João Carvalho


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Year Album Artist
2018 12 Sloan Mastering
2018 Changing Colours The Sheepdogs Mastering
2018 Critical Hit Yukon Blonde Mastering
2018 Toronto Ian Moore Mastering
2017 Anchors and Ampersands Marker Starling Mastering
2017 Dead Reflection Silverstein Mastering
2017 In Search of Lost Time Partner Mastering
2017 In an Open Field Nicholas Krgovich Mastering
2017 LLL Wanting Mastering
2017 Medicine Songs Buffy Sainte-Marie Mastering
2017 Mr. Optimist Blues Jonathan Roy Mastering
2017 Racine Revisited Sass Jordan Mastering
2017 Rock Alliance Rock Alliance Mastering
2017 The Last Rider Ron Sexsmith Mastering
2017 The City That Always Sleeps Biblical Mastering
2017 The Wild The Rural Alberta Advantage Mastering
2017 Times Infinity, Vol. 2 The Dears Mastering
2017 Wide Open Weaves Mastering
2016 1000 Arms Blue Rodeo Mastering
2016 All Will Be Well The Fortunate Ones Mastering
2016 Full Colour Paper Lions Mastering
2016 Ghost Light Royal Wood Mastering
2016 Heal Thyself, Pt. 1: Instinct Steven Page Mastering Engineer
2016 IV BadBadNotGood Mastering Engineer
2016 Indigo River Tiber Mastering
2016 Midnight Machines Lights Mastering
2016 Pacific Myth Protest the Hero Mastering
2016 Tuns TUNS Mastering
2015 3 1/2 The Golden Dogs Engineer
2015 A Forest of Arms Great Lake Swimmers Mastering
2015 Above Club We Are the City Mastering
2015 Discreet Music Contact Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2015 Goodbye Mine Lost & Profound Guitar, Mastering, Group Member
2015 I Am Alive in Everything I Touch Silverstein Mastering
2015 Live at Massey Hall Blue Rodeo Mastering
2015 R40 Live Rush Mastering, Audio Master
2015 Rosy Maze Marker Starling Mastering
2015 Times Infinity, Vol. 1 The Dears Mastering
2014 Commonwealth Sloan Mastering
2014 For Those Who Stay PS I Love You Mastering
2014 Little Machines Lights Mastering
2014 Lo-Fantasy Sam Roberts / Sam Roberts Band Mastering
2014 Mended with Gold The Rural Alberta Advantage Mastering
2014 The Ocean at the End The Tea Party Mastering
2013 Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me The Garifuna Collective / Danny Michel Mastering
2013 Dialectics: Expressions in Solo Percussion Richard Moore Mastering
2013 Fall of Romance Imaginary Cities Mastering
2013 High Road The Grapes of Wrath Mastering
2013 Jet Lag Milosh Mastering
2013 Loud and Clear Folkstar Mastering
2013 Marvelous Cheer HARPS Mastering
2013 Old Fighters Matthew Good Remastering
2013 Siberia Acoustic Lights Mastering
2013 Stop Thinking So Much The Bicycles Mastering
2013 Volition Protest the Hero Mastering
2012 Cha Cha Michele Mele Mastering
2012 Death Dreams PS I Love You Mastering
2012 Foolish Blood Two Hours Traffic Mastering
2012 Infamous Abandon All Ships Engineer, Mastering
2012 New Wild Everywhere Great Lake Swimmers Mastering
2012 Now! 19 [Canada] Mastering
2012 Singles The Grapes of Wrath Mastering
2012 Spanish Moss & Total Loss Shout Out Out Out Out Mastering
2012 The Golden Killer Lioness Mastering
2012 Total Dust Dusted Mastering
2011 Cardiography David Vertesi Mastering
2011 Holy Shit Living with Lions Mastering
2011 Honeymoon Punch Jenn Grant Mastering
2011 Intimo: Love Songs of Italy Mark Masri Mastering
2011 Morning Comes Cuff the Duke Mastering
2011 Repeat Offender Peter Elkas Mastering
2011 Rescue Silverstein Mastering
2011 Row Upon Row of the People They Know The Once Mastering
2011 Scurrilous Protest the Hero Mastering
2011 Siberia Lights Mastering
2011 Summer of Lust Library Voices Mastering
2011 The Double Cross Sloan Mastering
2010 Acoustic Lights Mastering
2010 Belmundo Regal Radio Radio Mastering
2010 Cardona Michou Mastering
2010 Color Moccio Mastering
2010 Fresh Shawn Desman Mastering
2010 Geeving Abandon All Ships Mastering
2010 Grace and Gratitude Renewed Olivia Newton-John Mastering
2010 I Tried David Celia Mastering
2010 La Voce Mark Masri Mastering
2010 Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre The Weakerthans Mastering
2010 Low Fidelity Treasa Levasseur Mastering
2010 Pot Calls Kettle Black Small Sins Mastering
2010 Salt March Swan Mastering
2010 Shimmering Lights The Meligrove Band Mastering
2010 Stare Smile Talk The Machams Mastering
2010 The Very Best of Stan Rogers Stan Rogers Mastering
2010 The Beat Goes On Emilie-Claire Barlow Mastering
2010 The Songs Paul Quarrington Mastering
2010 Time to Move Blake McGrath Mastering
2010 Uncontrollable Stereos Mastering
2010 Under the Big Big Sky Russell de Carle Mastering
2010 White Linen The John Henrys Mastering
2009 80 Anos de Música Sertaneja Pena Branca / Pena Branca & Xavantinho / Xavantinho Composer
2009 A/Collision A/Collision Mastering
2009 Acoustic: Friends & Total Strangers The Trews Mastering
2009 Amália Hoje Hoje Assistant
2009 Cheerleader Odds Mastering
2009 Christmas Is Mark Masri Mastering
2009 December 32nd 3 Feet Smaller Mastering
2009 Gallop Meets the Earth Protest the Hero Mastering
2009 Greatest Hits Fritz Helder / Fritz Helder & the Phantoms Mastering
2009 Half Light & Shadows Adrina Thorpe Mastering
2009 Hometown Ten Second Epic Mastering
2009 Jupiter Salazar The Music Team Mastering
2009 Lost Channels Great Lake Swimmers Mastering
2009 Modernism Kelly & the Kelly Girls Mastering
2009 One for One Julian Austin Mastering
2009 Reintegration Time Shout Out Out Out Out Mastering
2009 Take Love Easy Sophie Milman Mastering
2009 The World I Want to Leave Behind Moneen Mastering
2009 These Are the Moments The Rankin Family / The Rankins Mastering
2009 Vancouver Matthew Good Mastering
2009 Victoria Day Melissa McClelland Mastering
2009 Way Down Here Cuff the Duke Mastering
2008 A Broke Machine Terami Hirsch Mastering
2008 A Celebration in Song Olivia Newton-John Mastering
2008 All the Little Letdowns Junior Achiever Mastering
2008 Coyotes Brian Borcherdt Mastering
2008 One Man's Opinion One Man's Opinion Mastering
2008 Parallel Play Sloan Mastering
2008 Payz Play Payz Play Remastering
2008 Tales From the City Mobile Mastering
2008 The Heat from the Sun Mercury City Mastering
2008 The Other Woman Chantal Chamberland Mastering
2008 Tug of War Carly Rae Jepsen Mastering
2008 World We Know Crash Parallel Mastering
2007 Act II: The Blood and the Life Eternal Neverending White Lights Mastering
2007 Chin Up Buttercup Holly McNarland Mastering
2007 Christmas Wish Olivia Newton-John Mastering
2007 Closer to the Flame Joel Kroeker Mastering
2007 Coast Is Clear In-Flight Safety Mastering
2007 Grace and Gratitude Olivia Newton-John Mastering
2007 Hospital Music Matthew Good Mastering
2007 Just Look Pretty and Sing Tara Slone Mastering
2007 LP Holy Fuck Mastering
2007 Make Someone Happy Sophie Milman Mastering
2007 Nevertheless Christine Fellows Mastering
2007 Nothing Fancy Jessie Farrell Mastering
2007 People Are Different Wooden Stars Mastering
2007 Strange Birds David Usher Mastering
2007 Stunderthorm Johannes Welsch Mastering
2007 The Light Fantastic Cara Luft Mastering
2007 The Very Thought of You Emilie-Claire Barlow Mastering
2007 Up North Cain & Abel Mastering
2007 Urgency Low Level Flight Mastering
2007 Volume 1: It Begins Where It Ends... The Good Doctor Mastering
2007 You Gotta Come Down Sometime Beneath Augusta Mastering
2006 20th Century Century Masters Chalk Circle Mastering
2006 Anything Kinnie Starr Mastering
2006 Barely Listening Pilot Speed Producer
2006 Birthing the Giant Cancer Bats Mastering
2006 Braided Casey Mastering
2006 Bring on the Storm Charlie A'Court Mastering
2006 Ciné-Magique Lily Frost Mastering
2006 Crisis Alexisonfire Mastering
2006 Dirty Looks Derek Miller Mastering
2006 EPdemic illScarlett Audio Production
2006 Exposure Stephan Moccio Mastering
2006 Future of Forestry Future of Forestry Mastering
2006 Human Nature Harem Scarem Mastering
2006 I'm a Mountain Sarah Harmer Mastering
2006 Into the West Pilot Speed Producer, Audio Production, Assistant
2006 Kezia Protest the Hero Mastering
2006 Life Lessons: The Best of Amy Sky Amy Sky Mastering
2006 Look Closer Rex Goudie Audio Production, Mastering
2006 Never Hear the End of It Sloan Mastering
2006 No Stranger Tom Cochrane Mastering
2006 Planets Conspire The Meligrove Band Audio Production
2006 Scenario Catastrophe Le Nombre Mastering
2006 Sell Control for Life's Speed Pilate Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Shades of Gray Matt Dean Mastering
2006 Soapbox Heroes Enter the Haggis Mastering
2006 Socializing with Life The Dunes Mastering
2006 Stromata Charlotte Martin Mastering
2006 The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume Evans Blue Mastering
2006 The Way It Feels Roxanne Potvin Mastering
2006 Therapy Sessions EP Porcelain Youth Audio Production
2005 A Sides Win: Singles 1992-2005 Sloan Audio Production, Mastering, Assembly
2005 All at Once The Barra MacNeils Mastering
2005 Are You Ready Blue Rodeo Mastering
2005 Better Days The Perms Mastering
2005 Broken (And Other Rogue States) Luke Doucet Mastering
2005 Casualties of Retail Enter the Haggis Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Mastering
2005 Deformative Years Wild Strawberries Mastering
2005 Hedley Hedley Mastering
2005 Hell or High Water Shyne Factory Mastering
2005 Holy Fuck Holy Fuck Mastering
2005 In a Coma: The Best of Matthew Good 1995-2005 Matthew Good Mastering
2005 No Language Linda McLean Mastering
2005 Our Thickness The Russian Futurists Mastering
2005 Secret House Against the World Buck 65 Mastering
2005 Set Yourself on Fire Stars Mastering
2005 The Soft Society Shawn Hewitt Mastering
2005 Two Cursed Mastering
2005 Way Past Midnight The Porkbelly Futures Mastering
2005 X-Amounts Controller.Controller Mastering
2004 2067 Rheostatics Mastering
2004 Everything in 3 Parts The Golden Dogs Mastering
2004 Favourite Colours The Sadies Remastering, Mastering
2004 High Low Nathan Wiley Mastering
2004 History Controller.Controller Mastering
2004 Like a Star Jody Raffoul Mastering
2004 Maybe This Christmas Tree Producer
2004 Never Bring You Pleasure Tangiers Mastering
2004 On Borrowed Time Illuminati Mastering
2004 Shine Andy Stochansky Mastering
2004 Sophie Milman Sophie Milman Mastering
2004 Sweet Confusion By Divine Right Mastering
2004 Those Who Were Hung Hang Here Uncut Mastering
2004 Two-Bit World Dave Gunning Mastering
2004 You're a Woman, I'm a Machine Death from Above Mastering
2003 Akwekon Skennen Kanenhi:IO Mastering
2003 Asianblue Emm Gryner Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Cymbals, Mastering, Musician
2003 Barzin Barzin Mastering
2003 Battle of the Nudes Gord Downie Mastering
2003 Now This Is Fighting Parkas Mastering
2003 Reconstruction Site The Weakerthans Mastering
2003 Three Chords One Capo Four Square Mastering
2003 You Pour the Gasoline, I'll Light the Match Blue Skies at War Mastering
2002 Birth of Confusion Grand Theft Bus Mastering
2002 Days That Stand Still The Vermicious Knid Mastering
2002 Hollow Howie Beck Editing, Mastering
2002 International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 5 Mixing
2002 Let It Grow The Meligrove Band Mastering
2002 Life Stories for Minimum Wage Cuff the Duke Remastering
2002 Slightly Happy Mellonova Mastering
2002 The Delicious Wolves Hawksley Workman Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 The Modern Sinner Nervous Man [EP] Constantines Mastering
2002 Unfinished Sympathy The Sympathy Mastering
2001 (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves Hawksley Workman Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2001 60watt Party More Plastic Mastering
2001 A Sound of the Colour of the Sun Sianspheric Mastering
2001 Amália: O Musical de Filipe La Féria Filipe La Féria Cast
2001 Black Eyed Sue Kurt Swinghammer Mastering
2001 For Him and the Girls Hawksley Workman Mastering
2001 H-Wing Kevin Hearn / Thin Buckle Editing
2001 Les Sables Magiques Tricky Woo Mastering
2001 Listening Hands Martin Posen Mixing
2001 New Variations Exploders Mastering
2001 Red Is the New Black and Blue Mishima Mastering
2000 Left and Leaving The Weakerthans Mastering
2000 Mind the Gap Tristan Psionic Mastering
2000 Snapshots Ember Swift Mastering
2000 The Wage Is the Stage Ember Swift Mastering
2000 Vostok 6 Kurt Swinghammer Editing, Mastering
1999 Big Road Blues Carlos Del Junco Mastering
1999 Bless This Mess By Divine Right Mastering
1999 Permanent Marker Ember Swift Mastering
1999 Unconscious Pilot Tamara Williamson Bass, Mastering
1998 Dan Bryk Rocks Nobody Dan Bryk Mastering
1998 Direct Reaction Now Monster Voodoo Machine Editing, Digital Editing
1998 Houdini In Reverse Kyp Harness Mastering
1998 I Have Much To Report Sully Digital Editing, Mastering
1998 Jack Breakfast Jack Breakfast Mastering
1998 Live Noise Moxy Früvous Mastering
1998 The B Album Moxy Früvous Mastering
1998 Triple Heater Martin Posen Recorder
1997 Desmond's Hip City Skydiggers Guest Artist, Guitar
1996 Everything I Long For Hayden Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Drums, Bass, Mastering, Assembly
1996 His Master's Bones Gary Windo Remastering
1996 Music Inspired by the Group of 7 Rheostatics Mastering
1995 Treble Charger Treble Charger Mastering
1994 NC17 Treble Charger Mastering
1992 Brazil Classics, Vol. 5: The Hips of Tradition Tom Zé Composer
1992 Darkness Visible Soulstorm Keyboards
1992 Fully Completely The Tragically Hip Mastering
1991 Breaking Atoms Main Source Digital Remastering
1984 A Truly Western Experience k.d. lang / k.d. lang and the Reclines Mastering
1984 From Fresh Water Stan Rogers Remastering
1981 Northwest Passage Stan Rogers Remastering
1979 Between the Breaks...Live! Stan Rogers Remastering
1978 Turnaround Stan Rogers Remastering
1976 Fogarty's Cove Stan Rogers Remastering
5 Days in May Blue Rodeo Mastering
Agpak Mum Agpak Mum Mastering
All Together Now Billy Manzik Mastering
Antisocial Disorder The Apollo Effect Mastering
Arrivals & Departures Jay Pea Mastering
Autobiography Chantal Chamberland Mastering
Bad Timing Blue Rodeo Mastering
Balance Chris Chord Mastering
Beigy Blur Ben Gunning Mastering
Beyond Infinite God Anson Wong Mastering
Both Ways Donovan Woods Mastering
Bucket of Honey Michele Stephens Mastering
Concert For St. Stephen's Mastering
Daniella Denmark Jonathan Roy Mastering
Daredevil Justin Rutledge Mastering
Enter the Metal Varga Mastering
Ever After the Farewell Royal Wood Mastering
Evergreen Ron Sexsmith Mastering
Every Flat Earth Chuck Baker Mastering
Everything is Moving Laura Smith Mastering
Evolve Andria Simone Mastering
Factory City Factory City Mastering
Fairchild & Blade Eastern Magnetics Mastering
Fire Breathers Sarah Burton Mastering
First of the Last To Know Peter Katz Mastering
Force & Matter Foam Lake Mastering
Full Circle Twin Bandit Mastering
Gathering Poor Angus Mastering
Ghost of Your Charms New Country Rehab Mastering
Gigantes Pena Branca / Pena Branca & Xavantinho / Xavantinho Composer
Good Things Jonathan Roy Mastering
Green River Sessions Hannah Burgé Mastering
Heal Thyself, Pt. 2: Discipline Steven Page Mastering
Hold Back Trigger Michele Mele Mastering
House of Many Rooms Liala Biali Mastering
I Can't Hide This Anymore Blue Rodeo Mastering
India, Seattle Mike Edel Mastering
Linda Ronstadt in the 70s Steven Page Mastering Engineer
Little Hearts Sharon Butcher Mastering
Looking for the Light Steven Page Mastering
Lost Together Blue Rodeo Mastering
Masters In Escapism The Disengagement Mastering
Me Ray Goren Mastering
Meteorites Lights Mastering
Monsoon Season Biblical Mastering
Mozart's Magic Flute Diaries Peter Breiner Mastering
Neither of Either Jordana Talsky Mastering
Neverlove Buck 65 Mastering
No Time Like Now Strongman Mastering
Nobody The Sheepdogs Mastering
Odd Fellowship Rebekah Higgs Mastering
Old Habits Die Hard No Sinner Mastering
Our Way Ron Sexsmith Mastering
Paradigm David Alexander Mastering
Phase of the Moon Matthew Barber Mastering
Pretty World The Mantini Sisters Mastering
Quiet Energies Evening Hymns Mastering
Radio Ron Sexsmith Mastering
Reconnect Diane Roblin Mastering
Retribution Tanya Tagaq Mastering
Return of the Metal Varga Mastering
Rose Coloured Glasses Blue Rodeo Mastering
Saturday Matinee Michael Louis Johnson & the Red Rhythm Mastering
Saul The Whitsundays Mastering
Sea of Yards Greg McEvoy Mastering
Send Off Rose Cousins Mastering
Stay a While The Cactus Channel Mastering
Surprise Surprise Steven Page Mastering Engineer
The Collection Stan Rogers Remastering
The Sunday After Burning Candy Mastering
The Dyadics The Dyadics Mastering
The Ice Pack Lights Mastering
The Lonely Ones Chris Benton Mastering
The Next Star: Season 4 Mastering
The Poet's Dead Rah Rah Mastering
The Woodsman Thea Vs. Loki Mastering
These Miles Jonathan Estabrooks Mastering
This Too Shall Pass Rehan Dalal Mastering
Time Copperpenny Lane Mastering
To Live Alone in That Long Summer Barzin Mastering
Today We're Believers Royal Canoe Mastering
Uninhabit Fond of Tigers Mastering
Unsigned Undefined Unapologetic Zabeth Dkos Mastering
Valleyheart Justin Rutledge Mastering
Viridian Torch Lily Frost Mastering
Walk On Water Sara Dell Mastering
Warring The Darcys Mastering
White Noise Steven Page Mastering
Who We Are Right Now Ron Sexsmith Mastering
Words of the Prophets Kobra and the Lotus Mastering
Worried Song Ron Sexsmith Mastering