Josquin Des Prez

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Josquin Desprez was one of the most influential and widely regarded composers in the history of Western music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Ave Maria... virgo serena, motet for 4 parts 1497 Choral
Mille regretz, song for 4 parts 148? Choral Vocal Music
Missa "Pange Lingua", for 4 parts 1514 Choral
El grillo, song for 4 parts 1505 Choral Vocal Music
Missa "L'homme armé" sexti toni, for 4 parts 1502 Choral
Inviolata, integra et casta es, motet for 5 parts 1502 Choral
In te Domini speravi, frittola or motet for 4 parts 1500 Choral
Missa "La Sol Fa Re Mi", for 4 parts 1502 Choral
Missa de Beata Virgine, for 5 parts 1514 Choral
Salve Regina, motet for 5 parts 1500 Choral
Faulte d'argent, canonic chanson for 5 voices 1522 Choral Vocal Music
Absalon, Fili Mi, motet for 4 parts (poss. spurious) 1497 Choral
Missa "Hercules Dux Ferrariae", for 4 parts 1505 Choral
Missa di dadi, for 4 parts 1514 Choral
De profundis, motet for 4 parts (poss. spurious) 1500 Choral
Nymphes des bois/Requiem aeternam/Deploration de la Mort de Jehan Ockeghem, lament for 5 parts 1497 Choral
Adieu mes amours, song for 4 parts 1479 Choral Vocal Music
Scaramella va alla guerra, song for 4 parts 1475 Choral
Benedicta es, coelourum regina, motet for 6 parts 1500 Choral
En l'ombre d'un buissonnet, Au matinet, song for 4 parts (poss. spurious) 1475 Choral
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