Kevin Bartley


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Year Album Artist
2017 Baby Blue Eyes... May the First Voice You Hear Be Mine Frank Sinatra Mastering
2017 T2: Trainspotting [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Digital Remastering Engineer
2014 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Kenny Rogers [2014] Kenny Rogers Mastering
2014 If Music Could Speak Freddie Ravel Mastering
2014 Millennium Collection: 20th Century Masters Billy Idol Mastering
2014 Realidades Los Tigres del Norte Mastering
2014 The Millennium Collection: 20th Century Masters The Band Mastering
2014 Timothy Bloom Timothy Bloom Mastering
2014 iTunes Session Florida Georgia Line Mastering
2013 Sweet Dreams and Quiet Desires/The Second Album Borderline Remastering
2013 True Blood: Music from the HBO Original Series, Vol. 4 Mastering
2013 iTunes Session Phillip Phillips Mastering
2013 iTunes Session Jimmy Eat World Mastering
2013 iTunes Session Third Day Mastering
2013 iTunes Session Local Natives Mastering
2013 iTunes Session Emeli Sandé Mastering
2012 Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On: His Original Capitol Hits Mel McDaniel Remastering
2012 Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album Mastering
2012 For the Glory The O.C. Supertones Mastering
2012 Inolvidables, Vol. 2 Los Ángeles Negros Mastering
2012 Muscle Beach Party: The United Artists Sessions Frankie Avalon Remastering
2012 Silent Night Celtic Woman Mastering
2012 The Complete Liberty Singles Timi Yuro Mastering
2012 The Complete Laurie Singles Dion Mastering
2012 The Three Sounds/Gene Harris of the Three Sounds Gene Harris Remastering
2012 We All Raise Our Voices to the Air: Live Songs 04.11.08 The Decemberists Mastering
2012 What to Expect When You're Expecting [Original Soundtrack] Mastering
2012 iTunes Session David Crowder Mastering
2012 iTunes Session Ryan Adams Mastering
2012 iTunes Session Fun. Mastering
2011 Essential Billy Squier Mastering
2011 Freedom Calling Jake Hamilton Mastering
2011 Terror Train Terror Train Mastering
2011 Two-Way Mirror Crystal Antlers Mastering
2011 iTunes Session Kelly Clarkson Mastering
2010 10 Great Songs: Who Let the Dogs Out Baha Men Mastering
2010 Countdown to the New Year Mastering
2010 It's Still Like a Secret El Ten Eleven Mastering
2010 Mescalito/Roadhouse Sun Ryan Bingham Mastering
2010 Night on Tape Casino Versus Japan Mastering
2010 The Best of Chris Cagle Chris Cagle Mastering
2009 Fresh Cuts: Vol. 4 Mastering
2009 Get Up Get Out Get Gone EP Paul Chesne Mastering
2009 Morning Music Mia Doi Todd Mastering
2009 Out of the Rain, The Thunder & The Lightning The Faraway Places Mastering
2009 Roadhouse Sun Ryan Bingham Remastering, Mastering
2009 The Best of Merle Haggard [Capitol 2009] Merle Haggard Mastering
2009 The Vienna Circle Sessions JT Spangler Mastering
2009 Viva La Vodka Richard Cheese Mastering
2008 2nd Place Throw Rag Mastering
2008 Best of Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers Ziggy Marley Mastering
2008 Double Wide, Vol. 4 Roy D. Mercer Mastering
2008 Double Wide, Vol. 5 Roy D. Mercer Mastering
2008 Double Wide, Vol. 6 Roy D. Mercer Mastering
2008 Fragile Future Hawthorne Heights Mastering
2008 Grace and Melody The Steepwater Band Mastering
2008 Greatest Hits UB40 Mastering
2008 Greenlight Girl Chelsea E. Mastering
2008 Highspeed Hayride Highspeed Hayride Mastering
2008 Idolize Yourself: The Very Best of Billy Idol Billy Idol Mastering
2008 Marc Ford & the Neptune Blues Club Marc Ford / Marc Ford & the Neptune Blues Club Mastering
2008 Motorizer Motörhead Mastering
2008 N.W.A and Their Family Tree N.W.A Audio Engineer, Mastering
2008 Not Fit for Human Consumption Ant Neely Mastering
2008 Playlist: 70's Pop Digital Remastering, Engineer
2008 Playlist: New Wave Digital Remastering, Engineer
2008 Playlist: Reggae [2008] Digital Remastering, Engineer
2008 Playlist: Woman Digital Remastering, Engineer
2008 Pure Driving Rock [3 Discs] Digital Remastering, Engineer
2008 Reason to Believe Pennywise Mastering
2008 Suffer in Style [Deluxe] Look Daggers Mixing
2008 The Ink Britt Lloyd Mastering
2008 This Is 1980 Digital Remastering, Engineer
2007 A Better View of the Rising Moon 1997 Mastering
2007 Chapter Eight: The Golden State Heideroosjes Mastering
2007 Dick at Nite Richard Cheese Mastering
2007 Double Wide, Vol. 1 Roy D. Mercer Mastering
2007 Double Wide, Vol. 2 Roy D. Mercer Mastering
2007 Double Wide, Vol. 3 Roy D. Mercer Mastering
2007 Eight Thousander Brian Grainger Mastering
2007 Fake Noise from a Box of Toys The Autumns Mastering
2007 Freeschaland Freescha Mastering
2007 Genuine Sense of Outrage The Warriors / The Warriors Mastering
2007 Horrible Oracle Blessedness am-boy Mastering
2007 Mescalito Ryan Bingham Mastering
2007 On the Way Beru's Ash Mastering
2007 The Definitive Greatest Hits Al Green Mastering
2007 The Kiss Bikeride Mastering
2007 The Scene Stole Your Woman Mastering
2007 Twilight Vision The White Lodge Mastering
2006 Baby Sleep Sweet Verne Langdon Mastering
2006 Bing Crosby's Christmas Classics [2006] Bing Crosby Mastering
2006 Building a Better _____ Park Mastering
2006 Connectivity! Mahogany Mastering
2006 Doug Moreland Doug Moreland Mastering
2006 Fairies in the Moonlight Verne Langdon Mastering
2006 Get on with It: The Best of Cracker Cracker Mastering
2006 Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision Blondie Mastering
2006 Head Warlock Double Stare Freescha Mastering
2006 Hearts of Time Eileen Carey Mastering
2006 Hey Mike! Hey Mike! Mastering
2006 I'd Like a Virgin Richard Cheese Mastering
2006 Our Darkest Days Ignite Mastering
2006 Paralyzed Dance Tonight Women & Children Audio Engineer, Mastering
2006 Presence Under the Tree: Attacknine Family and Friends Mastering
2006 Secret Skin 40 Cycle Hum Mastering
2006 Silent Nightclub Richard Cheese Mastering
2006 Survive Much the Same Mastering
2006 The Dance of Destruction The Twilight Transmission Mastering
2006 The Future Is When Delta Nove Mastering
2006 The Steady Hand New Radiant Storm King Mastering
2006 The Sunny Side of the Moon: The Best of Richard Cheese Richard Cheese Mastering
2006 Ultimate Collection Lakeside Mastering
2006 Ultimate Collection Shalamar Mastering
2006 Ultimate Collection Midnight Star Mastering
2006 Vultures Smile Empty Soul Mastering
2005 13 Ft. and Rising Throw Rag Mastering
2005 Above the Buried Cry Aeon Spoke Mastering
2005 Anything for You Tommy Funderburk Mastering
2005 Aperitif for Destruction Richard Cheese Mastering
2005 Bleeding Light Aarktica Mastering
2005 Early Works & Rarities: 1996-2004 Mahogany Memory Column Technical Supervisor
2005 Fraction of the First Modern Memory Mastering
2005 Greatest The Raspberries Remastering
2005 Harley-Davidson: Ride Mastering
2005 In Due Season [EP] In Due Season Mastering
2005 John Webster Johns John Webster Johns Mastering
2005 Manzanita Mia Doi Todd Mastering
2005 Original Greatest Hits B.B. King Mastering
2005 Regions Less Parallel: Early Works & Rarities 1996-2004 Auburn Lull Mastering
2005 Sleep in Your Grave Manntis Mastering
2005 Soul Mover Glenn Hughes Mastering
2005 Souvenirs The California Oranges Mastering
2005 Starbreaker Starbreaker Mastering
2005 Stratosphere Control Drexon Field Mastering
2005 The Co-Star Presenta: Reggaeton, Vol. 1: Illmatico The Co-Stars Mastering
2005 The Groove Divinities The Groove Divinities Mastering
2005 The Surf, The Sundried Surf the Sundried / The Surf Mastering
2005 There's a Forest in the Fire Canyon Country Mastering
2005 Two Suitcases Joan Enguita Mastering
2004 Accessories EP Frausdots Mastering
2004 Ashes to Embers Eyes of Fire Mastering
2004 Bella Vendetta Daydream Nation Mastering
2004 Cast From the Platform Auburn Lull Mastering
2004 Couture, Couture, Couture Frausdots Mastering
2004 Drive By Monologue The Hurt Process Mastering
2004 Everything I've Got in My Pocket Minnie Driver Mastering
2004 From Jersey It Came! The Smithereens Anthology The Smithereens Mastering
2004 Hitori + Kaiso 1998-2001 Casino Versus Japan Mastering
2004 Inferno Motörhead Mastering
2004 Mañana Luis Jara Mastering
2004 The Autumns The Autumns Mastering
2004 The Conversation Cru Jones Mastering
2004 The Legend of Harley Knowles Paperface Mastering
2004 Trans Universal Worldwide $have Mastering
2004 You Are Being Videotaped Your Enemies Friends Mastering
2003 Awake Bleed the Dream Mastering
2003 Being Black Mastering
2003 Harley Davidson Roadhouse Blues Mastering
2003 Heart Full of Country Mastering
2003 Stephen Collins Stephen Collins Mastering
2003 The Best of the Definitive American Songbook, Vol. 1 (A-I) Mastering
2003 The Best of the Definitive American Songbook, Vol. 2: I-Z Mastering
2003 Tuxicity Richard Cheese Mastering
2003 Velocity : Design : Comfort Sweet Trip Mastering
2003 What's Come Inside You Freescha Mastering
2003 Women & Children Women & Children Mastering
2002 Classic Masters Sammy Hagar Remastering
2002 Classic Masters Missing Persons Remastering
2002 Classic Masters Sheena Easton Remastering
2002 Classic Masters Pat Benatar Remastering
2002 Classic Masters Boy George Remastering
2002 Classic Masters Concrete Blonde Remastering
2002 Delta Nove Delta Nove Mastering
2002 Different Stars Trespassers William Mastering
2002 First Sounds: The Capitol Years Jim & Jesse Digital Remastering
2002 Morning Macumba Bikeride Mastering
2002 Roots and Branches Digital Remastering
2002 Slow Phil Tagliere Mastering
2002 Slower Than Church Music Freescha Mastering
2002 Swingin' with Dino Dean Martin Digital Remastering
2002 This Ageless Night Midsummer Coastal Mastering
2002 VH1 Storytellers Billy Idol Mastering
2002 What's Done is Done Driven Mastering
2001 Aquarium, Vol. 1 Sounds Of Pisces Mastering
2001 Candlelight Verne Langdon Mastering
2001 Greatest Hits Billy Idol Mastering
2001 Kids Fill the Floor Freescha Mastering
2000 Blockbuster: A Glitter Glam Rock Experience Mastering
2000 Es Para Ti Intocable Mastering
2000 Faith Loves You Skirt Artwork
2000 Forever in Time Verne Langdon Mastering
2000 Greatest & Latest Dee Dee Ramone Mastering
2000 Greatest Hits [2000] Stray Cats Mastering
2000 Key of Sea Verne Langdon Mastering
2000 Love's Divine John Harrington Mastering
2000 Metallic I.O.U. The Hangmen Mastering
2000 Orange Joboj Mastering
2000 Summer Winners, Summer Losers Bikeride Mastering
2000 Wow & Flutter Kyle Vincent Mastering
1999 Back to My Roots Bobby Womack Engineer
1999 Da Crime Family Tru Remastering
1999 Gotham Bauhaus Editing
1999 The Brian Setzer Collection '81-'88 Brian Setzer / Stray Cats Mastering
1993 Focus Cynic Mastering
1993 Just Another Band from East L.A. Los Lobos Remastering
1990 Empire Queensrÿche Project Assistant
1988 Eazy-Duz-It Eazy-E Mastering
1986 Live in Los Angeles Maze Remastering
1985 Vital Idol Billy Idol Mastering
1983 No Parking on the Dance Floor Midnight Star Digital Remastering
1982 Billy Idol Billy Idol Mastering, Reissue Mastering
1982 The Hunter Blondie Mastering, Reissue Mastering
1980 Autoamerican Blondie Mastering, Reissue Mastering
1980 Fantastic Voyage Lakeside Digital Remastering
1979 Another Taste A Taste of Honey Transfers
1979 Eat to the Beat Blondie Remastering, Reissue Mastering
1978 A Taste of Honey A Taste of Honey Transfers
1978 Parallel Lines Blondie Mastering, Reissue Mastering
1978 Plastic Letters Blondie Mastering, Reissue Mastering
1976 Blondie Blondie Mastering, Reissue Mastering
1972 Ring of Changes (Wonderwheel) Wonderwheel / Gary Wright Remastering
1970 Wayfaring Stranger Jeremy Steig Remastering
1969 Body and Soul Ray Nance Transfers
1963 West Coast Vibes Roy Ayers Transfers
1957 Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps Gene Vincent / Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps Remastering
1956 Bluejean Bop! Gene Vincent Remastering
10 Great Songs Dean Martin Mastering
10 Great Songs Billy Idol Mastering
10 Great Songs The Band Mastering
10 Great Songs Red Hot Chili Peppers Mastering
10 Great Songs Kenny Rogers Mastering
80s 12'' Party Digital Remastering, Engineer
Antyradio: Najlepszy Rock Na Swiecie, Vol. 4 Digital Remastering, Engineer
Bleed for This [Original Soundtrack Album] Digital Remastering, Engineer
Close Down the Woods Robotanists Mastering
Distance & Fortune Jonny Burke Mastering
Essential Eighties [Mixed Repertoire] Digital Remastering, Engineer
Hero's Journey Matt von Roderick Mastering
I'il Have Some of That The Babys Mastering
Jesus and Johnny Cash Jarrod Birmingham Mastering
Just Can't Get Enough: Pop Hits of the '80s Digital Remastering, Engineer
Massive Hits!: Rock Digital Remastering, Engineer
My Fellow Sophisticates William F. Gibbs Mastering
Open Liar Cameron Lister Mastering
Riddle Kyle Britton Mastering
Running Crazy Bob Russell Mastering
Salt Of The Earth Mobetta Loretta Mastering
Shallow on the Draft The Steelwells Mastering
Shapes and Variations Robotanists Mastering
Teddy's Cheer Club Teddy's Cheer Club Mastering
The Privateer The Tosspints Mastering
Time To Say The Capshuns Mastering
iTunes Session Skylar Grey Mastering