Kisaburo Suzuki


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Year Album Artist
2011 Self Help for Beginners AutoKratz Composer
2009 Alan Tam & Hacken Lee Live 2009 Hacken Lee / Alan Tam Composer
2008 Back to Black Series: Lang Man Jing Dian Alan Tam Composer
2008 Faith Fully Anita Mui Composer, Lyricist
2005 Long Time No See New Songs/Best Collections Christopher Wong Composer
2005 Lost in Paradise Live Kelly Chen Composer
2005 Meng Huan Wu Tai Alan Tam Composer
2005 Wu Zhi Lian Alan Tam Composer
2005 Zhen Jin Dian: Christopher Wong Chris Wong / Christopher Wong Composer
2004 Alan Tam in Concert '86 Alan Tam Composer
2004 Love Trap Alan Tam Composer
2003 Alan Tam & Hacken Lee Live 2003 Alan Tam Composer
2000 Huan Qiu Yi Shuang Qing Yuan Xi Lie Alan Tam Composer
1998 Leon Lai Li Ai Bu Ai Jin Xuan Leon Lai Composer
1995 All Time Favorites Shirley Kwan Composer
1993 Once Upon a Time Elisa Chan Composer
Alan Tam Alan Tam Composer
Alan Tam X Hacken Lee Live 2013 Alan Tam Composer
Back to Black: Bu Mie De Ai Alan Tam Composer
Back to Black: Xiang Wo Zhe Yang De Peng You Alan Tam Composer
Bao Li Jin Ji Pin Yin Se Xi Lie Alan Tam Composer
Cantonese 101 Composer
Chapter II - Stars of My Universe Alex Fung Composer
Denon Mastersonic Andy Lau Composer
EMI Jing Xuan Wang XI Lie Zi Liu de Hua: Hui Dao Ni Shen Bian Andy Lau Composer
Gang Le [Alan Live 2002] Alan Tam Composer
Heart of Diamonds Ayumi Nakamura Composer, Lyricist
Ji Pin Tian Die Jing Dian Ming Qu Xuan Composer
Ji Pin Tian Die Tan Yong Lin Alan Tam Composer
Kagayakinagara Hideaki Tokunaga Composer
Lang Man Qing Ge Pian Andy Lau Composer
Lin Xuan : Tan Yong Lin De Yin He Sui Yue Alan Tam Composer
Midnight Kids Ayumi Nakamura Composer, Lyricist
My Lovely Legend Elisa Chan / Danny Summer Composer
Plein Soleil -Self-Cover Best II- Hideaki Tokunaga Composer
Qing Gan de Jin Qu Andy Lau Composer
Qing Qing Ru Meng Qin Ai De Jian Liang Lee Composer/Lyricist
Shi Tu Shang Xin Qu + Jing Xuan Shirley Kwan Composer
Single Collection 1986-1991 Hideaki Tokunaga Composer
Tan Yong Lin 86 Wan Zhong Kuang Huan Yan Chang Hui Alan Tam Composer
Tan Yong Lin 87 Yan Chang Hui Alan Tam Composer
Wen Na 25 Zhou Nian Yan Chang Hui'98 The Wynners Composer
Wen Na 33 Hao Shi Guang Yan Chang Hui The Wynners Composer
Wen Na Jing Shen The Wynners Composer
Yi Ge Ren de Gan Jue Andy Lau Composer
Yin He Sui Yue: The 40th Anniversary Alan Tam Composer
Yong Heng De Zhen Tan Yong Lin Jiu Qi Jin Qu Hui Gui Yan Chang Hui Alan Tam Composer
Zhui Yi Shi Shui Fang Hua Anita Mui Composer, Lyricist
Zuo Lin You Li Yan Chang Hui 2003 Alan Tam Composer