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Year Album Artist
2005 Oumupo 3 Rubin Steiner Cut, Pitch Adjustment
2004 Kalevala: A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic Engineer, Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
2003 Living in Peace Yulara Digital Remastering
1996 Two Guitars One Passion Lara & Reyes Remastering
1996 Rendezvous Doug Cameron Digital Mastering
1996 Many Worlds, One Tribe Alain Eskinasi Digital Mastering
1996 Celtica EKO Digital Mastering, Mastering
1996 As in Music So in Life Digital Mastering, Digital Remastering
1996 Aria Shahin & Sepehr Digital Mastering, Mastering
1996 All Is One Yulara Remastering
1996 A Thousand Pictures Craig Chaquico Digital Mastering, Mastering
1995 Higher Octave Collection, Vol. 2 Remastering, Digital Remastering
1995 Guitarras Hermanas Sergio Lara Digital Mastering
1995 Greetings Enormous Mastering
1995 Force of Nature 3rd Force Mastering
1995 E Shahin & Sepehr Digital Mastering
1995 Dreamer/Fantasy William Aura Digital Remastering
1995 A Choral Christmas Cusco Digital Mastering
1994 Traces/Music on the Way Peter Davison Digital Remastering
1994 The Higher Octave Collection Digital Remastering
1994 Stranger Things Have Happened Peter Tork Mastering
1994 Planet of da Apes Da Lench Mob Mastering
1994 Out of the Dark James McCarty / Jim McCarty Mastering
1994 One Thousand & One Nights Shahin & Sepehr Digital Mastering
1994 Mandingo Beat The Soto Koto Band Editing, Mastering
1994 Lovely Day/Timeless William Aura Digital Remastering
1994 Loved and Lost Patsy Cline Mastering
1994 Irresistible Swing Artie Shaw Mastering
1994 Great Voices [Drive] Mastering
1994 Forest/Mountain Peter Davison Remastering
1994 Deep in the Heart of Country Mastering
1994 Aurasound I/Aurasound II William Aura Digital Remastering
1994 Apurimac II Cusco Digital Remastering
1994 Alter Eko EKO Digital Mastering
1994 Acoustic Planet Craig Chaquico Mastering
1994 3rd Force 3rd Force Digital Mastering
1993 Tree of Life Blonker Remastering
1993 The Soto Koto Band The Soto Koto Band Digital Mastering
1993 Journey to Zipangu Himekami Digital Remastering
1993 In the Heart of the Stone Living Mirrors Remastering
1993 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues James Lee Stanley Noise Reduction
1993 Cusco 2002 Cusco Digital Remastering
1993 Acoustic Highway Craig Chaquico Digital Mastering
1992 Song to the Ancestors Taumbu International Ensemble Mastering
1992 Rhythms of Life Bruce BecVar Digital Remastering
1992 Every Act of Love William Aura Engineer
1992 Cusco 2000 Cusco Digital Remastering
1992 Cafe Tropique Crystal Wind Digital Mastering
1991 The Next World Heavy the World Mastering
1991 The Envoy James Lee Stanley Mastering
1991 Poets & Angels: Music 4 the Holidays Ottmar Liebert Digital Mastering
1991 Paradise William Aura Digital Mastering, Processing
1991 Exotic Simplicity Richard Buxton Mastering
1990 Water Stories Cusco Digital Mastering
1990 Sings John Wallowitch Live at the Carlyle Dixie Carter Editing, Digital Editing, Digital Mastering, Mastering
1990 Nouveau Flamenco Ottmar Liebert Mastering Engineer
1990 Earth Dance Randy Tico Digital Mastering, Digital Remastering
1990 Coming Out of Hiding...The Sequel Pamala Stanley Mastering, Digital Enhancement
1987 Glide/Star Gazer Peter Davison Digital Remastering
1984 White Lightning [Ace] George Jones Mastering
1957 Lust for Life Thad Jones Mastering

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