An artist who has worked in the fields of film, photography, writing, dance, and sculpture in addition to music, Karima Walker self-released her first EP, A Good Year, in 2012. She expanded upon the intimate, sometimes eerie, country-inflected acoustic songs on future recordings without losing her hushed, poetic sensibility. First full-length Hands in Our Names, issued in 2017, added decidedly experimental touches, with layered synths, field recordings, and tape loops interacting with structured folk on a mix of songs and instrumentals. Her second album, 2021's Waking the Dreaming Body, followed suit, employing instruments, electronics, and impressionistic lyrics to capture the fluidity between outer and inner worlds as well as the conscious and subconscious mind. Born to a Tunisian mother who left the family behind in California to ...
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Waking the Dreaming Body 2021 Waking the Dreaming Body
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