John Falls

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Year Album Artist
2010 The First Three Gears (2000-2003) Relient K Photography
2009 Down with Liberty... Up with Chains! Chain & the Gang Photography
2008 Long Gone and Nearly There Julie Ocean Photography
2007 The Greatest Hits Grits Photography
2005 Tales from the Badlands Liquid Photography
2005 Egypt Central Egypt Central Vocals, Lead
2003 Based on a True Story Sandtown Photography
2002 The Art of Translation Grits Photography
2002 20 Years of Dischord Photography, Bass
2001 The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek Relient K Photography
2000 The Action Figure Knowdaverbs Photography
1999 Blues This Morning EP Indigenous Photography
1998 Things We Do Indigenous Photography
1998 Naked Baby Photos Ben Folds Five Photography
1998 My Way or the Highway Tuscadero Photography
1998 My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents Jawbox Photography
1998 Monster Breaks: A Collection of Big Beat Finery Photography
1998 Hope & Wait My Friend Steve Photography
1998 Connected The Family Stand Photography
1997 Tailspin Headwhack Chris Duarte Photography
1997 Some Kind of Zombie Audio Adrenaline Photography
1997 Skewbald/Grand Union Skewbald/Grand Union Bass
1997 Saturday Night at the Atomic Speedway 30 Amp Fuse Photography
1997 Official Live: 101 Proof Pantera Photography
1997 Delivered Charles Gayle Photography
1997 Built to Last Sick of It All Photography
1996 No Lunch D Generation Photography
1996 Hemi-Vision Big Sugar Photography
1996 Bloom Audio Adrenaline Photography
1995 Twister Watershed Photography
1995 Thog Gray Matter Photography
1995 Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits Photography
1995 Joyride Lida Husik Photography, Design
1995 Jesus Freak dc Talk Photography, Band Photo
1995 Internationale Brainiac Photography
1995 Dear M.F. Big Sugar Photography
1994 The Pink Album Tuscadero Photography
1994 Pop Heiress Chainsaw Kittens Photography
1994 Free at Last: Extended Play Remixes dc Talk Photography
1994 For Your Own Special Sweetheart Jawbox Photography
1994 Dormer Trampoline Photography
1994 Delicious Cake Like Photography
1993 Solid Brass Circus Lupus Photography, Cover Photo
1993 Less Than a Feeling Vampiros Photography
1993 Holy Rollers Holy Rollers Photography
1993 Destroy What You Love Monsterland Photography
1992 Plays Pretty for Baby The Nation of Ulysses Photography
1991 Steady Diet of Nothing Fugazi Photography
1991 Nineties Vs. Eighties Girls Against Boys Photography
1991 13-Point Program to Destroy America The Nation of Ulysses Photography