Kristian Wahlin


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Year Album Artist
2017 Nightbringers The Black Dahlia Murder Artwork
2014 Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry Blut aus Nord Cover Painting
2012 Being and Nothingness Hexen Cover Illustration
2011 Under a Frozen Sun Thulcandra Cover Art
2010 Apocalyptic Evocation Logo
2010 Fallen Angel's Dominion Thulcandra Artwork
2010 Magic & Mayhem: Tales From the Early Amorphis Cover Art
2009 Sanctify the Darkness Suicidal Angels Cover Art
2008 Dead Calm Chaos Evocation Logo
2008 Dead End Incrave Cover Painting
2008 Dichotomy Becoming the Archetype Cover Painting
2008 Monsters of Metal, Vol. 6 Cover Art
2008 Stormchaser Light This City Cover Art
2007 Life Is Wasted on the Living The Great Deceiver Illustrations, Guitar, Bass
2007 Monsters of Death, Vol. 2 Cover Art
2007 Tales From The Tomb Evocation Logo
2007 Victory Songs Ensiferum Cover Art
2006 Dead City Dreaming Crystal Eyes Logo
2006 In Memory of Quorthon, Vol. 1 Bathory Cover Painting
2006 In Memory of Quorthon, Vol. 2 Bathory Cover Painting
2005 Monsters of Death [NBA #1] Cover Art
2005 The Black Sun Collection Sins of Omission Cover Painting
2005 The Black Sun Collection: Lost in the Beauty You Slay/The Fifth Seaso Sacrilege Cover Painting
2005 Unbound Merciless Cover Design
2004 Solitude Dominance Tragedy Evergrey Cover Art
2004 Spiritually Uncontrolled Liers in Wait Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Keyboards, Cover Design, Logotype, Cover Art
2004 The Dark Discovery Evergrey Logo
2004 Vengeance Descending Crystal Eyes Cover Art
2003 Engraved in Black Graveworm Cover Art
2003 Metal Dreams, Vol. 5 Cover Design
2003 Nordland Bathory Artwork
2003 Terra Incognito The Great Deceiver Guitar, Art Direction, Paintings, Group Member
2002 A Venom Well Designed The Great Deceiver Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Art Direction, Paintings, Group Member, Composer
2002 Lost in the Beauty You Slay/The Fifth Season Sacrilege Cover Painting
2002 Tyrants from the Abyss: A Tribute to Morbid Angel Cover Art
2001 Desert Land Narnia Cover Painting
2001 Metal Dreams, Vol. 3 Illustrations
2001 Mirage Memory Garden Artwork
2001 Organised Chaos Benediction Artwork
2001 Way Beyond Godgory Artwork
2000 Butterflies Diabolique Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Paintings
2000 Death Is Just the Beginning, Vol. 6 Cover Painting
2000 Discerning Forces [1] Opprobrium Cover Art
2000 Family Tree: All of the Best Hardcore Bands Composer
2000 Jet Black Art The Great Deceiver Guitar, Cover Painting, Composer
2000 Metal Dreams, Vol. 2 Illustrations
2000 S.O.S. Lefay Cover Art
2000 Thunderstorm Iron Fire Cover Art
1999 Black Flower Diabolique Vocals, Guitar
1999 Dead, Hot and Ready Witchery Cover Art
1999 Metal Dreams Illustrations
1999 Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas [Pavement] Therion Cover Illustration
1999 The Seventh Seal Lefay Cover Art
1999 Verdict of Posterity Memory Garden Cover Art
1999 Within Wuthering Heights Cover Art
1998 Awakening Narnia Paintings
1998 Burial Extol Cover Painting
1998 Dead Again Mercyful Fate Artwork
1998 The Tales of Black Auberon Cover Illustration
1998 Voodoo King Diamond Paintings
1997 A Crimson Cosmos Lake of Tears Artwork, Layout Design, Layout Coordinator
1997 Beauty in Darkness, Vol. 2 Artwork
1997 Darkside Necrophobic Cover Design
1997 Eternal Death The Crown Cover Painting
1996 Blood on Ice Bathory Artwork, Cover Art
1996 Elegy Amorphis Illustrations, Cover Art
1996 Eternity Becomes a Lie Heads or Tales Paintings
1996 Maleficium Morgana Lefay Paintings
1996 Purple Dreams & Magic Poems Scum Paintings
1996 Sundown Cemetary Artwork, Art Direction
1995 Death is Just the Beginning, Vol. 3 Artwork
1995 Headstones Lake of Tears Cover Art
1995 Lepaca Kliffoth Therion Paintings
1995 Massive Killing Capacity Dismember Cover Illustration
1995 No Cause for Celebration Rosicrucian / Rosicucian Artwork, Design
1995 Sanctified Morgana Lefay Paintings
1995 Slaughter of the Soul At the Gates Photography, Illustrations, Artwork, Design, Logo
1995 The Burning The Crown Logo, Cover Painting
1995 The Gallery Dark Tranquillity Cover Art
1994 Bitterness Desultory Artwork
1994 Greater Art Lake of Tears Cover Art
1994 In the Nightside Eclipse Emperor Cover Art
1994 Knowing Just As I Morgana Lefay Paintings
1994 Wildhoney Tiamat Paintings, Cover Painting, Inlay Painting
1994 Wildhoney/Gaia Tiamat Paintings
1993 Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas [Nuclear Blast] Therion Cover Illustration
1992 Clouds Tiamat Paintings, Cover Painting
1991 Beyond Sanctorum Therion Cover Illustration
1991 The Astral Sleep Tiamat Cover Design, Cover Art
Afterglow In Mourning Cover Art
Evocation of Light Stortregn Artwork
Monsters Of Meta, Vol. 5 [DVD] Cover Art
Nocturnes and Requiems Witherfall Original Paintings
Primal Revelation Unspoken Cover Art
The Shadow Archetype Evocation Logo