Joolie Wood

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Year Album Artist
2012 Mind Control Sun Dial Violin, Melodica, Recorder (Bass)
2011 The Pattern Beneath the Plough, Pts. 1-2 The Owl Service Violin, Recorder, Clarinet, Strings
2009 The Glass Bead Game James Blackshaw Violin, Flute, Clarinet
2007 The Inmost Light Current 93 Whistle (Human), Violin, Clarinet, Piano, Additional Music
2007 Birdsong in the Empire Current 93 Group Member
2006 Not Alone - Medicins Sans Frontieres Vocals, Violin
2006 Come into Our House Nick Castro & the Young Elders Recorder (Tenor), Group Member
2006 Black Ships Ate the Sky Current 93 Violin, Recorder, Clarinet, Keyboards, Group Member
2005 Magic Moments Simon Finn Guest Artist, Main Personnel
2005 Judas as Black Moth Current 93 Photography, Inlay Photography
2005 Hilmarsson: Children of Nature Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson Violin
2004 Halo Current 93 Member of Attributed Artist, Whistle (Human), Violin, Whistle, Recorder
2001 Hitler as Kalki Current 93 Vocals, Whistle (Human), Violin, Clarinet
1999 All Dolled Up Like Christ: Live in New York 1996 Current 93 Band
1995 Wishful Sinking Rosa Mota Violin
1995 Midwinter Fires Fire and Ice Vocals, Violin, Keyboards
1994 Hollow Ways Fire and Ice Vocals, Violin, Recorder, Keyboards
1993 Emblems: The Menstrual Years Current 93 Guitar
1993 As the World Disappears Current 93 Violin, Recorder
1992 Thunder Perfect Mind Current 93 Violin, Tin Whistle, Recorder, Clarinet, Group Member
The View from a Hill The Owl Service Violin, Recorder, Clarinet