Kris Solem


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Year Album Artist
2014 Back Against the Wall: A Tribute to Pink Floyd Mastering
2013 Made in California The Beach Boys Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2012 DJ Explosion Box Set Mastering
2009 Babylon Bar: Emotional & Sensual World Grooves Mastering
2009 Classic Metal: A Double Dose Mastering
2007 Church Girl Onitsha Mastering
2007 House by the Sea Levinhurst Mastering
2007 The Arabian Club Night Mastering
2006 Death Certificate/AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted Ice Cube Reissue Remastering
2006 Essential Nancy Sinatra Nancy Sinatra Mastering
2006 Gabriel & Dresden Gabriel & Dresden Mastering
2006 Gangsta Party [Box Set] [Thump] Mastering
2006 Here Comes Memory Tom Langford Mastering
2006 Hip Hop Kidz: It's a Beautiful Thing [DVD/CD] Mastering
2006 Hips Don't Lie [Single] Shakira Mixing, Mastering
2006 Hips Don't Lie, Pt. 1 [Maxi Single] Shakira Mastering
2006 Jungle Guitars Strunz & Farah Remastering
2006 La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixed DJ Cheb i Sabbah Mastering
2006 Lights Out: The Ultimate Tribute to UFO Mastering
2006 Love, Death & Customer Service Lauren Wood Mastering
2006 Rap It Up [Box Set] Mastering
2006 So Deep: Chris Cox Remixes Walker Mastering
2006 Tennessee Slim Is the Bomb Joi Mastering
2006 Tethered to the Ground Eric Anders Mastering
2006 The Everpresent Stitch Mastering
2006 The Key Slapback Mastering
2006 Tracking Treasure Down Gabriel & Dresden Mastering
2006 Xtreme Latin Rap [Box Set] Mastering
2005 A Special Tribute to Pink Floyd Mastering
2005 Back Against the Wall Pink Floyd Mastering
2005 Big Black Guitar/Empty Arms Dan Brodie Mastering
2005 Blue Skies Di / Lori Engineer
2005 Desert Guitars Strunz & Farah Remastering
2005 Detour Kelda Mastering
2005 Heavy Hitters Michael Schenker / Michael Schenker Group Mastering
2005 If I'm Happy It Ends Eddie Cohn Mastering
2005 It'z Real Out Here Celly Cel Mastering
2005 Larger Than Life All Frum Tha I Mastering
2005 Les Dangereuses Lenni Jabour Mastering
2005 More Regrets Eric Anders Mastering
2005 Mr. Xcitement U-God Mastering
2005 Numbers from the Beast: An All-Star Tribute to Iron Maiden Mastering
2005 Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 Shakira Mastering
2005 Salma Har Tom Rossi Mastering
2005 Shashara Sada Sat Kaur Mastering
2005 Stereo: The Evolution of Hiprocksoul 4th Avenue Jones Mastering
2005 Tally of the Yes Men Goldspot Audio Production, Mastering
2005 The Beginning Peter Busborg Mastering
2005 The Ever Changing Picture Brad Byrd Mastering
2005 The Lover & the Beloved Donna De Lory Mastering
2005 The Mood: Soundsational The Avila Brothers Mastering
2005 The Return of the Prodigal Sunn Prodigal Sunn Mastering
2004 180° Gerardo Mastering
2004 All the Numb Souls Bent Blue Mastering
2004 Chameleon Jean Beauvoir Mastering
2004 Empty Arms Broken Hearts Dan Brodie Mastering
2004 F+ Jackpot Mastering
2004 Galactic Caravan: Intergalactic Bellydance Mastering
2004 Hidden Beach Recordings Presents: Unwrapped, Vol. 2 Mastering
2004 I'm a P.I.M.P. Kali Slimm Mastering
2004 Jukebox Bent Fabric Mastering
2004 Layabout, Vol. 2 Mastering
2004 Makin' Noise Klear Mastering
2004 Metallica: The Ultimate Tribute Album Mastering
2004 Nancy & Lee 3 Nancy Sinatra Remastering
2004 On to the Next One Last Conservative Mastering
2004 Perfect Life Levinhurst Mastering
2004 Pixie Runway Chloe Day Mastering
2004 Places You Know Tom Langford Mastering
2004 Ray Ray Raphael Saadiq Mastering
2004 Ready Now Truth Hurts Mastering
2004 Real Thing Peach Mastering
2004 Save the World Enzo Avitabile Mastering
2004 Smoke in Tha City Tony Smallz Mastering
2004 Songs for Wayward Days Eric Anders Mastering
2004 Spin the Bottle: An All-Star Tribute to Kiss SPIN the BOTTLE Mastering
2004 Step into Liquid Mastering
2004 The Gospel Wonders The Gospel Wonders Mastering
2004 The Trial of the Century French Kicks Mastering
2004 Ya-Rayi Khaled Mastering
2004 Zona Torrida Strunz & Farah Mastering
2003 All Hits at the House of Blues Raphael Saadiq Mastering
2003 Ay Valeria! Ricardo Lemvo Mastering
2003 Best of Bamboleo Bamboleo Mastering
2003 Best of Maraca: Bailables Maraca Mastering
2003 Big Air Experience Mastering
2003 Bone Deep Jeff Bradshaw Mastering
2003 Brief Glimpse of the Relentless Pursuit: Tribute to Pink Floyd Mastering
2003 Cali Connected Mastering
2003 Counterfeit 2 Martin Gore Mastering
2003 G Party Mastering
2003 Greatest Classics: With a Twist Todd Rundgren Mastering
2003 Hidden Hits, Vol. 1 Mastering
2003 Momentary Delights Jkettle Mastering
2003 Rio de Colores Strunz & Farah Mastering
2003 Roundabout: Best of Yes Live Yes Mastering
2003 Slide Jeff Bradshaw Mastering
2003 The Return of... Chloe Day Mastering
2003 Worthless Smiles Shortie Mastering
2003 Zion Zion Mastering
2002 12 Inches of Cox Chris Cox Mastering
2002 Bent Blue Bent Blue Mastering
2002 Big Pimpin' [Priority/Capitol] Mastering
2002 Deep Breathing Anjica Mastering
2002 For You Jack Russell Mastering
2002 Galactic Caravan Mastering
2002 Greatest Hits Live The Fixx Mastering
2002 Hidden Beach Recordings Presents: Unwrapped, Vol. 3 Unwrapped Mastering
2002 Instant Vintage Raphael Saadiq Mastering
2002 Joyful Bobby Lyle Mastering
2002 Moroccan Spirit Mastering
2002 Mystic Maah Seroya Mastering
2002 One Way Street: A Tribute to Aerosmith Mastering
2002 Peach Live Peach Mastering
2002 Pigs and Pyramids: An All Star Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd Mastering
2002 Provocative Progressive Dave "The Wave" Dresden Mastering
2002 Provocative Trance Chris Cox Mastering
2002 Pure Moods, Vol. 4 Mastering
2002 Quantum Rainbow David Cohen Mastering
2002 Say It Again Kella Mastering
2002 Shiny Things Jackpot Mastering
2002 Sidebars Eartha Mastering
2002 Songs for a Purpose Driven Life Mastering
2002 Survival Nitti Mastering
2002 The N.W.A Legacy, Vol. 2 N.W.A Mastering
2002 The Songs of Pink Floyd Mastering
2002 Todd Rundgren & His Friends Todd Rundgren Mastering
2001 All Angels Scream Biastfear Mastering
2001 Beyond Cyberpunk Wayne Kramer Mastering
2001 Brink Dave Stringer Mastering
2001 Celly Cel Presents...Live from the Ghetto Mastering
2001 Dawn of the New Millennium Vedic Mastering
2001 Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms, Vol. 1 Mastering
2001 Drastic Measures Drastic Engineer
2001 Emmanuel Norman Hutchins / Norman Hutchins & Jdi Christmas Mastering
2001 Fools for the Radio Mike Plume Band Mastering
2001 Gerardo Gerardo Mastering
2001 Gina Figliuolo Presents Jams, Vol. 1: Don't Call Us Jambands Mastering
2001 Global Frequencies: Tokyo Mark Lewis Engineer, Digital Remastering
2001 Guilty Pleasures Quiet Riot Mastering
2001 Illumination Incendio Mastering
2001 In the Garden Shroud Mastering
2001 Inner Conflicts Contraversy Mastering
2001 Magnification Yes Mastering
2001 Nocturnal Revelation Seasons of the Wolf Mastering
2001 Peach the Cure for You Peach Mastering
2001 Phatt Phunk Plugged In Andrew Clyne Digital Remastering
2001 Pure Moods, Vol. 3 Mastering
2001 River Izzy Stradlin Mastering
2001 Say the Word Benedict College Mastering
2001 Send Judah First Judith Christie McAllister Mastering
2001 Shabaz Shabaz Mastering
2001 Soulblitz All Stars Mastering
2001 Stone Cold Queen: A Tribute Mastering
2001 Stringweave Strunz & Farah Mastering
2001 Tha8t'z Gangsta MC Eiht Mastering
2001 The Handy Award Nominees, Vol. 1 Mastering
2001 The Healing Starts Right There Ted & Sheri Mastering
2001 The Lion Roars: Live in America Hakim Mastering
2000 3 Strikes Mastering
2000 A Honey I'm Gone: A Tribute to Shania Twain Mastering
2000 Bliss Donna De Lory Mastering
2000 Boiler Room Mastering
2000 Cath Carroll Cath Carroll Mastering
2000 Deal with the Devil Lizzy Borden Enhanced CD Audio Creation
2000 Deep Cuts: The Very Best of Mister Big Mr. Big Mastering, Digital Remastering
2000 Dropping The Why Quickie Mastering
2000 Freaked Out and Small The Presidents of the United States of America Mastering
2000 Hollywood Survivor Jeff Pasternak Mastering
2000 House of Yes: Live From House of Blues Yes Mastering
2000 Now or Never: Odyssey 2000 Easy Mo Bee Mastering
2000 Octagonal Ballet David Cohen Mastering
2000 Rebirth of the Loud Mastering
2000 Represent Compton's Most Wanted Mastering
2000 Ronan Ronan Keating Mastering
2000 Sao Salvador Ricardo Lemvo Mastering
2000 Sing It on Sunday Morning! Chester D.T. Baldwin Mastering
2000 Soul Food Spiritual Pieces Mastering
2000 Soundscapes: Live from London David Alvarado Digital Remastering
2000 Street Scholars DJ Aladdin / The Paper Chasers Mastering
2000 Swing This, Baby!, Vol. 3 Mastering
2000 WWF Aggression Mastering
1999 Come Lily Come Lily Mastering
1999 Coolio's Crowbar Records Presents a Compilation of New Artists Mastering
1999 Crucial Crue: The Mötley Crüe Reissues Mötley Crüe Mastering
1999 Ghetto Street Pharmacist DJ U-Neek Mastering
1999 Liquid Gardens Levi Chen Mastering
1999 Live: Entertainment or Death Mötley Crüe Mastering
1999 Nobody But You Norman Hutchins Mastering
1999 One World Erin Hamilton Mastering
1999 Paycheck to Paycheck Paycheck Mastering
1999 Rhapsody Mr. Mike Mastering
1999 Shake Your Bon-Bon [US CD Single] Ricky Martin Mastering
1999 Soundscapes: Live from Melbourne Thomas Michael Digital Remastering
1999 Swing This, Baby!, Vol. 2 Mastering
1998 2000 Fold Styles of Beyond Mastering
1998 A Night Out with Blue Plate Special Blue Plate Special Mastering
1998 American Made The Hal Lovejoy Circus Mastering
1998 Bomb MC Colored Section Mastering
1998 Caught Up Mastering
1998 Celtic Nocturnes: The Music of Turlough O'Carolan Scott Hitzik Mastering
1998 Forecast Stone Rain Mastering
1998 Forget to Remember Dennis Bono Mastering
1998 Greate$t Hit$ [1998] Mötley Crüe Remastering
1998 Kevin McFadden Kevin McFadden Mastering
1998 Mahalo Quino Mastering
1998 Mr. Jealousy Mastering
1998 Rhythm & Smoke: Cuba Sessions Mastering
1998 Roots of Evil Kool G Rap Mastering
1998 Snake Bite Love Motörhead Mastering
1998 The Collection, Vol. 1 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Mastering
1997 Flambookey Flambookey Mastering
1997 Generation Swine Mötley Crüe Remastering
1997 In the Name of My Father: The Zepset Live from Electric Ladyland The Jason Bonham Band Digital Mastering
1997 Lauren Wood [1997] Lauren Wood Mastering
1996 Celestine Prophecy Christopher Franke Digital Mastering
1996 Fireworks! Red Hot & Blues Jim Cullum Mastering
1996 Greatest Hits N.W.A Remastering
1996 Metally Disturbed [EP] Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Mastering
1996 Permission to Breathe Permission to Breathe Mastering
1996 Songs of the Sea [Original Cast Record] Digital Mastering
1995 Eternal E Eazy-E Remastering
1995 Live Shadowfax Mastering, Digital Assembly
1994 Mötley Crüe Mötley Crüe Remastering
1993 Ingram Marshall: Three Penitential Visions; Hidden Voices Ingram Marshall Mastering
1993 Lethal Injection Ice Cube Remastering
1993 Live from Hell Sam Kinison Remastering
1992 Kizz My Black Azz MC Ren Remastering
1992 The Predator Ice Cube Remastering
1991 Death Certificate Ice Cube Remastering
1991 Niggaz4life N.W.A Remastering
1990 AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted Ice Cube Remastering
1989 Dr. Feelgood Mötley Crüe Mastering
1988 Eazy-Duz-It Eazy-E Reissue Remastering
1988 Straight Outta Compton N.W.A Remastering
Salvamm O Munno Enzo Avitabile / Enzo Avitabile & Bottari / Bottari Mastering