John Fell


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Year Album Artist
2016 Here Come the Rattling Trees The High Llamas Group Member
2015 Captivity & Devourment Armageddon Photography
2013 Love Sign Free Energy Drum Technician
2011 Endless Now Male Bonding Drum Technician
2011 Talahomi Way The High Llamas Percussion, Bass, Group Member
2008 Earth to the Dandy Warhols The Dandy Warhols Vocals, Clapping
2006 Remember the Night Parties Oxford Collapse Drums
2005 Odditorium or Warlords of Mars The Dandy Warhols Guest Artist, Vocals
2002 Siamese Pipe The Heroine Sheiks Drums
2001 A Jumpin' Jubilee: The Jam Sessions, 1945-1946 Liner Notes
2000 A Star for Bram Robyn Hitchcock Bass
2000 Live at Ratso's Earl Hines Engineer
2000 Rape on the Installment Plan The Heroine Sheiks Drums
2000 The Orson Welles Collection: Dracula and War of the Worlds Orson Welles Liner Notes
1999 Jewels for Sophia Robyn Hitchcock Bass
1999 Snowbug The High Llamas Musician
1996 Love Your Enemies: Microdisney 82-84 Microdisney Bass
1994 First Esquire Concert, Vol. 2 Liner Notes
1994 Gideon Gaye The High Llamas Bass
1992 Santa Barbara The High Llamas Bass
1992 The First Esquire Concert, Vol. 1 Liner Notes
1990 Central Avenue Blues: The Complete All-Star Sextette & V-Disc Sessions Teddy Wilson Liner Notes
1990 High Llamas Sean O'Hagan Bass
1990 The Legendary V-Disc Masters (1943-1944), Vol. 1 Red Norvo & His Overseas Spotlight Band Liner Notes
Scissor Tail Docfell & Co. Vocals, Guitar, Composer
The All Most Quiet Norman Westberg Photography
Trumpet Royalty Liner Notes