John Bull

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Bull was a Renaissance English composer known largely for his virginal music, which ranked among the foremost composers along with Byrd, Gibbons, and Tomkins.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
King's Hunt, for keyboard, MB 125 (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, No. 135) 1600 03:47 Keyboard
In nomine (Musica Britannica No 9) for keyboard, MB 28 06:20 Keyboard
Chromatic Pavan and Galliard, for keyboard, MB 87 ("Queen Elisabeth's") 06:38 Keyboard
Dr Bulls My Selfe for keyboard (No 189 in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book), MB 138 01:42 Keyboard
Why Ask You?, for keyboard, MB 62 (first setting) 02:32 Keyboard
The Duke of Brusnwick's Alman 02:02 Orchestral Keyboard
Lord Lumley's Pavan and Galliard (from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book), MB 129 04:27 Keyboard
The King's Hunting Jigg 03:17 Orchestral Keyboard
The Duchesse of Brunswick's Toye 01:11 Keyboard
Pavane 02:48 Orchestral
Laet ons met herten reijne, for organ 03:18 Keyboard
In Nomines (3) for keyboard 05:09 Keyboard
Dutch Dance for keyboard 01:26 Keyboard
Chromatic Pavane (Queen Elizabeth's), for keyboard, MB 87a 06:18 Keyboard
Doctor Bull's Goodnight, for keyboard, MB 143 03:26 Keyboard
Chromatic Galliard (Queen Elizabeth's), for keyboard, MB 87b 03:14 Keyboard
In Nomine for 5 viols 04:38 Chamber Music
Irish Toy for keyboard 01:05 Keyboard
Galliard for keyboard (Musica Britannica No 78) 02:01 Keyboard
In nomine (Musica Britannica No 5) for keyboard 03:33 Keyboard
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