Atlanta-born Kilo Ali (aka Kilo) rose to the status of local legend as one of the earliest pioneers in the city's rap scene. Blending the party-centric sonics of Southern bass music with rap influences from both coasts, the Bankhead-born prodigy quickly became one of Atlanta rap's first successes, paving the way for groups like Dungeon Family and OutKast to bring the culture to the world at large. Born in Atlanta's Bankhead neighborhood in 1973, Kilo Ali (born Andrell Rogers) got involved with a local gang at a young age before turning his hand to music during his late teens. A fusion of local bass music and rap styles taken from the two coasts of hip-hop's infancy, Kilo's early material combined the thumping bass of the South with a more traditional rap style, creating a distinctly Southern blend of hip-hop. At the age of just 17, Kilo ...
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Organized Bass 1997 Organized Bass
Get This Party Started 1995 Get This Party Started
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