Joseph R. Dalton


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Year Album Artist
2006 Ives Plays Ives Charles Ives Editing, Executive Editing, Mastering
2006 Morton Feldman: The Viola in My Life Morton Feldman Digital Remastering
2004 Outer Circles Victoria Jordanova Liner Notes
2004 The Harry Partch Collection, Vol. 1 Gate 5 Ensemble of the World Executive Director, Mastering, Producer
2001 David Del Tredici: Secret Music David Del Tredici Liner Notes
2001 Harold Blumenfeld: Mythologies Remastering
2000 Diary of a Seducer William Anderson Executive Director
2000 Exchange: Latin America Concept, Producer
2000 Herman Berlinski: Return & Sinfonia No. 10 Executive Director
2000 Lucia Dlugoszewski: Disparate Stairway Radical Other Lucia Dlugoszewski Executive Producer
2000 P.Q. Phan: Banana Trumpet Games P.Q. Phan Executive Producer
2000 Songs of Otto Luening Judith Bettina / James Goldsworthy Executive Producer
2000 Wizards & Wildmen Anthony de Mare Executive Producer
2000 Woolf: Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak / Randall Woolf Executive Producer
1999 Barati: Concertos George Barati / Eugene Ormandy Mastering
1999 Ben Yarmolinsky: April 15th Blues Elaine Valby Vocals, Executive Producer
1999 Chen-Yi: Sparkle Executive Producer
1999 Ellis B. Kohs: Passacaglia; Chamber Concerto Mastering
1999 Francis Thorne: Fanfare, Fugue & Funk; Third String Quartet; etc. Hessian Symphony Orchestra Executive Director
1999 Frida/Tango Robert X. Rodriguez Executive Producer
1999 Henry Mollicone: The Face on the Barroom Floor Executive Director
1999 Ives Plays Ives / Record # 4 in "Charles Ives, the 100th Anniversary" Charles Ives Engineer, Executive Editing
1999 Johana Harris Plays the Music of Roy Harris Johana Harris Executive Director
1999 Music of Elie Siegmeister Digital Remastering
1999 Music of Paul Chihara Digital Remastering, Executive Director
1999 Music of Ursula Mamlok Executive Producer
1999 Music of Vladimir Ussachevsky Digital Remastering
1999 Shifrin: Pieces; Serenade Digital Remastering
1999 Sings Music of Ernst Krenek, Richard Wernick, Geroge Rochberg, R. Murray Schafer Neva Pilgrim Executive Producer, Executive Director
1999 The Alternative Schubertiade Executive Producer
1999 The Unknown Ives Donald Berman Executive Producer
1999 Walter Winslow: Concertati Veneziani & other works Walter Winslow Executive Producer
1999 eXchange: China Producer, Liner Notes, Concept, Executive Producer
1998 Arthur Shepherd Digital Remastering, Executive Director
1998 Balloon Music Judy Dunaway Executive Producer
1998 Botti: Listen, it's snowing Susan Botti Executive Producer
1998 Druckman: Windows/Dark Upon The Trap/Animus Unknown Contributor Role
1998 Emergency Music Executive Producer, Mastering
1998 Ezra Sims: String Quartet No.3/Elegie/Third Quartet Digital Remastering, Executive Director
1998 Here Comes Everybody New Millennium Ensemble Unknown Contributor Role
1998 Howard Boatwright: String Quartet No. 2 Mastering
1998 Hugh Aitken: Cantata No6; Fantasies Digital Remastering, Executive Director
1998 Joel Gressel: Points in Time Joel Gressel Director, Executive Director
1998 Kline: Glow in the Dark Phil Kline Executive Producer
1998 Music by Mary Howe Digital Remastering
1998 Noël Lee: Caprices on the name Schönberg Noël Lee Digital Remastering
1998 Paul Cooper: Complete Music for Solo Piano John Hendrickson Digital Remastering
1998 Perera: Chamber Works with Voice Executive Director
1998 Randall Woolf: Rock Steady Randall Woolf Executive Producer
1998 Robert Savage: An Eye-Sky Symphony Robert Savage Executive Director
1998 Sessions: Piano Sonatas; From My Diary Robert Helps Mastering
1998 Voices of Change Executive Producer
1998 William Schuman: American Masters Digital Remastering
1997 Babbitt: Piano Music Since 1983 Martin Goldray Compilation Producer
1997 Bruce Adolphe: Turning, Returning Brentano String Quartet Executive Producer
1997 Common Sense Executive Producer
1997 Connie Beckley: The Aquarium Connie Beckley Executive Producer
1997 Cowell: Variations for Orchestra; Symphony Nos. 7 & 16 Compilation Producer
1997 Gay American Composers-Volume 2 Compilation Producer
1997 George Rochberg, Vol. 1 Aeolian Quartet of Sarah Lawrence College / Concord String Quartet / Werner Torkanowsky Digital Remastering, Executive Director
1997 George Rochberg, Vol. 2 Digital Remastering, Executive Director
1997 Hugo Weisgall: Two Operas and Two Song Cycles Remastering
1997 Jeffrey Schanzer: No More In Thrall Jeffrey Schanzer Executive Director
1997 John Cage: Music for Two Pianos Double Edge Executive Producer
1997 Jubal Songs Compilation Producer
1997 Lines For Solo Cello Unknown Contributor Role
1997 Peter Mennin: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 7; Piano Concerto Compilation Producer
1997 Silhouettes Executive Producer, Unknown Contributor Role
1997 Sollberger: A New York Retrospective Harvey Sollberger Compilation Producer
1997 Summersong: Music by David Chaitkin Digital Remastering
1997 The Harry Partch Collection, Vol. 1 Harry Partch Mastering
1997 The Harry Partch Collection, Vol. 2 Harry Partch Mastering, Original Mastering, Original Recording Producer
1997 The Harry Partch Collection, Vol. 3 Harry Partch Producer, Mastering, Executive Producer, Original Mastering, Unknown Contributor Role
1997 The Music of George Walker Phyllis Bryn-Julson / George Walker / Gregory Walker Compilation Producer
1997 William Mayer Unknown Contributor Role
1997 Women in Electronic Music (1977) [Composers] Executive Director
1997 Wuorinen: Two Part Symphony/Chamber Concerto For Tuba/Piano Concerto/Chamber Concerto Compilation Producer
1996 And Trouble Came: Musical Responses to AIDS Managing Director
1996 Bun-Ching Lam: Mountain Clear Water Remote Executive Producer
1996 Davidson: Transparent Victims/Fire on the Mountain/I Hear the Mermaids Singing/Lullaby/Bleaches Thread, Sister Thread Tina Davidson Executive Producer
1996 Gay American Composers Compilation Producer
1996 Luening: Trio; Sonata for piano Digital Remastering
1996 Moore: Symphony No. 2; Cotillion Suite for orchestra Digital Remastering
1996 Music by Robert Helps Digital Remastering
1996 The Music Of Frank Wigglesworth Executive Producer, Mastering
1995 Allan Bryant: Space Guitars Allan Bryant Managing Director
1995 Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 3 Bang on a Can Liner Notes, Executive Producer, Mastering
1995 David Del Tredici: An Alice Symphony Phyllis Bryn-Julson / Oliver Knussen / Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra Editing, Executive Producer, Mastering
1995 David Del Tredici: Syzygy; I Hear an Army Executive Producer
1995 Harrison: Symphony on G/Ruggles: Organum/Men & Mountains Digital Remastering
1995 Long Distance Seth Josel Compilation Producer
1995 Martino: Solo And Chamber Works Compilation Producer
1995 Music by Vivian Fine Digital Remastering, Executive Producer
1995 Music of Frederick Jacobi Compilation Producer
1995 New York Guitars Executive Producer, Mastering
1995 Shapey: Covenant; Incantations London Sinfonietta / Ralph Shapey / University of Chicago Contemporary Chamber Players Digital Remastering, Executive Producer
1995 Urban Diva Dora Ohrenstein Director
1995 Van Vactor: Symphony No1; Symphony No3 hr_Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra) / David Landreth Van Vactor Executive Producer
1994 Ernst Krenek: String Quartets Nos. 5 & 8 Thouvenel String Quartet Digital Remastering, Executive Producer, Managing Director
1994 Leslie Bassett: Echoes from an Invisible World Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Digital Remastering, Executive Producer, Managing Director
1994 Morton Feldman: The Viola in My Life; False Relationships and the Extended Ending; Why Patterns? Compilation Producer
1994 Music by Avshalomov, Harris & Ward Portland Youth Philharmonic Managing Director
1994 Songs of Charles Ives and Ernst Bacon Helen Boatwright Executive Producer
1994 Spectrum: New Chamber Music Director, Mastering
1994 Tania León: Indígena Continuum / Western Wind Executive Producer, Mastering
1994 The Composer-Performer 40th Anniversary Concept, Liner Notes, Managing Director, Mastering, Programming
1994 Victoria Jordanova: Requiem for Bosnia and Other Works Executive Producer
1993 Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 2 Executive Producer, Compilation Producer
1993 Electronic Dance Music Alwin Nikolais Executive Producer
1993 Elliott Carter: Orchestral Songs; Complete Choral Music Compilation Producer
1993 Jan Swafford: Midsummer Variations; They Who Hunger; Glen Gass: Piano Quartet; String Trio Mastering
1993 Porter On My Mind: The Classic Songs of Cole Porter Francis Thorne Assistant Engineer, Managing Director
1993 Songs of Ned Rorem Ned Rorem Executive Producer, Digital Remastering, Managing Director
1993 Suite for Wind Quintet Ruth Crawford Seeger Executive Producer, Digital Remastering, Managing Director
1992 Aaron Jay Kernis: Brilliant Sky, Infinite Sky/Love Scenes/Morningsongs Aaron Jay Kernis Executive Producer, Compilation Producer
1992 Big Noise from Nicaragua Michael Gordon Executive Producer
1992 Dominick Argento: Postcard from Morocco Philip Brunelle Compilation Producer
1992 Music by Arthur Berger Digital Remastering, Executive Producer
1992 Music by Irwin Bazelon Digital Remastering, Executive Producer
1992 Music of Andrew Imbrie Digital Remastering, Executive Producer
1992 Music of Henri Lazarof Digital Remastering, Executive Producer
1992 Music of Irving Fine Executive Producer
1992 Nicolas Roussakis: Hymn to Apollo; Ephemeris Digital Remastering
1992 Piano Music by African American Composers Natalie Hinderas Compilation Producer
1992 Romantic Music of Edward Joseph Collins Earl Wild Managing Director
1992 U.S. Choice Double Edge Producer, Executive Producer
1992 Zwilich: Chamber Symphony/String Quartet/Sonata In Three Movements/Cory: Profiles/Apertures/Designs Compilation Producer
1991 Bang on a Can: Live, Vol. 1 Executive Producer, Mastering, Managing Director
1991 David Lang: Are You Experienced? David Lang Executive Producer, Compilation Producer
1991 Donald Erb The Devil's Quickstep Director, Remastering
1991 John Anthony Lennon: Chamber Works Digital Remastering
1991 Karel Husa: Symphony No. 1; Serenade; Landscapes; Mosaïques Digital Remastering, Liner Notes, Managing Director
1991 Manhattan Cascade Guy Klucevsek Executive Producer, Compilation Producer
1991 Music by Richard Wilson Digital Remastering, Managing Director
1991 Music of Lou Harrison Digital Remastering
1991 Music of Vittorio Rieti Digital Remastering
1991 Otto Luening: No Jerusalem But This; Divertimento Executive Producer, Managing Director
1991 Pioneers of Electronic Music Digital Remastering, Executive Producer
1991 Ran: Concerto da Camera II; Hyperbolae; Apprehensions; Private Game Digital Remastering
1991 Robert Starer: Anna Margarita's Will; Ariel, Visions of Isaiah; Concerto a Tre Digital Remastering, Series Executive Producer
1991 Samuel Adler: String Quartets Nos. 3, 6, 7 Cleveland Quartet / Jan DeGaetani / Fine Arts Quartet / Meliora Quartet Digital Remastering
1991 Speculum Musicae Speculum Musicae Managing Director
1991 Tobias Picker: Voilin Concerto; When Soft Voices Die; Rhapsody; Sextet No. 3; Romance Digital Remastering
1991 Werner Josten: Jungle; Concerto Sacro; Canzona Seria; Symphony in F Digital Remastering
1990 Conrad Cummings: Photo-Op Cummings Ensemble Producer, Liner Notes, Executive Producer
1990 Dashow: Some Dream Songs; Saylor: Songs from Water Street; Sims: Come Away James Dashow Managing Director
1990 Francis Thorne: Burlesque Overture; Rhapsodic Variations Francis Thorne Digital Remastering
1990 Fred Lerdahl: Waltzes; Eros; Fantasy Etudes; Wake Managing Director
1990 Harry Partch: The Bewitched Compilation Producer
1990 Roger Sessions: Symphonies Nos. 1, 2, 3 Managing Director
1990 The Monticello Trio play Bresnick, Ives & Shatin Monticello Trio Liner Notes
1977 Music by Frederic Goossen Digital Remastering
1976 Bolcom: Quartet; Finney: Trio No2 Charles Avsharian / Joseph Gurt / Jerome Jelinek Managing Director
1969 A Tribute to Bethany Beardslee, Soprano Bethany Beardslee Executive Producer, Executive Director
1969 Moondog [Compilation] Moondog Liner Notes
1955 The Bewitched, A Dance Satire Harry Partch Digital Remastering
John Corigliano: Early Works Managing Director, Mastering
Lizzie Bordon Jack Beeson Digital Remastering