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Year Album Artist
2021 What It Cost Toosii A&R
2021 Thank You for Believing Toosii A&R
2021 Back Together Toosii A&R
2020 Right Now Toosii A&R
2020 Push Start Toosii A&R
2020 Poetic Pain Toosii A&R
2020 Platinum Heart Toosii A&R
2020 Pain & Problems Toosii A&R
2020 Met in LA Toosii A&R
2020 Love Cycle Toosii / Summer Walker A&R
2020 Dickpressed Toosii A&R
2020 Dark Fights Toosii A&R
2020 Big Steppa Toosii A&R
2020 5 Stars Toosii A&R
2018 Favorite Things Masego A&R
2017 So Good Zara Larsson A&R
2016 7/27 Fifth Harmony A&R
what it means to be a girl EMELINE A&R
this is how i learn to say no EMELINE A&R
spin music Fivio Foreign / Toosii A&R
pov: ur the villain A&R
heart cold Toosii A&R
cinderella's dead EMELINE A&R
Yes Ma'am DJ Shab / Toosii A&R
Yamz Masego / Devin Morrison A&R
Women of Capitol A&R
What It means to Be a Girl/This Is How I Learn to Say No EMELINE A&R
Viral Sounds A&R
Viral Hip Hop 2021 A&R
Trending Tracks Rewind A&R
Trending Tracks A&R
Trending Sounds Rewind A&R
Trending Sounds A&R
Trending Now, Vol. 16 A&R
Trending Internet Tracks 2021 A&R
Trending 2021 A&R
Top of the Morning A&R
Top Trending Tracks A&R
Tik Tock Songs [2021] A&R
Tik Tock Songs A&R
Thank You for Believing: The Manifestation Toosii A&R
Tell Me All the Ways to Stay Away A&R
Teen Angst A&R
Summer Ragers 2021 A&R
Spring Fling A&R
Spring Clean A&R
Rising Artists 2021 A&R
Pretty Girls Love Toosii Toosii A&R
Pass the Aux A&R
Overrated Jutes A&R
On the Come-Up: Hip Hop A&R
Novidades Rock A&R
New Music 2021 A&R
New Artists for Next Year A&R
New Artists 2021 A&R
Music Is Universal: Orgullo LGTBIQ+ A&R
Indica, Vol. 3 A&R
Immaculate Vibes A&R
I Need New Music A&R
Hottest in Hip Hop 2021 A&R
Hot Hip Hop Now A&R
Hip-Hop Summer 2021 A&R
Hip Hop Vacation A&R
Head Over Hills Toosii A&R
Hashtag Trending A&R
Halloween Crush A&R
Grad Party 2021 A&R
Girls Run the World [2021] A&R
Gen Z Females A&R
Gen Z A&R
Friend Zone A&R
Fresh Finds 2021 A&R
Female Rock A&R
Cuffing Season A&R
City Sounds A&R
Café, libros y Música A&R
Bro Who Got You Smiling Like That A&R
Best of 2021: Sexy Songs A&R
Best of 2021 [1] A&R
Best New Music 2021 A&R
Best Breakthrough Songs A&R
Banger Alert A&R
Badass Females A&R
Backseat (Kiss Me) Jutes A&R
Artists to Watch 2021 A&R
Artists to Watch A&R
Anti-Valentine's A&R
A Really Bad Dream Jutes A&R
2021 Summer A&R
2021 Hits A&R
2021 Gen Z A&R

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