Keith Knox


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Year Album Artist
2007 The Cosmic Lounge King Britt Producer
2007 The Singles, Vol. 3: 1964-1965 James Brown Composer
2005 Live At Glenn Miller Café Lars-Göran Ulander Translation
2004 Someday Heinz Geisser Executive Producer
2004 Supa Latino Composer
2004 Two Pianos in Hollywood/Invitation to Love Ronnie Aldrich Composer
2001 And Now I Can See Crows Mating in the Mist Bob Ackerman Producer
2001 Common Intent Alberto Pinton Liner Notes, Executive Producer
2001 Folia Heinz Geisser Executive Producer
2001 New Orleans Festival Suite Kidd Jordan Editing, Mastering
2000 Before My Time Lauren Kilgore Arranger, Piano, Keyboards
2000 Ka-Real Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Executive Producer
2000 The Last Concert Thomas Borgmann Liner Notes
1999 I Should Care Lalle Svensson Liner Notes
1999 Masters of Jazz Sampler [Malaco] Composer
1999 Paris Jazz Concert 1965 Jimmy Smith Composer
1999 The Sound of 65/There's a Bond Between Us Graham Bond Organisation Composer
1999 Ultimate Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith Composer
1998 Big Daddy Bob Ackerman Producer
1998 Bobby Darin Sings the Shadow of Your Smile/In a Broadway Bag Bobby Darin Composer
1998 Ein Sof Assif Tsahar Executive Producer
1998 Red Mitchell-Warne Marsh Big Two, Vol. 2 Warne Marsh / Red Mitchell Producer, Liner Notes
1997 Ancestral Song Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Producer, Executive Producer
1997 Chicago Now, Vol. 1 Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble Executive Producer
1996 Hidden in the Stomach The AALY Trio Producer, Executive Producer
1996 In Concert Jimmy Smith Composer
1996 The Sonet Recordings - Eternal Now/Live Ankara Don Cherry Producer, Liner Notes
1995 Joy (Within)! William Hooker Executive Producer
1995 Talkin' Verve: Roots of Acid Jazz Composer
1995 The Soul of Jazz, Vol. 1 Composer
1994 5 X Monk X Lacy Steve Lacy Producer, Assistant
1994 Chicago Now, Vol. 2 Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble Executive Producer
1994 Vol. 1: Translations Charles Gayle Quartet Executive Producer
1994 Vol. 2: Raining Fire Charles Gayle Quartet Executive Producer
1993 If I Think of Something You'll Let Me Know Quartet Liner Notes
1993 Old & New Magic Bob Ackerman Liner Notes, Executive Producer
1993 Peace & Pig Grease Jim Hobbs Executive Producer
1991 Berlin Images Joel Futterman Trio Executive Producer
1991 Compact Jazz: Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith Composer
1991 Naked Colours Hal Russell Executive Producer
1991 Queen Mary Denis Charles Executive Producer, Mastering Editor
1990 Great Bliss, Vol. 1 David S. Ware Executive Producer
1990 Points Matthew Shipp Quartet Executive Producer
1989 After Fallen Leaves Roscoe Mitchell Executive Producer
1989 Other Dimensions in Music Other Dimensions in Music Editing, Executive Producer
1988 Always Born Charles Gayle Liner Notes, Executive Producer
1988 Autumn in Paris Charles Tyler Producer, Liner Notes, Executive Producer
1988 Go Tell It on the Mountain Booker T. Executive Producer
1988 Homeless Charles Gayle Executive Producer
1988 Passage to Music David S. Ware Executive Producer
1987 In Seattle Michael Bisio Executive Producer
1987 Namesake Dennis Gonzalez Executive Producer
1987 Worshippers Come Nigh Charles Brackeen Executive Producer
1986 One Fell Swoop Steve Lacy Quartet Executive Producer
1986 Stefan Dennis Gonzalez Executive Producer
1986 The Gleam Steve Lacy Sextet Executive Producer
1983 Born Under the Heat Johnny Dyani Liner Notes
1973 Eternal Now Don Cherry Producer
1972 Organic Music Society Don Cherry English Translations, Original Executive Producer
1970 Drives Dr. Lonnie Smith Composer
1970 Minus Seeds & Stems The Sons of Champlin Composer
1969 Live Ankara Don Cherry Producer
1968 24 Karat Hits Jimmy Smith Composer
1968 Little Richie Varola Little Richie Varola Composer
1965 In Hamburg Live Jimmy Smith Composer
1965 Live in Concert/Paris Jimmy Smith Composer
1964 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Jimmy Smith Composer
Exclusive Collector's Edition Sevda Liner Notes, Executive Producer
Here, There, Down & Up Nods Off Liner Notes