Johann Christian Bach

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One of the leading composers of the Classical era, Bach had more fame in his lifetime than his father, the illustrious Johann Sebastian Bach.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Symphonies (6) for orchestra, Op. 3, CW C1a-6a (T. 262/1) 1765 Symphony
Symphony for orchestra "No. 12" in G minor, Op. 6/6, CW C12 (T. 265/7) 1769 Symphony
Amadis des Gaule, tragédie lyrique (opera) in 3 acts, CW G39 (T.215/3) 1779 Opera
Concerto for keyboard & string orchestra in E flat major, Op. 7/5, CW C59 (T.294/5) 1770 Concerto
Sonata for keyboard in C minor, Op. 17/2, CW A8 (T. 341/3) 1779 Keyboard
Sextet for keyboard, oboe, violin, cello & 2 horns in C major ("André Op. 3"), CW B78 (T. 302/1) 1778 Chamber Music
Quartet for keyboard, violin & 2 cellos in G major ("André Op. 2"), CW B66 (T. 310/9) 1779 Chamber Music
Work(s) 1746 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Overture: Lucio Silla, opera overture (symphony) for orchestra, Op. 18/2, CW G9ov (T. 270/1) 1774 Orchestral Symphony
Symphonie Concertante for violin, cello & orchestra in A major, CW C34 (T. 284/4) 1775 Concerto
Adriano in Siria, opera seria in 3 acts, CW G6 (T. 211/1) 1765 Opera
Symphony for orchestra "No. 27" in D major, Op. 18/4, CW C27 (T. 270/7) 1772 Symphony
Symphony for double orchestra "No. 26" in E flat major, Op. 18/1, CW C26 (T. 269/4) 1772 Symphony
Symphony for double orchestra in D major Op. 18/3 (Overture: Endimione, second version), CW G15ov/b (T. 270/4) 1772 Symphony
Quintet for flute, oboe, violin, cello & keyboard in D major, Op. 22/1, CW B76 (T. 304/6) 1780 Chamber Music
Symphony for orchestra in D major (arrangement of overture to Amadis de Gaule), Op. 18/6, CW XC1 (T. 271/3) (spurious) 1781 Symphony
Sonata for piano in D major, Op. 5/2, CW A2 (T. 338/3) 1762 Keyboard
Quintet for flute (or violin), oboe (or violin), violin, viola & cello in D major, Op. 11/6, CW B75 (T. 304/3) 1774 Chamber Music
Quintets (6) for flute (or violin), oboe (or violin), violin, viola & cello, Op. 11, CW B70-75 (T. 303/1) 1774 Chamber Music
Sonata for piano in G major, Op. 5/3, CW A3 (T. 338/6) 1762 Keyboard
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