Kris Verwimp


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Year Album Artist
2016 Realms of Odoric Suidakra Lyricist, Concept, Cover Art
2013 Legions of the North Månegarm Cover Art
2012 Orkan Vintersorg Booklet, Cover Art
2011 Book of Dowth Suidakra Lyricist, Concept, Cover Art, Layout, Composer
2011 Jardpuls Vintersorg Booklet, Cover Art
2011 Stenka Na Stenku Arkona Picture
2009 A Bliss to Suffer The Legion Cover Art
2009 As the Path Unfolds... Crimfall Layout Design, Cover Art
2009 Crógacht Suidakra Composer
2009 Goi, Rode, Goi! Arkona Illustrations
2009 Landkjenning Glittertind Cover Art
2009 Mortal Repulsion Goreaphobia Artwork, Cover Art
2009 Profugus Mortis Blackguard Cover Art
2009 Tara + In the Eyes of Ioldanach Absu Illustrations, Research, Cover Illustration
2008 13 Years of Celtic Wartunes Suidakra Artwork
2008 Absu Absu Artwork, Cover Illustration
2008 Herald of Doom Dagorlad Artwork, Layout Design
2008 Honour Amongst Chaos Waylander Artwork
2008 In Hatred's Flame Exmortus Cover Painting
2008 Pagan Fire Cover Art
2008 Torture Pit Debauchery Artwork
2008 Tulimyrsky Moonsorrow Cover Art
2008 Vozrozhdenie Arkona Artwork
2007 666: Satan's Soldiers Syndicate Desaster Back Cover, Cover Art
2007 Aurora Borealis Dark Forest Artwork, Logo
2007 Icons of Evil Vital Remains Artwork, Cover Art
2007 Revelation: The 7th Seal Lord Belial Cover Art
2007 The End of the Hour Paths of Possession Artwork
2007 The True Face of Human Nature Crimson Falls Design, Logo
2007 Vargstenen Månegarm Paintings
2006 Caledonia Suidakra Cover Art
2006 Havets Vargar Månegarm Cover Art
2006 Urminnes Hävd: The Forest Session Månegarm Cover Painting
2005 Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001 Absu Artwork
2005 Nocturnal Beast Lord Belial Cover Art
2005 Promises in Blood Paths of Possession Artwork
2005 Vredens Tid Månegarm Cover Painting
2003 Dödsfärd Månegarm Cover Painting
2003 Mercury Rising After All / After All Illustrations
2003 Unseen to Creation Legion / The Legion Cover Art
2001 Djinn Melechesh Cover Art
2001 Extreme Hatred Hypnosia Artwork
2001 Tales from Eternal Dusk Dark Fortress Cover Art
2001 Tara Absu Illustrations, Artwork, Research, Cover Illustration
2000 Demon Crusades Lordes Werre Cover Painting
2000 Kings of the Universe Skullview Cover Painting
2000 Prophecies of Pagan Fire and Bonus Enthroned Cover Art
1999 First Snowfall Night Conquers Day Cover Painting
1999 Opus Nocturne Marduk Cover Painting
1999 Sun of Tipareth Absu Revision
1999 Thyrfing Thyrfing Artwork
1999 Tribute to Iron Maiden: Children of the Damned Logo
1999 Trollish Mirror Amsvartner Cover Art
1999 Valdr Galga Thyrfing Cover Packaging
1998 Exterminate Angelcorpse Design
1998 Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion Old Man's Child Artwork, Cover Design
1998 Stigmata Arch Enemy Cover Art
1998 Towards the Skullthrone of Satan Enthroned Illustrations, Design
1997 Germania Marduk Paintings
Devoid of Light Uada Cover Art
Eternal Defiance Suidakra Lyricist, Concept, Cover Art, Layout, Composer
Furor Gallico Furor Gallico Cover Art
Land Of The Evening Star Dark Forest Artwork, Logo
Le Sacrifice D'ymir Valknacht Artwork
Nagelfar Fejd Cover Art, Layout
Naturbål Vintersorg Booklet, Cover Art
Ocean Blade Gloryful Cover Painting
Songs From the Earth Furor Gallico Cover Art
Trolldom Fejd Illustrations, Cover Art, Layout
Under the Ancient Oak Moonroot Cover Art