others. The similarly upbeat and confident songs "Incredible," "B.E.A.T.," and "Living for the Rhythm" were released as singles into early 2017. This primed L2M for Hyperlinked, a live-action YouTube Red series in which the girls star as web designers and coders.
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