John Running

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Year Album Artist
2015 Kikāwiynaw Fawn Wood Photography
2014 Ritual Peter Kater / R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2012 Malama Ko Aloha (Keep Your Love) Keola Beamer Cover Photo
2010 Rain in July: Native American Vocal Harmony Nitanis "Kit" Landry / Alex E. Smith / Cheevers Toppah Photography
2010 Hope: Harmonized Peyote Songs of the Native American Church Kevin Yazzie Photography
2010 Dancing Into Silence Will Clipman / William Eaton / R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2009 The Elk Dreamers Elk Soldier Photography
2009 Rhythms Within a Turquoise Dream Louie Gonnie Photography
2009 Awakening of Life Cheevers Toppah / Kevin Yazzie Photography
2008 Talisman R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2008 Points of Origin Mr. Soon / Anthony Wakeman Photography
2008 Cosmic Dawn: Bhajans of India Bina & Pranav Mehta Photography
2007 Voyagers R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2007 The Color of Morning Verdell Primeaux / Yxayoti Photography
2007 Precious Friends Radmilla Cody Photography
2007 Po'li: Traditional Songs of the Hopi Clark Tenakhongva Photography
2007 Pathfinder Will Clipman Photography
2007 My Spirit Soars Johnny Mike Photography
2007 Healing the Divide Photography
2007 Elements Louie Gonnie Photography
2006 Time Waits for No One Pima Express Photography
2006 Sacred Fire Kelvin Mockingbird Photography
2006 Red Christmas Warscout Photography
2006 Philip Glass: The Concerto Project, Vol. 2 Ralf Gothóni Photography
2006 My Heart and Soul Will Clipman / Randy Wood Photography
2006 Ka Hikina O Ka Hau (The Coming of the Snow) Keola Beamer Photography
2006 Heart of the Wind: Music for Native American Flute & Drums Will Clipman / Robert Tree Cody Cover Image
2006 Country Road Davis Mitchell Photography
2006 Blue Stone Blue Stone Project Cover Photo
2006 A Soldier's Dream Elk Soldier Photography, Production Assistant
2005 The Colorful World: Songs from the Diné Heartland Jay Begaye Photography
2005 Spirit of a Woman Radmilla Cody Photography
2005 Sacred Mountains Louie Gonnie Photography
2005 Rhythm of Love Tiinesha Begaye Photography
2005 People of Peace R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2005 Our Love Will Never Die Randy Wood Photography
2005 Our Beloved Land R. Carlos Nakai Photography, Artwork
2005 Hear Our Prayers: Harmonized Peyote Songs Johnny Mike Photography
2005 Full Moon Session Skychasers Cover Photo
2005 Butterfly Dreams: Native American Flute Music Anthony Wakeman Photography
2004 There Are No Goodbyes Randy Wood Photography
2004 Rezonate Northern Cree Singers Photography, Production Assistant
2004 Quiet Fire: Zen Moods for the Spa Exerience Will Clipman / William Eaton / Quiet Fire / Gary Stroutsos Photography
2004 In Beauty, We Return R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2004 All in the Family Gordon McGilvery Photography
2004 A Simple Man Burning Sky / Kelvin Mockingbird Photography
2003 Sanctuary R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2003 Round Dance Blues Randy Wood Photography
2003 Reflections Robert Tree Cody Photography
2003 Night Song Peter Phippen Photography
2002 Spirits in the Wind Burning Sky / Kelvin Mockingbird Photography
2002 Seed of Life Radmilla Cody Photography
2002 Hours Before Dawn Verdell Primeaux & Johnny Mike Photography
2002 Fourth World R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2002 Brio Anthony Mazzella / Chris Spheeris Photography
2002 Adagio: The Music of Chris Spheeris George Skaroulis / Chris Spheeris Photography
2001 Through Windows & Walls Peter Kater Photography
2001 Round Dance in Beauty Jay Begaye Photography
2001 One Nation Under Blackfire / Black Fire Photography
2001 Enter Tribal R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2001 Bless the People Verdell Primeaux Photography
2001 American Roots Music [Box Set] Photography
2000 Tribal Features: The Way Ahead Photography
2000 The Rough Guide to World Music, Vol. 2 Photography
2000 Mother's Word Delphine Tsinajinnie Photography
2000 In a Distant Place R. Carlos Nakai Photography
2000 Evolution: Generation to Generation Verdell Primeaux Photography
2000 Crossroads Robert Tree Cody Photography
2000 Ancient Future R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1999 Stick Game Songs of Paiute World Judy Trejo Photography
1999 Native Flamenco Ruben Romero Photography
1999 My Father's Chapel: Peyote Prayer Songs Paul Guy Photography
1999 Live in Harmony Verdell Primeaux Photography
1999 Inside Monument Valley Paul Horn Photography
1999 Inner Voices R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1999 Enter the Earth Burning Sky Photography
1999 Echoes of the Past Peter Phippen Photography
1999 Dine Peyote Songs Guy & Allen Photography
1999 Colors of My Heart Sharon Burch Photography
1998 Yaqui Ritual & Festive Songs Photography
1998 Vintage Native American Music Photography
1998 Red Wind Will Clipman / William Eaton / R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1998 Peyote Songs of the Native American Church Verdell Primeaux Photography
1998 Morning Star Hovia Edwards Photography
1998 Maze Robert Tree Cody Photography
1998 Heartbeat, Vol. 2: More Voices of 1st Nations Women Photography
1998 Gathering the Voices Verdell Primeaux Photography
1998 Big Medicine R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1997 Urban Indian The Redhouse Family Photography
1997 Two World Concerto: The Music of James DeMars R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1997 Sacred Path: Healing Songs of the Native American Church Verdell Primeaux Photography
1997 Mythic Dreamer R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1997 Inside Canyon de Chelly Paul Horn Photography
1997 Gypsy Passion: New Flamenco Photography
1997 Circle Dance Songs Judy Trejo Photography
1997 Bird Songs of the Hualapai Keith Mahone Photography
1997 Beauty Way Jay Begaye Photography, Portrait Photography
1996 White Buffalo Robert Tree Cody Photography
1996 Kokopelli's Cafe R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1996 Gravikords, Whirlies, and Pyrophones (Experimental Musical Instruments) Bart Hopkins Photography
1996 Creation Burning Sky Photography
1996 Clan/Destine Clan/Destine Photography
1995 Touch the Sweet Earth Sharon Burch Photography
1995 Harvest Song: Music from Around the World Inspired by Working the Land Photography
1995 Feather, Stone & Light Will Clipman / William Eaton / R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1995 Blood of the Land Burning Sky Photography
1995 Between Father Sky and Mother Earth Photography
1994 Flamenco Fantasia: Tradition Romero/Torea Photography, Cover Photo
1994 Burning Sky: Music for Native American Flute/Guitar/Percussion Burning Sky Photography
1993 Spirit Horses (Concerto for Native American Flute and Chamber Orchestra) R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1993 Native Tapestry Nakai & DeMars Photography
1992 Emergence, Vol. 6 R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1992 Ancestral Voices R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1991 Wild Hearted Son The Cult Photography
1991 Recorded Live at Ft. Duchesne, Vol. 2 Blackstone Photography
1989 Tracks We Leave William Eaton Photography
1989 Recurring Dream Sylvan Grey Photography
1989 Canyon Trilogy R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1987 Sundance Season R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1987 Earth Spirit R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1985 Cycles, Vol. 2 R. Carlos Nakai Photography
1981 Ice Flowers Melting Sylvan Grey Photography
Renewed Spirit Cheevers Toppah Photography
Pow-Wow Songs: Live At Fort Duchesne Blackstone Singers Cover Photo
Passion, Fire and Grace Gabriel Ayala / Will Clipman Photography
Maya (and the Eight Illusions) Chris Spheeris Portraits
Breathe Deep the Dusk Fall: Songs of the Native Americans Louie Gonnie Photography