Léon Boëllmann

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Had he lived a longer life, Léon Boëllmann would likely be recognized today as one of the great Romantic French organist-composers, in a line that included Gigout, Franck, Widor, and Vierne. As it is,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Suite Gothique, for organ, Op. 25 1895 13:55 Keyboard
Prayer to Notre Dame, for organ (Suite Gothique) 05:04 Keyboard
Ronde française, for piano, Op.37 03:41 Keyboard
Toccata, for organ (Suite Gothique) 03:45 Keyboard
Communion, for organ, Op. 29/4 02:28 Keyboard
Sonata for cello & piano in A minor, Op. 40 23:54 Chamber Music
Fantaisie dialoguée, for organ & orchestra, Op.35 08:46 Concerto
Suite No.2 for organ, Op.27 19:29 Keyboard
Elevation for organ, Op.29/1 04:56 Keyboard
Offertory on Christmas Themes, for organ 05:51 Keyboard
Pieces (2) for cello & piano, Op.31 08:30 Chamber Music
Intermezzo for piano 1885 02:36 Keyboard
Variations Symphoniques for cello & orchestra, Op.23 1893 11:06 Concerto
Feuillet d'Album, for piano, Op. 15/2 02:04 Keyboard
Danse Galiléenne, for piano 03:22 Keyboard
Quartet for piano & strings in F minor, Op.10 27:46 Chamber Music
Aubade, for piano, Op. 15/1 03:16 Keyboard
Sur le Mer, for piano, Op. 38 1897 04:51 Keyboard
Les Heures Mystiques, Vol. 1, 27 pieces for organ, Op. 29 13:42 Keyboard
Impromptu for piano, Op. 15/4 02:41 Keyboard
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