Kyler Schwartz


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Year Album Artist
2016 The Pop/Soul Sides 1963-1967 Danny Williams Producer
2015 The Philips Years and More, 1964-1968 Brian Hyland Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation, Compiled
2012 Girls on 45: A Collection of Girl Groups, Girlie Pop & Soulful Ladies 1963-1968 Contribution
2012 Teen Dream Time, Vol. 2 Research
2012 Teenage Memories, Vol. 1: 30 Teen, Belgium Popcorn & Girl Group Rarities 1961-1965 Associate Producer
A Sound for All (Four) Seasons: A Selection of Jersey Harmony Sound-A-Likes Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation, Compiled
Golden Records: The Early Songwriting Genius of Joe South 1961-1966 Associate Producer
Guys Go Pop! 1965: 26 Obscure Teen/Pop/Rock 'n' Roll Sides from 1965 Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation
Guys Go Pop! Vol. 2, 1966-1967 Liner Notes, Annotation
It's My Life: Roger Atkins Songbook, 1963-1969 Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation, Biographical Notes
Lookin’ For Boys! Girl Pop & Girl Group Gems in Stereo, 1962-1967 Liner Notes, Annotation
Marshmallow Skies Liner Notes, Annotation, Compiled
My World of Make Believe: Sunshine, Soft & Studio Pop 1966-1972 Liner Notes, Annotation
Philip Springer: Miracles – The Songwriting Legacy of the 1960s Philip Springer Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation, Biographical Information
Rhythms of Their Reign, 1962-1966 The Cascades / The Cascades Associate Producer
Take a Mind Excursion Liner Notes, Annotation
The Castells & Beyond: The Gary Usher Productions: 1964-1966 The Castells Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation
The Kind of Girl You Can’t Forget: The Early Years, 1962-1964 Ellie Greenwich Contribution