Josse (Charles) Boutmy

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The patriarchal figure of the South Netherland family of musicians (excepting his father and grandfather who were both organists in Ghent). He tuaght harpsichord to the Princess of Arenberg and was the…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Suite No 3 for harpsichord in D minor Keyboard
Suite for harpsichord No. 6 in G minor (from Troisième Livre de Pièces) Keyboard
Suite No 5 for harpsichord in E flat Keyboard
Suite No 6 for harpsichord in E minor Keyboard
Suite No 2 for harpsichord in F Keyboard
Suite No 4 for harpsichord in G Keyboard
Suite No 1 for harpsichord (from Book 3) Keyboard
Suite No. 1 in A minor (Book 2) Keyboard
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