Josef Kucera


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Year Album Artist
2017 Caprices: Salvatore, Elliott Carter, Emmanuel Nunes, Pierre Boulez Irvine Arditti Engineer, Editing, Mastering
2017 Eos Patti Cudd Executive Producer, Producer
2017 Full Circle: Noise plays the music of Stuart Saunders Smith Noise Engineer
2017 John Cage: The Works for Percussion, Vol. 4 - Music for Speaking Percussionist Bonnie Whiting Engineer, Editing
2016 Lei Liang: Luminous Mixing, Editing
2015 Benjamin Sabey: Winter Shore Engineer
2015 Lewis Nielson: Axis JACK Quartet / Red Fish Blue Fish / Steven Schick Editing, Engineer
2015 Prism Scott Worthington Engineer
2015 Roger Reynolds: Complete Cello Works Alexis Descharmes Mastering
2015 Roger Reynolds: The imagE-imAge Set Producer, Mastering, Editing, Engineer, Mixing
2014 Lei Liang: Bamboo Lights Engineer, Mastering, Recording Editor
2013 Dedications to János Négyesy János Négyesy Engineer, Editing
2013 Noise Plays Burtner Noise / Noise Engineer
2012 Bach: Goldberg Variations Takae Ohnishi Engineer, Mixing, Editing
2012 Lei Liang: Verge; Tremors of a Memory Chord Engineer, Recording Editor
2011 Pieces, Threaded - 1999-2001: Piano Music of Ben Leeds Carson Ben Leeds Carson / John Mark Hands / Jacob Rhodebeck Producer
2010 Vyznání: Zlatá Kolekce Marta Kubišová Sax (Soprano)
2009 Epigram and Evolution: Complete Piano Works of Roger Reynolds Roger Reynolds Engineer, Mixing, Remixing, Recording
2009 Lei Liang: Brush-Stroke Editing, Engineer, Mastering
2009 Stuart Saunders Smith: The Links Series of Vibraphone Essays Stuart Saunders Smith Engineer
2008 Chinary Ung: Child-Song; Khse Buon; Seven Mirrors Susan Ung Engineer, Mastering Engineer
2007 Christopher Adler: Ecstatic Volutions in a Neon Haze Christopher Adler Mixing, Recording
2007 Derek Keller: Impositions and Consequences Derek Keller Recording
2007 Unsettled on an Old Sense of Place Gustavo Aguilar Engineer
2007 Whispers Out of Time: Works for Orchestra by Roger Reynolds Editing, Engineer
2006 Iannis Xenakis: Percussion Works Steven Schick Editing, Engineer
2005 Chinary Ung: Seven Mirrors Digital Mastering, Engineer
2004 Christopher Adler: Epilogue for a Dark Day Christopher Adler Engineer, Recording
2004 Mark Applebaum: Disciplines Engineer
2004 Martian Anthropology Mark Applebaum Engineer
2004 Roger Reynolds: Process and Passion Roger Reynolds Engineer, Editing, Mastering, Recording
2002 Cecil Burleigh: Music for Violin and Piano Zina Schiff Engineer
2002 Chaya Czernowin: Music for Texts by Zohar Eitan Basel Sinfonietta / Elision Ensemble / Johannes Kalitzke / Ute Wassermann Editing
2002 Roger Reynolds: All Known, All White Roger Reynolds Engineer, Mastering
2002 Shannon Wettstein Plays Chopin, Berg, Ferneyhough, Debussy Shannon Wettstein Engineer
2002 Syntaxis Cosmologic Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Three Circuitous Paths to the Music of Roger Reynolds June in Buffalo Festival Orchestra Enhanced Recording, Mastering
2001 Anthony Davis: Tania Engineer
2001 Caught by the Sky with Wire Maya Beiser Engineer
2001 Minima-List Engineer
2000 Drumming In The Dark Steven Schick Engineer
2000 Living In Fire John Fonville Engineer, Editing, Mastering
1999 Chaya Czernowin: Afatsim Engineer, Sound Editing
1997 Morton Feldman: For Philip Guston California EAR Unit Engineer
1997 Paredes: The Seventh Seed, etc. Editing, Engineer
1997 Prataksis Wadada Leo Smith Engineer, Mastering
1997 Tenors, Echoes and Wolves (From the Underground 1829-1998) Bertram Turetzky Engineer, Mastering
1997 The Complete Piano Music of Georges I. Grudjieff and Thomas de Hartmann Cecil Lytle Assistant Coordinator, Engineer
1997 The Music of Will Ogdon Engineer, Mastering
1996 11 Reasons to Begin Vinny Golia Engineer
1996 Strings & Machines Hugh Livingston Engineer
1995 Electric Klezz Zmiros Engineer
1995 James Dashow, Thomas DeLio Recording
1995 Music of David Felder American Brass Quintet / Arditti Quartet / Rachel Rudich Engineer
1995 Roger Reynolds: Personae; The Vanity of Words; Variation Roger Reynolds Editing, Engineer
1995 Temporal Details John Fonville Engineer, Mastering
1994 Born To Be Wild Steven Schick Digital Editing, Engineer
1994 Iannis Xenakis: Aïs; Gendy3; Taurhiphanie; Thalleïn Editing, Engineer
1994 Michael Kowalski: Gringo Blaster Michael Kowalski Engineer
1994 Yank Crime Drive Like Jehu Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1993 Compositions and Improvisations Bertram Turetzky Editorial Consultation
1993 Sonor Ensemble SONOR Ensemble of USCD Editing, Engineer
1992 Roger Reynolds Roger Reynolds Engineer, Editing
1992 The Complete Piano Music of Georges I. Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann, Vol. 3 Cecil Lytle Engineer
1992 Voicespace: Still (1975)/A Merciful Coincidence (1976) / Eclipse (1979) / the Palace (1 Roger Reynolds Digital Editing
1991 Bernard Rands: Canti Lunatici; Canti Del Sole; Obbligato Engineer
1991 Music of Robert Erickson Engineer
1990 Roger Reynolds: Whispers Out of Time; Transfigured Wind 2 Roger Reynolds Recording
1988 Reading of a Sacred Book: The Complete Piano Music of Georges I. Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann, Vol. 2 Cecil Lytle Assistant
1987 Rzewski: Jefferson; Antigone Legend Carol Plantamura / Frederic Rzewski Engineer
1986 Intersections Vinny Golia Engineer, Mixing, Recording
1983 Keys of Life: Piano Music from Celestial Harmonies Engineer
Bolcom: Lilith; Cooper: Four Impromptus; Rogers: The Nature of This Whirling Wheel; Etc. Laura Hunter Engineer
David Felder: BoxMan Arditti Quartet Editing, Recording
New Music From San Diego Engineer
Roger Reynolds: The Ivanov Suite; Versions-Stages Roger Reynolds Editing, Engineer, Mastering
Sounds of the Cinema Presidio Brass Engineer, Editing
Works by Martin Brody, Mario Davidovsky, Miriam Gideon, Rand Steiger, Chinary Ung Aequalis Editing