Probably the most visible DJ on the mainstream U.S. dance scene, Keoki released a half-dozen mix LPs and, beginning with 1997's Ego Trip, his own breakbeat-trance productions as well. Born in Panama but raised in Hawaii, Keoki hit the mainland in the mid-'80s and gained an airline job in New York. While moonlighting at the Danceteria nightclub, he decide to translate his love of music into a DJ career and soon became one of the city's most flamboyant DJs -- he dubbed himself "Superstar DJ Keoki" long before he gained any fame at all. After releasing several mixtapes during the early '90s, Keoki gained a licensing deal through Moonshine Music and debuted with a volume in the label's Journeys by DJ series in 1994. Several more mix albums followed during the next two years, with Keoki spotlighting his love of deep trance on 1995's All Mixed ...
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