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Year Album Artist
2007 3: Fresh-Fri-Fly Nik & Jay Composer
1999 Greatest Invention Doom Vocals
1999 Hardest Pit in the Litter Big Pokey Mastering
1998 Ad Interitum Funebrarum Argentum Executive Producer
1998 Deathmeister, Vol. 1 Composer
1998 Inside Warfare The Krays Vocals, Drums
1998 Naf-Ovt Budd Drums
1998 Pass the Dutchie [EP] Buck-O-Nine Vocals
1998 The Shape of Punk to Come Refused Guitar, Sampling
1997 And At the Hour of Our Death Tension NY Guitar
1997 Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg Arranger, Vocals, Harmonium
1997 Loneliest in the Morning Julie Doiron Photography
1997 Mega Hits Dance Party, Vol. 1 Producer
1997 Rain [US] Erasure Remixing
1997 Slaughter of Innocence Hecate Enthroned Vocals
1997 Upon Promethean Shores Hecate Enthroned Concept, Composer
1997 Way of the Dying Race Purusam Mixing
1996 California Takeover Live Guitar
1996 Fortune Cookie New World Spirits Mixing
1996 Santa & Satan, One & The Same Vocals, Guitar
1995 Anything Near Water Chokebore Guitar
1995 Sharks Patrol These Waters Guitar
1995 Steps Snapcase Guitar
1995 Thrown Slide Coaster Drums
1995 Zeitgeist The Levellers Vocals (Background)
1994 Arborescence Ozric Tentacles Flute
1993 Soho Valley Boys Roger Manning Type
1992 Hung Far Low Honeymoon Killers Guitar, Trombone
1990 A Weapon Called the Word The Levellers Violin, Whistle (Instrument)
1989 Umber Bitch Magnet Guitar
1986 Everyone's Entitled to Their Own Opinion The Mr. T Experience Producer, Guitar (Rhythm), Noise, Composer
1980 Amerika Tonio K. Vocals (Background)