John Mailloux


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Year Album Artist
2017 America, Location 12 Dispatch Drum Engineering
2017 Duke & His Dames of Rhythm Duke Robillard Mastering
2016 Blues Full Circle Duke Robillard Mastering
2015 Scott Hamilton Plays Jule Styne Scott Hamilton Mastering
2014 The Best of the Stony Plain Years Joe Louis Walker Mastering
2013 Independently Blue Duke Robillard / Duke Robillard Band Mastering
2013 Just for Today Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters Engineer
2013 Swing N' Strings Al Basile Mastering
2012 After the Fall Debbie Davies Mastering
2012 Circles Around the Sun Dispatch Engineer
2011 An Old Rock on a Roll Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne Mastering
2011 Low Down and Tore Up Duke Robillard / Duke Robillard Band Mastering
2011 Wobble Walkin' The Duke Robillard Jazz Trio Mastering
2010 Live on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise Joe Louis Walker & Blues Conspiracy / Joe Louis Walker Mastering
2010 On the Floor Matt Hill Mastering
2010 Passport to the Blues Duke Robillard Mastering
2010 Porchlight Todd Sharpville Mastering
2010 The Goods Al Basile Mastering
2009 A Sentimental Romance Bruce Abbott Digital Editing, Mastering
2009 Any Better Time Christine Santelli Mastering
2009 Celebration Earth Dennis Hysom Compilation Mastering
2009 Chocolates, Roses and Love Songs David Osborne Compilation Producer, Compilation Mastering
2009 My Lady Don't Love My Lady Bryan Lee Mastering
2009 Soul Blue 7 Al Basile Mastering
2009 Stomp! The Blues Tonight Duke Robillard Remastering, Mastering
2009 Summer Chill [North Star] Summer Chill Compilation Mastering
2008 Bright Day for a Frog's Rebellion Evan Hammer Mastering
2008 Celtic Grace Compilation Mastering
2008 Crawling the Walls Dave Gross Mastering
2008 Heartland [North Star] Digital Editing, Mastering
2008 Hey Sugar Gina Sicilia Mastering
2008 Iron Sea and the Calvary Pete Francis Mastering
2008 Merlot Nights Compilation Engineer
2008 Providence Pointe Blank Mastering
2008 The Tinge Al Basile Mastering
2008 Twilight Serenade David Tolk Compilation Mastering
2008 Witness to the Blues Joe Louis Walker Mastering
2007 Allow Me to Confess Gina Sicilia Mastering
2007 Avi Wisnia Presents: Avi Wisnia Mastering
2007 Balance Between Ippazzi Mastering
2007 Blues Train Band The Blues Train Engineer, Mastering
2007 Brazilia: The Sultry Rhythms of Salsamba Salsamba Digital Editing, Mastering
2007 Celtic Spa Digital Editing, Compilation Mastering
2007 Chillin' On The Vine Compilation Mastering
2007 Duke Robillard's World Full of Blues Duke Robillard Mastering
2007 Enchanted Christmas Clearwater Ensemble Digital Editing, Mastering
2007 Hope Rising Sue Brescia Mastering
2007 Katrina Was Her Name Bryan Lee Mastering
2007 Live at the Sea Note [CD/DVD Combo] Robert Graves Leonard Mastering
2007 Moonlight & Love Songs: The Best of David Osborne David Osborne Digital Editing, Mastering
2007 Off to Sleep I Go Kate Grana Engineer, Mastering
2007 Take the Gamble Dave Gross Mastering
2007 To the Fallen, Vol. 1 Mastering
2007 Walk Softly... Barefoot Truth Mastering
2007 Weekend In Tuscany Bruce Foulke / Howard Kleinfeld Digital Editing, Mastering
2006 An Evening in Rio: A Musical Tribute to Rhythm and Romance Bruce Foulke Digital Editing, Mastering
2006 Christmas Eve: An Orchestral Journey For This Special Time of Year Eden Symphony Orchestra / Orchestre Eden / St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra Digital Editing, Compilation Mastering
2006 Christmas in Tuscany North Star Digital Editing, Mastering
2006 Garden Thyme North Star Artists Compilation Mastering
2006 Jolly Jump Jive: A Swingin' Rockin' Goodtime Christmas Sax Gordon Mastering
2006 Love and Special Things David Osborne Digital Editing, Mastering
2006 Spa Piano Robin Spielberg Audio Engineer, Mastering, Compilation Engineer
2006 Swing Jump Jive Doug James Mastering
2006 Us Against the Crown State Radio Mixing, Mastering
2006 Wine Country Jazz Bruce Abbott Digital Editing, Mastering
2005 A Special Evening With Duke Robillard and Friends: Live At The Blackstone River Theatre Duke Robillard Mastering
2005 Changes in the Weather Barefoot Truth Mastering
2005 Find a Dream (Catch It If You Dare) Joanne Lurgio Mastering
2005 Jazz for Lovers Bruce Abbott Digital Editing, Mastering
2005 Someone to Break the Silence Knitting by Twilight Mixing, Mastering
2005 Swing Cafe Gerry Beaudoin Compilation Mastering
2005 The Duke Meets the Earl Ronnie Earl Mastering
2005 Watchfires Braddigan Producer, Engineer
2005 When Words Aren't Enough [EP] Shindig Engineer
2005 Wine Country Collection: Evening in Paris Bruce Foulke / Howard Kleinfeld Digital Editing, Mastering
2005 Wine and Roses Paul Nagel Digital Editing, Mastering
2005 Wings of Hope Kingsway Digital Editing, Compilation Mastering
2004 An Evening in Tuscany North Star Artists Digital Editing, Mastering
2004 Blue Ink Al Basile Mastering
2004 Blue Mood: The Songs of T-Bone Walker Duke Robillard Mastering
2004 Chapel in the Country Russell Cook Mastering
2004 Chardonnay Classics Judith Lynn Stillman Mastering Engineer, Compilation Engineer
2004 Chill Time Mastering
2004 Journey to Romance North Star Jazz Ensemble Digital Editing, Mastering
2004 Sangria Cooler North Star Artists Engineer
2004 Sophisticated Lady Frankie Condon Digital Editing, Mastering
2004 Wine Country Collection: Piano Nouveau Robin Spielberg / David Tolk Mastering
2003 A Time of Romance Mastering
2003 Always and Forever David Osborne Digital Editing, Mastering
2003 Starlight in the 50's The Streamliners Digital Editing, Mastering
2002 A River of Faith Mastering, Compilation Engineer
2002 Bowl of Merry Bowl of Merry Mastering Engineer
2002 Flag of the Shiners State Radio Mixing, Pre-Production
2002 Mistletoe Sax Bruce Abbott / North Star Jazz Ensemble Digital Editing, Mastering
2002 Moonlight & Sax Bruce Abbott Digital Editing, Mastering
2002 Tribute to Frank Sinatra David Osborne Digital Editing, Mastering
2002 Under the Radar [Video] Dispatch Remixing
2001 A Brunch of Jazz North Star Musicians Mastering
2001 David Osborne Plays Elton John David Osborne Mastering
2001 Deck the Halls Otis Read Digital Editing, Mastering
2001 In My Life Common Ground Engineer
2001 Movie Matinee David Osborne Mastering, Compilation Engineer
2001 Red, White & Blue: Patriotic & Inspirational Songs On Solo Piano David Osborne Digital Editing, Mastering
2001 Romancing the Sax Bruce Abbott Digital Editing, Mastering
2001 Touch Of Mellow Engineer, Mastering
2000 Bang Bang Dispatch Mastering
2000 Downcity Mary Ann Rossoni Engineer
2000 Four-Day Trials Dispatch Producer
2000 From This Moment David Osborne Assistant Engineer
2000 Who Are We Living For? Dispatch Producer, Engineer
1998 One Singular Sensation David Osborne Digital Editing, Mastering
1998 Sweet & Swingin' Sugar Ray Norcia Mastering
1996 Especially for You David Osborne Digital Editing, Mastering
1996 The Very Thought of You North Star Jazz Ensemble Editing, Mastering
1996 Time Trials: 1987-1995 Honeybunch Engineer
1995 Music of the Night David Osborne Digital Editing, Mastering
At Home Next Door Al Basile Mastering
Calling All Blues Duke Robillard / Duke Robillard Band Mastering
Livin' the Dream Mickey Freeman Mastering
Living Tear to Tear Sugar Ray & the Bluetones Mastering
Me & the Originator Al Basile Mastering
Mid-Century Modern Al Basile Mastering
Mojito Blues Salsamba Mastering
Quiet Money Al Basile Mastering
Right Here, Right Now Sunny Crownover Mastering
Rockin' All Day Dennis Gruenling Mastering
Skin Grows Thin Dan Craig Mastering
Stage Door Live! Dori Rubbicco Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
The Blues Soul of Billy Boy Arnold Billy Boy Arnold Mastering
These Dreams: Intimate Piano Moments David Osborne Mastering
This Time for Real Otis Clay / Billy Price Mastering
Timber & Nails Mary Ann Rossoni Mastering
Tomorrow Andy Poxon Mastering
Unreal Latvian Blues Band Mastering
Vol. 1 Dragon Crest Collective Engineer, Mixing
What a Wonderful World David Osborne Mastering
Woke Up In Memphis Al Basile Mastering
Wonderful Tonight: Sentimental Piano Favorites David Osborne Mastering
World Serenade Compilation Producer