John Wilbye

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John Wilbye (1574-1638) was one of the most accomplished composers of English madrigals at the end of the Renaissance.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Draw On, Sweet Night, Best Friend unto Those Cares, madrigal 1609 Vocal Music Choral
Weep, Weep, Mine Eyes, My Heart Can Take No Rest, madrigal 1609 Vocal Music
Adieu, sweet Amaryllis, madrigal (No. 12, The First Set of English Madrigals) 1609 Vocal Music
Oft I have vowed how dearly I did love thee, madrigal (No. 20, The Second Set of Madrigals) 1609 Vocal Music
Sweet Hony Sucking Bees, madrigal 1609 Vocal Music
The lady Oriana, madrigal Vocal Music
Thus Saith My Cloris Bright, madrigal 1598 Vocal Music
Lady, when I behold, madrigal (No. 10, The First Set of English Madrigals) 1598 Vocal Music
Flora gave me fairest flowers, madrigal (No. 22, The First Set of English Madrigals) 1598 Vocal Music
So Light Is Love, madrigal 1609 Vocal Music
Stay, Corydon, Thou Swain, madrigal 1609 Chamber Music
Ye That Do Live in Pleasures Plenty, madrigal Choral
Ah, Cannot Sighs, Nor Tears, Nor Aught Else Move Thee, madrigal 1609 Vocal Music
What Shall I Doe, madrigal Vocal Music
Lady, Your Words Do Spite Me, madrigal 1598 Vocal Music
O Wretched Man, madrigal 1609 Vocal Music
Cruell, Behold My Heavie Ending, madrigal 1598 Vocal Music
Sweet Love, if thou wilt gaine a Monarches glory, for 6 voices 1598 Choral
Come shepherd, swains, that wont to hear me sing, madrigal (No. 1, The Second Set of Madrigals) Vocal Music
Down in a Valley 1609 Vocal Music
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