Joseph Schwantner

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Schwantner began as a serial composer, but later works are clearly tonal, with impressionist and lyric qualities.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Black Anemones, for flute or voice & piano 1981 Chamber Music
And the Mountains Rising Nowhere for piano, winds, brass & percussion 1977 Orchestral
Concerto for percussion & orchestra 1994 Concerto
New Morning for the World for speaker & orchestra 1982 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Aftertones of Infinity for orchestra 1978 Orchestral
From Afar--A Fantasy, for guitar & orchestra 1987 Concerto
Velocities for marimba solo "Moto Perpetuto" Chamber Music
Soaring, for flute & piano 1986 Chamber Music
Looking Back, for flute & piano 2009 Chamber Music
Sparrows, for soprano & 8 instruments 1979 Vocal Music
Veiled Autumn: Kindertodeslied, for piano Keyboard
Taking Charge, for flute, percussion & piano 2012 Chamber Music
In Evening's Stillness, for band 1996 Band Music
From a Dark Millenium, for band 1981 Band Music
Distant Runes and Incantations for piano & chamber ensemble 1987 Concerto
Poems (2) of Agueda Pizarro, for soprano & piano 1980 Vocal Music
Recoil, for wind ensemble Band Music
September Canticle, fantasy for organ, brass, percussion, amplified piano & strings 2002 Concerto
Silver Halo, for flute quartet Chamber Music
Fanfare for Dh Orchestral
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