Jordan Feliz is a Dove Award-winning contemporary Christian pop singer and songwriter whose sound walks the line between classic rock, slick retro '70s R&B, and modern pop. He achieved breakout success with his 2015 single, "The River" and 2016 debut album of the same name. He later topped the Christian chart with his second album, Future. Feliz grew up in Clovis, California and began his formal musical career with faith-based hard rock/screamo band A Current Affair in 2006. The band's debut EP, Life in an Hourglass, offered a seamless screamo sound. It was followed by the Josh Auer-produced The Real Devastation EP in 2009. Feliz left the group and relocated to Nashville in 2012. After a series of part-time jobs working as, among other things, a handyman to a valet, he became a church worship leader. In 2014, he was invited to ...
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