John Foulds

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John Foulds is one of the quintessential eccentrics who abound in the history of music in early twentieth century England, a prolific composer of so-called "light" music, on which most of his reputation…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Apotheosis (Elegy), for violin & orchestra (Music Poem No. 4), Op. 18 1909 Concerto
Three Mantras from Avatara, for orchestra, Op. 61b 1919 Orchestral
Keltic Suite, for orchestra, Op. 29 1911 Orchestral
Dynamic Triptych, for piano & orchestra, Op. 88 1927 Concerto
Gandharva-Music, for piano 1926 Keyboard
Essays (7) in the Modes, for piano 192? Keyboard
Mirage, for orchestra (Music Poem No. 5), Op. 20 1910 Orchestral
Le Cabaret, Overture to a French comedy, Op.72a 1921 Orchestral
Variations and Improvisations on an Original Theme, for piano, Op. 4 1901 Keyboard
April England, for piano 1926 Keyboard
April - England, version for orchestra (Impressions of Time and Place No. 1), Op. 48/1 1932 Orchestral
Quartetto Intimo for string quartet, Op 89 Chamber Music
Music-Pictures Group VI (Gaelic Melodies),for piano, Op. 81 1924 Keyboard
Music-Pictures Group III, for orchestra, Op. 33 1912 Orchestral
English Tune with Burden, for piano 1914 Keyboard
The Song of Ram Dass, for small orchestra 1935 Orchestral
Lyra Celtica, concerto for voice & orchestra, Op. 50 192? Vocal Music
Sonata for cello & piano, Op. 6 Chamber Music
Saint Joan Suite, Op 82b Miscellaneous (Classical)
Kashmiri Boat Song
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