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Year Album Artist
2020 Magnolia Zachary Knowles Mastering Engineer
2019 Artemis Lindsey Stirling Mastering, Engineer
2019 Bloom Innocent Fink Mastering
2019 Heartbreak City Apex Manor Mastering
2019 Hi, It’s Me Ashnikko Mastering
2019 Memory Vivian Girls Mastering
2019 Sing to Me Instead Ben Platt Mastering
2019 Strange Path Leeroy Stagger Mastering
2019 The Upside Lindsey Stirling Engineer
2019 Underground Lindsey Stirling Engineer
2019 When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Billie Eilish Mastering
2018 Could It Be Different? The Spook School Mastering
2018 Supergiant Valley Queen Mastering
2017 Don't Smile at Me Billie Eilish Mastering
2017 Homey Chon Mastering
2017 Late Night Romance Jeff Edwins Mastering
2017 Love Versus Leeroy Stagger Mastering
2017 Surreal Number Swarming Branch Mastering
2016 Lost on You LP Mastering
2016 Suite Três Rios Dan Costa Mastering
2016 Weaves Weaves Mastering
2016 ii The Fontaines Mastering
2015 #Us Gerald Haddon / Tammi Haddon Mastering
2015 Dream Angie Stone Mastering
2015 Howl Night Riots Mastering
2015 Ilé Quarteto AfroCubano / Omar Sosa Mastering
2015 Love Lives On John Wort Hannam Mastering
2014 Blue Horizon Wishbone Ash Mastering
2014 Con Zapato y Todo: Afro Peruvian Jazz Raul Ramirez Mastering
2014 Language & Perspective Bad Suns Mastering
2014 Senses Omar Sosa Mastering
2014 Soon Away GRMLN Mastering
2014 Technicolour Blind Tennis System Mastering
2014 Whole Again Front Porch Step Mastering
2013 All Around the World Mindless Behavior Mastering
2013 Harlem River Kevin Morby Mastering
2013 Hokey Fright The Uncluded Mastering
2013 Keep Her On the Low Mindless Behavior Mastering
2013 Long Enough to Leave The Mantles Mastering
2012 Eggun: The Afri-Lectric Experience Omar Sosa Mixing, Mastering
2012 Electro-Jarocho Sistema Bomb Mastering
2012 Rainbro Inner Ear Brigade Mastering
2012 Skelethon Aesop Rock Mastering
2011 Afro Taino La Mixta Criolla Mastering
2011 Afrodiaspora Susana Baca Mixing
2011 Calma Omar Sosa Mixing, Mastering
2011 Elegant Stealth Wishbone Ash Mastering
2011 Family Trees Carlos Forster Mastering
2011 Ode to Sentience Emily Jane White Engineer, Digital Editing, Mastering
2011 The Bread and the Bait Foxtails Brigade Mastering
2011 Thunder Thighs Kimya Dawson Mastering
2010 Ceremony NDR Bigband / Omar Sosa Mixing
2010 Cry Tomorrow Stephanie Finch Mastering
2010 Devotionals Devotionals / Tyson Vogel Mastering
2010 Many Seasons Kacey Johansing Mastering
2010 Til the Light Comes Jackie Greene Mastering, Tape Transfer
2010 To Dreamers Kelley Stoltz Mastering
2009 Circular Colectivo Maldita Vecindad Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2009 Dia Real Tanaora Mastering
2009 El Hijo de Obatala Santero Mixing, Mastering
2009 Umbo Weti: A Tribute to Leon Thomas Babatunde Lea Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2009 Walking in Shadows Classics of Love Mastering
2008 Creole Belles Creole Belles Engineer, Mastering
2008 Groundhog's Day Peck the Town Crier Mastering
2008 Magic City, Pt. 2 MC Magic Mastering
2008 No Looking Back Damita Mastering
2008 The Grind Aram Danesh & the Super Human Crew Mastering
2008 Tu Noche Con Tigres del Norte Los Tigres del Norte Audio Engineer, Mastering Engineer
2007 Delicate Web Melita Mastering
2007 Detalles y Emociones Los Tigres del Norte Mastering Engineer
2007 Eucalyptus Fields of Sugar Cane Jason Debo Mastering
2007 Lagos by Bus Aphrodesia Mastering
2007 Light Poles and Pines Or Remastering, Mastering
2007 Prelude: The EP Fourth Legacy Mastering
2007 Revelation AJ Roach Mastering
2007 Roses & Clover ALO Mastering Engineer
2007 Sex Friend Sandra Nkaké Mastering
2007 The Scenery of Farewell Two Gallants Mastering
2007 They Can Sing, They Can Sing, They Can Sing Underwater [EP] Amestory Mastering
2007 Two Gallants Two Gallants Mastering
2007 Welcome to the City The City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir / Bishop Noel Jones / Bishop Noel Jones & the City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir Mastering
2006 A Half Century of Hits Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
2006 Amir/500 [Split CD] [Bonus Tracks] [Clean] Amir Mixing
2006 Amplivate Kid Beyond Mastering
2006 Automatic City Controlling the Famous Mastering
2006 Bleed Aaron J Trumm Mastering
2006 Charmingly Awkward Street to Nowhere Assistant Engineer
2006 Dancing for Decadence The Sainte Catherines Mastering
2006 Fly Between Falls ALO / Animal Liberation Orchestra Mastering
2006 Historias Que Contar Los Tigres del Norte Mastering Engineer
2006 Jerry Rocks Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
2006 Live on Tour Merl Saunders Editing
2006 Marshall Rhodes Marshall Rhodes Mastering
2006 Nothing to You Remix Two Gallants Mastering
2006 Operation: Mindcrime II Queensrÿche Mastering
2006 Paz y Alegria Juanita Ulloa Mastering
2006 Petals Fall April Cope Mastering
2006 Record Machine The Herms Mastering
2006 Road of Bones TS Leach Mastering
2006 Tarot Alfonso Maya Mastering
2006 The Virginalists JungHae Kim Engineer, Mastering, Producer
2005 Cognicide Western Addiction Mastering
2005 Deliver Me Tom Heyman Mastering
2005 Drink Positive Bullets to Broadway Mastering
2005 Louis-Gabriel Guillemain: Conversations Galantes Ensemble Mirable Editing, Mastering
2005 Midnight Serenade Midnight Serenade Mixing, Mastering
2005 Pillows & Records Aidan Hawken Mastering
2005 Soul Redemption Zarate Pollace Project Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Spicy Sea Adventures Carne Cruda Mastering
2005 Stories Never Told Enemy You Mastering
2005 Suite Unseen: Summoner of the Ghost Babatunde Lea Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Sweet Plastic The Wildlife Mastering
2005 Tenth World Bujo Kevin Jones Mixing, Mastering
2005 We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are Bullet Train to Vegas Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Mastering
2004 Domeshots Domeshots Mastering
2004 Ghosts of Tables and Chairs Citizens Here and Abroad Mastering
2004 God Don't Make No Trash or Up Your Ass with Broken Glass The Falcon Mastering
2004 Greatest Hits [Pulse] Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
2004 Jet Propelled Photographs University of Errors Mixing, Mastering Engineer
2004 Legends of Rock 'N' Roll [Eagle Vision] Composer
2004 Parchman Farm Parchman Farm Mastering
2004 Platinum & Gold Collection Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
2004 Sun Essentials Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
2004 The Core of Rockabilly Composer
2004 The Throes Two Gallants Mastering
2004 Things Are Strange Panthers Mastering
2003 Boots Noe Venable Mastering
2003 Distorted Mirrors April Cope Mastering
2003 Downstream New Monsoon Mastering
2003 Rockabilly Riot [Sanctuary] Composer
2003 Solitary Freedom Peter B. Allen Mastering
2003 Still Falling Virgil Shaw Mastering
2003 The Golem Davka Mastering
2003 The Lost Tapes Dave Hollister Mastering
2003 The Sicilian Fleshies Mastering
2003 The Wild Horse [Bonus Track] Chris Von Sneidern Mastering
2003 Uglymusic.4.Monica Daevid Allen's University of Errors / University of Errors Mastering
2003 World Is Bound by Secret Knots Noe Venable Mastering
2002 And Still We Sing: The Outspoken Collection Holly Near Technician
2002 Billboard: Today's Top Pop Hits Grain USA Mastering
2002 Counter-Culture Nosebleed Theory of Ruin Mastering Engineer
2002 Infinite X's Infinite X's Mastering
2002 Once in a While The Top Hands Mastering
2002 Onisciente Coletivo Ratos de Porão Mastering
2002 Real Feelness The Pattern Mastering
2002 Recline: A Six Degrees Collection of Chilled Grooves Mastering
2002 Ritual on the Beach Demonics Mastering
2002 Sun Records 50th Anniversary Box Composer
2002 Sun Records: 25 Red-Hot Rockabilly Classics Composer
2002 Sun in Mind Sonya Hunter Mastering
2001 Maron di Mar Zé Manel Mastering
2001 The Revolt Against Tired Noises The Stratford 4 Mastering
2000 Edge of Arrival Apes of God Engineer, Mastering
2000 Great Balls of Fire [DJ Specialist] Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
2000 The Sun Years, Vol. 1 Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
2000 The Very Best of Jerry Lee Lewis [Collectables] Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
1999 Core of Rockabilly, Vol. 3 Composer
1999 Great Balls of Fire [Prism] Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
1999 She's a Nail in My Heart Jeff Bright Mastering
1999 The Best of Sun Rockabilly, Vol. 2 Composer
1999 The Lady in Red The Hot Club of San Francisco Editing, Mastering
1999 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On: The Very Best of Jerry Lee Lewis Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
1998 A Taste of Violin Jazz Jeremy Cohen Engineer, Editing, Mastering
1998 Sun Kings [3 Pack] Johnny Cash / Jerry Lee Lewis / Carl Perkins Composer
1998 The Best of Jerry Lee Lewis [Music Club] Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
1998 Trust Your Heart Mary Stallings Editing, Mastering
1997 Night Song Arthur Blythe Engineer, Mastering
1997 Wild America Composer
1997 Witches Brew Eugene Fodor Mastering
1996 Brahms: Complete Sonatas for Violin & Piano Mastering
1995 Rockabilly Portrait Composer
1995 Snakes & Stripes Harvey Mandel Engineer, Editing
1995 The Emissary Chico Freeman Engineer, Editing, Mastering
1995 Western Hero Dave Younger Engineer, Guitar (Acoustic), Mastering, Post Production
1994 The Rhythm of Which a Chief Walks Gracefully Obo Addy Mastering
1991 Death Certificate Ice Cube Mastering
1989 Classic Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
1989 Great Balls of Fire Composer
1989 Rock & Roll Invasion Composer
1989 Wild One: Rare Tracks Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
1986 The Wild One Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
1984 18 Original Sun Greatest Hits Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
1980 Super Mama Djombo Super Mama Djombo Digital Remastering
1979 Jerry Lee Lewis [Compilation] Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
1976 The Essential Jerry Lee Lewis [Charly] Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
Al Doblar la Esquina Tito Gonzalez / Son De Cuba Mastering
Ancient Baby Chris Peck Mastering
Ashes George Moir Engineer
At Steinway (Take 2) Jun Fukamachi Mastering
Bootstraps Bootstraps Mastering
Boredom Yoste Mastering Engineer
Breaking Grounds Ian Franklin / Infinite Frequency Mastering
Celebrate the King Linda Tillery Mastering
Cherry Wine Zachary Knowles Mastering Engineer
Creatures of Routine Sweet Revenge Mastering
D.O.: A Day Off Greg Landau / Omar Sosa Mixing, Mastering
Disasters Carlos Forster Mastering
Drive Away Kayls Mastering
Es: Sensual NDR Bigband / Omar Sosa Mastering
Flaws Yoste Mastering Engineer
Follow Koko Mastering Engineer
Gente! Sambada / Sambadµ Mixing, Mastering
Gentle Elah Hale Mastering Engineer
Goodfeather Jeremy Goodfeather Mixing, Mastering
Great for You Noelle Scaggs Mastering
Half Past, Present Pending Mike Coykendall Mastering
Happiness Lucas Vidal Mastering Engineer
High Rises CHIKA Mastering
Hold It Together The Marías Mastering
Homage Bootstraps Mastering
I Miss You, I’m Sorry Gracie Abrams Mastering Engineer
IDK You Yet Alexander 23 Mastering Engineer
Initiate Vibrant Stillness Mixing, Mastering
Inside Out Amy Metcalfe Mastering
Journey [From "Songland"] Jake Scott Engineer
Jupiter The Marías Mastering
Kevin Oliver Malcolm Mastering Engineer
Kill Surf City The Atom Age Mastering
Llego VibraSÓN Mastering
Love/Hate HeWhoCanNotBeNamed Mastering
Loving You Gets Hard Alexander 23 Mastering Engineer
MOAD Suite: Museaum Of The African Diaspora Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Composer
Matryoshka Ubyk Mastering
Midnight Joy Autumn Mastering
Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin Mighty Quinn Mastering
Miles Away from Yesterday Brian Thoms Mastering
Mondongo La Cuneta Mastering
New Season Vl Trio Mastering
No Tiene Fin Los Cojolites Mezcla
Now That I'm Wanting More Koko Mastering Engineer
Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 74 Mastering Engineer
Proposition 215 (The Doctors Who Believed Their Patients) Fred Gardner Mastering
Relatos Rebeldes La Fuga Mixing, Mastering
Room 206 Elah Hale Mastering Engineer
Ruler Goldhouse Mastering
So Will I Ben Platt Mastering
Something Familiar Hibou Mastering
Spare Room George Moir Engineer
The Sun Years Jerry Lee Lewis Composer
The Wreck of Hope Leopold Mastering
Todo lo que soy (All that I Am) Rico Pabon Mastering
Wasted N Laced It Jaebanzz Mastering Engineer
Weekend at Home Mastering Engineer
Who's That Lady? Koko Jones Mastering
Wonderland Tess Henley Mastering
Wrestling With Giants Damond Moodie Mastering
Wszystko Co Stale Rozplywa Sie W Powietrzu Kurws Mastering
Zapateando Los Cojolites Mezcla