John Scrip


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Year Album Artist
2017 Dark Future Entheos Mastering
2014 For Those Which Are Asleep The Skull Mastering
2012 A Brief Respite From Shooting Fish In a Barrel Khalid Hanifi Mastering
2012 Earthen Grave Earthen Grave Mastering
2009 Blood Oath Suffocation Mastering
2009 Invaders Karate High School Mastering
2009 Viento del Desierto Jacco Muller Mixing, Mastering
2009 Visions of Light Iron Thrones Mastering
2008 The Other Side Daddo Mastering
2007 Almost Forgot to Worship Kim Stratton Mastering
2007 An Ode to the Mystery The Turn About Mastering
2007 Buy the Hook The Duncan Fish Speakers Mastering
2007 Countdown to Silence Sarah Mac Mastering
2007 Divinity Julius Adams Mastering
2007 Euphoric Darkness Kevin M. Buck Mastering
2007 Gun Panther Gun Panther Mastering
2007 Mindless/Sightless Half Massive Mastering
2007 Pagan Evolution The Archaic Revival Mastering
2007 Signs, Miracles, And Wonders Mynista Mastering
2007 Thoughts & Dreams Jennifer Haines Mastering
2006 Forgot How to Dance Suburban Riot Mastering
2006 Searching for You Davis Bridge Mastering
2006 Slightly Used Adam Fallon Mastering
2006 Stratagem Project: Storm Mastering
2006 What I Have to Give, Let It Be Enough After the Sirens Mastering
2006 Zombified Opposition Party Mastering
2005 B Abe Quigley Mastering
2005 Can These Bones Live? Theodore D. Kuik Mastering
2005 Debris Inc. Debris Inc. Mastering
2005 Revenge of the Phoenix Secular End Mastering
2005 Silueta Jacco Muller / Artur Trajko Mixing, Graphic Design, Mastering, Layout Design
2004 Earth vs. The Radiators: The First 25 The Radiators Mastering
2004 No Such Soul Subsonic Mastering
2004 Some People DeGennaro Guitars Mastering
2003 Perpetual State of Aggression Metal Militia Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 Pleasure Turns to Pain Fallen Wisdom Sequencing, Post Production
2003 Silver and Gold Vignola Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Additional Personnel, Various Instruments, Mastering, Instrumentation
2000 Click Anand Clique Engineer
1999 Hell on Wheels Live Manowar Engineer, Pre-Production
...And We Explode Black Map Mastering
And Then There Were Songs Brian Futch Mastering
Electro Swing For the Masses Good Co Mastering
Essence Haberecht 4 Mastering
Generations Mynista Mastering
God Bless the Grass The Malvinas Mastering
I Could Have Been a Rocket Scientist Radiophonic Mastering
Liberty Mynista Mastering
Little Blue Car Marilyn Duncan Mastering
Lost in the Black Divide Space Vacation Mastering
Oceans Dear Artemis Mastering
Odyssey Element 7619-02 Odyssey of a G Mastering
Standards & Covers Bruce Balmer / Lisa Markley Mastering
Sudden Thunder Sudden Thunder Mastering
Tapestry of Shadows Heather Humphrey / Tom McKeown Mastering
The Deep Jeromy Acton Mastering
The Drug Years ToddX Mastering
Three Below the Sound Mastering
Transitions Odyssey of a G Mastering
When Colors Fade Away Blackfinger Mastering