John J. Becker

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John J. Becker, "The Musical Crusader of Saint Paul," was a figure among the group of early modernists making up the so-called "American Five," along with Charles Ives, Carl Ruggles, Wallingford Riegger,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
At Dieppe (Requies, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Concerto Arabesque for piano & orchestra 1930 Concerto
Vigilante 1938 (A Dance), for percussion ensemble 1935 Chamber Music
Sound Piece, No 5 "A Short Sonata for Piano" Keyboard
Abongo for 29 percussion instruments 1933 Chamber Music
Sound Piece, No 1 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Symphony No. 3, "Symphonia Brevis" 1929 Symphony
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