Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf

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Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf (1739-1799) was a prominent, famous, and widely published Austrian composer of the 18th century.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Concerto for harp, 2 oboes, 2 horns & string orchestra in A major 17?? 16:43 Concerto
Double Bass Concerto in E major 16:15 Concerto
Sinfonia concertante for viola, double bass & orchestra in D major 19:21 Symphony Concerto
Symphony in D major 17:52 Symphony
Andantino for oboe & strings 07:01 Concerto
String quartet No. 3 in G major 1788 17:03 Chamber Music
Sinfonia in A minor ("Il delirio delli compositorì"), Grave a2 20:00 Symphony
Symphony in C "La Prise de la Bastille" 14:13 Symphony
String quartet No. 2 in B flat major 15:57 Chamber Music
Divertimento Fur Violine, Viola und Violoncello D major 09:35 Chamber Music
Oboe Concerto in C major, L. 24 11:51 Concerto
Concerto for viola & orchestra in F 26:26 Concerto
Concerto for oboe d'amore in A major, L. 43b 13:07 Concerto
String quartet No. 4 in C major 1788 15:34 Chamber Music
Oboe Concerto in C major, L. 40a 10:39 Concerto
Sonata for viola & keyboard in E flat major 22:31 Chamber Music
Concerto for double bass & orchestra No. 1 in E flat major 18:18 Concerto
Symphony after Ovid's "Metamorphoses" No. 1 in C major ("Die vier Weltalter") 1783 17:34 Symphony
String quartet No. 1 in D major 1788 13:17 Chamber Music
String quartet No. 5 in E flat major 1788 14:48 Chamber Music
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