Juan Gotti (born Juan Ramos, Jr.) is a Latin-American MC who blends hardcore rap with regional Mexican styles such as norteƱo and ranchero. Rhyming in both English and Spanish, his lyrics are often brash, expressing gritty tales of street life, but overall he intends his music to be optimistic and empowering. A lifelong Texan, he grew up in Houston's south side, and took interest in cars and tattoos as well as music. After serving a five-year jail sentence during the 1990s, he became motivated to change his life for the better. He started his rap career after becoming associated with locally successful rapper South Park Mexican, founder of Dope House Records. Gotti began performing at concerts and low-rider events around Houston in 1998, and his debut album, No Sett Trippin, arrived on Dope House in 2002. The album was tremendously ...
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