John McCaig


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Year Album Artist
2017 I Go Missing in My Sleep Wilsen Mastering
2016 Return of the East-West Trumpet Summit Thomas Marriott / Ray Vega Mastering
2015 A Vision Seapony Mastering
2015 Grandiose Delusions Dave Harris Project Mixing
2015 On My People Chérie Hughes / Roberto Limon Mastering
2015 Songs from the Heart, Vol. 1 (For Kawasaki Disease Awareness & Research) Dave Harris Project Mastering
2012 Eventide Brian Chin / Chérie Hughes / Kevin Johnson / Morgan Smith Mastering
2012 Silver & Gold Sufjan Stevens Mastering
2011 Human Spirit Thomas Marriott Mastering
2011 Imaginary Sketches Chad McCullough / Bram Weijters Mastering
2011 Jazz Goddamn Electric Bill Mastering
2011 Lake Superior Tunnel Six Mastering
2011 Songs of Pain and Leisure T.W. Walsh Mastering
2011 Sugar Rush The Humans Mastering
2011 We Are Rising Son Lux Mastering
2010 Cascades The Kora Band Mastering
2010 East-West Trumpet Summit Thomas Marriott / Ray Vega Mastering
2010 Of Embers Bitcrush Mastering
2010 Parallel Seismic Conspiracies Telekinesis Mastering
2010 Tattooed by Passion: Music Inspired by the Paintings of Dale Chisman Matt Jorgensen Mastering
2010 The Sky Cries Chad McCullough / Michal Vanoucek Mastering
2010 Universal Language Brian Chin Mastering
2009 3:03 Plastik Joy Mastering
2009 Bittersweet Lullabies Sam Shrieve Mastering
2009 Confronting Inertia John Adler Mastering
2009 Dark Wood, Dark Water Chad McCullough Mastering
2009 Flexicon Thomas Marriott Mastering
2009 I'm This Tall City Window Twins Mastering
2009 It Takes a Thief Offshore Radio Mastering
2009 Lost to Antiquity In Memorium Mastering
2009 Red Means Go Red Means Go Mastering
2009 The Divide Romance Mastering
2008 Flesh & Fears Wolftron Mastering
2008 L'Eixample Near the Parenthesis Mastering
2007 Draw Klondike-5 Mastering
2007 Grasping at Straws Ember After Mastering
2007 Of Soft Construction Near the Parenthesis Mastering
2006 Theme for Travel Umami Mastering
2006 Washington State Ben Averch Mastering
2006 Wasting 500 Sounds Mormo Mastering
After Nights Without Sleep Curtains for You Mastering
Blue Divide Felicia Dale / William Pint Mastering
Don't Let It Bring You Down Mike Spine Mastering
Eat Shirt & Tie Kevin Andrew Prchal Mastering
FM Collective FM Collective Mastering
Grassroots Chamber 3 Mastering
Innocent Invader Jess Grant Mastering
Lone Prairie Corey Christiansen Mastering
Rivers and Dust Pale Amber Glow Mastering
Sexual Thunder! Sexual Thunder! Mastering Engineer
She Moves Immoor Mastering
Sirens Wilsen Mastering
Songs from the White Sea John Alexander Ericson Mastering
Straight Ahead Hadley Caliman Mastering
Strange Like We Are Campfire Ok Mastering
Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam Ockham's Razor Mastering
Universal Mind AsGuests Mastering
Urban Folklore Thomas Marriott Mastering
Urban Nightingale Chad McCullough Quartet / Chad McCullough / Bram Weijters Mastering
Western & Atlantic EP Don DiLego Mastering