Kenneth Svensson


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Year Album Artist
2004 Domination Morifade Mastering
2004 Future of the Past Destiny Mastering
2004 Klezmerised Oy! Tummel Mastering
2004 Melon Demon Divine Kee Marcello Mastering
2003 How 'Bout Now Göran Strandberg Mastering
2003 Move Freak Kitchen Mastering
2003 No Regrets Hardcore Superstar Mastering
2003 One Kill Wonder The Haunted Mastering
2003 Pop Greetings, Vol. 4: Sweden Mastering
2003 Sweet Vengeance Nightrage Mastering
2003 The Killer Impious Mastering
2002 Artificial Supernova Skymning Mastering
2002 Baritone Pavoni Paakkunainen Mastering
2002 Chapters From A Vale Forlorn Falconer Mastering
2002 Christian Termination Grief of Emerald Mastering
2002 Crowned in Terror The Crown Mastering
2002 Freak Guitar Mattias "IA" Eklundh Mastering
2002 Härmapa Thomas Holst Mastering
2002 Zonk Kjell Jansson Digital Mastering
2001 5 Years Long and as Tall as a Dream My Orchard Mastering
2001 Klezmer Tummel Mastering
2001 Rockin' at the Barn, Vol. 3 Mastering
2001 Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) Hardcore Superstar Mastering
2000 Full Circle: A Tribute to Gene Clark Mastering
1999 Bask Bäsk Mastering
1999 Café Creole Amanda Mastering
1999 Canterburied Sounds, Vol. 2 Mastering
1999 Crown Jewels Claes Crona Digital Mastering
1999 Dead Inside Plan 9 Mastering
1999 Noxx The Orchestra Mastering
1999 Surprise, Surprise It's Girlfrendo Girlfrendo Mastering
1998 1959-1960, Vol. 4: Stockholm Street Lars Gullin Mastering
1998 Coyote Per Henrik Wallin Digital Mastering
1998 Gentle Stream Göran Strandberg Mastering
1998 Triometric Göran Klinghagen Mastering
1997 Bumps Ahead Lars Gulliksson Mastering
1997 Music from Uganda, Vol. 3. Modern Echoes of Kampala Mixing, Editing
1997 Opium KieTheVez Mastering
1996 At Large Anders Persson Mastering
1995 The Bridge Ace of Base Guitar, Assistant Engineer
1987 Time to Remember Hal Galper / Putte Wickman Digital Mastering
Vengeance Descending Nightrage Mastering